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  1. 1. The Secret to a Perfect Pasta Recipe Who wouldnt like to have a bowl of mouthwatering and tongue-twisting pasta? Nothing is quicker and healthier than picking up a favorite shape of pasta, favorite sauce, toss and eat! Do you know that there are 500 different types and shapes of pastas available in market! But you will be really surprised to know that the different kinds of pastas are actually meant for different kind of sauces. From long to short, thin to fat, curvy to blocky or ribbon cut, the right shape can make a good sauce great; the wrong shape can dampen the appeal of even the best sauce. Today we will share with you the perfect sauce for each past type, to make the best pasta recipe ever. A Guide to Matching Up Different Pastas and Sauces The principles that bring pasta and sauce together cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to achieve the full and harmonious expression of flavor of which Italian cooking is capable. The key to matching shape to sauce is in the shape
  2. 2. itself. Here is a list of several popular pasta shapes and the combination of sauces they are best suited to. Spaghetti Spaghetti is one of the most favorite pastas among all. It is long, thin and cylindrical pasta of Italian origin which goes perfect with tomato-based marinara and bolognese sauces. It also works best with light to medium density sauces like sauce made from egg, prosciutto and cream. To make your spaghetti pasta recipe more luscious, coat the pasta with your favorite tomato sauce and keep it aside for some time before serving. Penne Medium length tubes with ridges, cut diagonally at both ends are known as Penne pasta. The ridges on these shapes provide great hold on sauces. And therefore, Penne pastas are served with medium to heavy sauces and sliced veggies. It also tastes best when served with Arrabiata sauce and beef ragu. n
  3. 3. Pappardelle Pappardelle which is pronounced as papa-dell-lay is egg-based pasta which is thick flat ribbon in shape. To make this pasta recipe more delicious, serve it with a range of sauces. In winter you can cook it with a lamb or sausage ragu. In spring it will taste amazing when served with a seafood sauce. Conchiglie Pronounced as con-keel-yay, it resembles a seashell shape. They can be served with meat or tomato sauces, or can be used in salads. Smaller shells are great in soups and the very large shells can be stuffed and baked in a tomato, or creamy, sauce. Farfalle
  4. 4. These fanciful bow-ties or butterflies shaped pasta are excellent in light to medium sauces or salads.To add a juicy flavor to the pasta recipe, mix farfalle pasta with vegetables, soups and crushed cheese. Fettucine A longer and thicker spaghetti-like noodle is best suited with thick cream based sauces. Vermicelli Vermicelli is angel hair shaped pasta. If you love to enjoy making this dish, then pair it with tomato or olive oil based sauce to make the best pasta recipe.
  5. 5. Gnocchi Gnocchi are minute dumplings which are usually made of potato. It tastes perfect when combined with rich, creamy sauces such as pesto genovese as well as with lighter sauces such as tomato and chunky sauces made from small peas and beans. Fusilli Foo-zee-lee is corkscrew-shaped pasta which comes in various sizes and with different names. The twists and curls of this particular pasta shape hold the sauce and hence they are paired with thick creamy sauces such as Alfredo or meat sauces. lasagne Lasagne are a wide, flat pasta shape, and possibly one of the oldest types of pasta, made with several layers of lasagne sheets and minced meat. The white cream sauce is the perfect companion when topped with cheese.
  6. 6. Hence, keep in mind the above guidelines from our expert which will help you to cook the best pasta recipe like an Italian. Enjoy a feast of perfect pasta with family and friends at any point of time! Best Recipes Collection for Pasta & Pizza including Tuna Pasta Salad with Pastrami, Italian Pasta, Mini Pizzas and more. Find more information at