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Slides for First Year History on Roman life


  • 1. Rome is a city today it is the Capital of Italy

2. From about 400 BC to 400 AD Rome was the capital of the Roman empire a huge country covering much of Europe 3. The Romans were the first people to set up a Republic Republic where people choose the Government by voting (like in Ireland) Romans were divided into two groups Plebians (ordinary people) Patricians (rich people) 4. Republic A slave who fought Citizen A slave who revolted Patricians Rome is called after him Plebeians A slave who was freed Romulus A Roman man who could vote Remus The dead twin Slaves Ireland is one of these Gladiator Poor Roman Spartacus Rich Roman Freedmen Person owned by another 5. The forum was an open space surrounded by large buildings As well as shopping, the Forum was where the Senate was located The Senate was a building where Romes politicians worked when Rome was a Republic Nearby was the Rostra, where people could make speeches Running through the centre of the Forum was the Via Sacra the holy road Another important feature in the Forum was the Arch of Constantine which was built after Rome won a war 6. Jupiter King of the Gods. Threw thunderbolts at humans he disliked. Has a planet named after him Statue of Jupiter 7. Juno was Jupiters wife, the Goddess of the Home and of Women. Women who were expecting a baby prayed to her. 8. Mars was the God of War. Soldiers prayed to him before battle Has a planet named after him. 9. Saturn was the God of Farming he has a day of the week named after him. Which one is it? Has a planet named after him The size of the Planet Saturn, compared to the Earth 10. Venus was the Goddess of Love. Also has a planet named after her. Roman Coin showing Venus 11. Mars King of the Gods Senate Sacred Road Rostra Rich persons house Constantine Garden in a rich persons house Jupiter God of Love Venus God of War Atrium Arch on the Via Sacra named after him Villa Platform for speeches Via Sacra Roman Politicians workplace 12. Followers of Vesta Like Nuns today, were not allowed to get married 13. Underground burial places for Roman citizens Bodies placed on shelves underground Some Catacombs could contain thousands of bodies 14. Circus Maximus a big race track in Rome where Chariot races were held Colosseum a stadium where Gladiators could fight each other in battles, often with wild animals thrown in for good measure! 15. Julius Caesar (Caesar means King) was a successful Roman General Was murdered because some Senators believed he would become a cruel dictator 16. Julius Caesars nephew, ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD. Set up a special army unit, the Praetorian Guard, to act as his bodyguards. Very popular with Plebeians and Patricians 17. Christ was born in AD 1 and lived his life in the Roman Empire After his death in AD 33 Paul of Tarsus spread Christianity throughout the Empire Romans disliked Jews and Christians because they only worshipped one God, not several Christians were persecuted by the Romans because of this. 18. The Alphabet Languages Roman Words villa, circus, senate Roman style of buildings like the Ennis Courthouse