The Top 4 Realtor® Secrets to Finding Your Dream Candlewood Lake Home for Sale

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  • The Top 4 Realtor Secrets to Finding Your

    Dream Candlewood Lake Home for Sale

  • Looking to find the perfect Candlewood Lake home for you and your family? Buying a home can be a challenging experience which can drain your financial resources if youre not careful. Fortunately, there are ways to find that dream home without going broke. Here are top 4 Realtor secrets you should keep in mind:

  • Bigger isnt always better. When it comes to choosing your dream home, keep in mind that just because its big doesnt mean its better. Know just how much home you can afford. Study your finances first before you start looking for homes. Plus, real estate agents like to remind home buyers that the bigger your house, the harder it is to re-sell, when the time comes. The biggest house appeals mostly to a small percentage of the market due to its hefty price tag.

  • It works if youre looking to buy an investment property but if youre a first-time home buyer looking to settle down, find one that suits your familys needs best. You will find that most Candlewood Lake homes for sale are not as large as others in town, for the same list price. You are getting the sought after Candlewood Lake location in addition to your new home.

  • Keep your emotions in check. Some buyers forget that while buying a home is an emotional experience in itself, how you feel about a home shouldnt be the deciding factor. Take off those rose-colored glasses and remember to not let your emotions get the best of you.

  • While some buyers keep looking for homes with

    better deals than the five houses theyve already

    seen and liked, others instantly fall in love with

    the first home they view and refuse to see other

    lakefront properties in Candlewood Lake. Always

    do your due diligence when buying a home so you

    dont suddenly go over your budget just to have a

    home you fell in love with.

  • Get pre-approved for a home loan. Some buyers start looking at homes the moment they decide that they will be purchasing one. They start picturing out the layout of the home and they start going to a couple of open houses. However, when time comes that they need to be approved for a loan, their request gets declined and they need to settle for a much cheaper home, wasting all the time they spent house hunting.

  • To avoid this, get a pre-approved mortgage before you start looking for homes for sale. While anybody can get pre-qualified for a loan, being pre-approved means that the lender has conducted a thorough background check of your finances and you will know just how much home you can afford and the amount they can lend you. With this information, you are able to make informed decisions and shop around for the best deals on the houses up for sale.

  • Work with a trusted Realtor. As a home buyer, looking for the perfect dream home that fits your budget is a task thats not meant to be done alone. Its always best to seek the help of industry experts in the entire homebuying process. Hire an experienced Realtor who is familiar with the area. They can help prepare comprehensive real estate market reports for you and alert you on new homes for sale and other price reductions to help you.

  • Find the right home for you. Check out more home buying and selling tips for the savvy homeowner by visiting

  • If you want to work with a real estate

    professional who can assist you in buying or

    selling Candlewood Lake homes, and homes in

    surrounding CT and NY areas, call me, Deborah Laemmerhirt, at 203-994-4297. I have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to help you

    find your dream home.