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<ul><li><p>TheYalecrestNeighborhoodCouncilCommunityMeeting</p><p>CommunityMeetingAgendaWednesday,November02,2016</p><p>6:008:00P.M.CarmenB.PingreeCenterforChildrenwithAutism</p><p>780SouthGuardsmanWayRobinCarbaugh,Chair</p><p>ThepurposeoftheYalecrestNeighborhoodCouncilisto: Promoteapositiveculturalandphysicalenvironmentthataidsthecommunitymembersinobtainingameaningfulgeographicidentity</p><p> Encouragepositiverelationshipsamongmembersofthecommunity PursueotherobjectivesthatarebeneficialtoresidentsoftheYalecrestNeighborhood</p><p>6:00 6:20 p.m. </p><p>Meet and Mingle </p><p>In this informal gathering you will have a chance to talk one on one with your elected officials, Detective Josh Smith, SLC Police Department, Moana Uluave-Hafoka, Salt Lake City Mayors Office, The YNC Executive Committee, your neighbors and guest presenters. 6:30 p.m. </p><p>Convene to Community Formal Meeting 6:35 6:50 p.m. Welcome, Robin Carbaugh Executive Committee Reports Nomination of Lori Hagen for Yalecrest Neighborhood Council Treasurer New Yalecrest url and website, Tracey Harty Report on The YNC Newsletter, Karly Nielson 6:50 7:05 p.m. </p><p>Yalecrest Neighborhood Yard Sale </p><p>Planning and developing unique Yalecrest Neighborhood programs is one way to distinguish our area, have fun together, and welcome people from across the city. In this informational presentation Jennie Lloyd will explain about a unique proposal for an annual Yalecrest Neighborhood Yard Sale </p><p> 7:05 7:55 p.m. </p><p>Parks, Police, and Partnership </p><p>Confirmed Presentation and Discussion Guests Include: Sherilyn Hirschi Salt Lake City Parks Adopt-A-Spot program </p><p>Kyle Shield, Salt Lake City Parks, Maintenance Detective Josh Smith Yalecrest Neighbors </p></li><li><p>Yalecrest residents often share that neighborhood parks are highly valued assets in our area. Yet some are concerned that specific challenges and external circumstances may be putting them at risk. In this round table presentation and discussion guests and neighbors will share information and thoughts on: </p><p> Salt Lake City Attorneys Office + The YNC representatives meeting regarding The Sidewalk to No Where </p><p> Recent graffiti and irrigation problems at Sunnyside Park Participating as neighborhood park steward through the city Adopt A Spot program SLC Police Department Safe, secure and clean parks University of Utah consideration for Baseball Stadium expansion at Sunnyside Park Emerging discussion with University of Utah for connection between Sunnyside Park </p><p>and Family Housing Your personal thoughts and interest in furthering neighborhood park, open space and </p><p>recreation as neighborhood assets 8:00Adjourn </p></li></ul>