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First steps into Thesis.


  • Maketa E. MabaneOctober 15, 2012 Upload

    Thesis 1

  • Description

    I want to explore the broad sphere of volcanology. I have been in love & passionate about volcanoes from the time I was 6. Insanely fascinated by the sheer power that I could sense from them - even at such a young age. If I were not a designer, I would be scientist. I love exploring, gaining new knowledge, and disseminating the knowledge to further course of humanity. As well as possibly saving future generations. I am going to do this through the lenses of:

    1) Mystifying Affects of Volcanoes

    } Culture } Scientific (relation to Quantum Physics)

    2) Preparedness

    } Culture of Evacuation - How do you facilitate trust? } Scientific - How does technology help? Whats the role of oral tradition? } Forecasting - How do we show forecasting?

  • Seeds of ObsessionsSeeds of Obsession

    Age 2 -3 Love of Exploring

    Age 5-6 Fell In Love With Nature,Dinosaurs, Anthropology, Volcanoes

    Age 4-5 Love Of Learning

  • Mind Map



    Pyroclastic Flow




    Magma LifeLavaRockLifes Beginnings

  • Keywords

    VolcanologyCulturePreparednessAnthropologyMystifyingRitualisticQuantum PhysicsTechnologyMapping

  • Precedents

    Problem:Not a lot of visually pleasing web presence about volcanology.

    Note: This isnt a criticism of the content, rather the execution of the presentation.

  • Precedents

    Good Bad

  • Thesis Descriptions

    Good Bad

  • Precedent

    Why:I feel like graphic elements such as photography are so important to the pedagogy of volcanoes

    So are dynamic mappings & graphs

    The type is clear, concise - yet not boring.

  • Personal Precedent

    Preparedness:Developing a sustainable strategy forfor the Red Cross in terms preparednessfor children.

  • Personal Precedent

  • Personal Precedent

  • ...So What Do I Like?


  • Inspiration - Mapping

  • Inspiration - Designers

    These designers break out of their discipline to explore multi-com-plex issues in various ways.

  • Next Steps

    Interviewing Volcanologist}Why are volcanoes important to you? }Why are they important to the world? }How would you evaluate the preparedness surrounding the volca-no(s) of your research?}What are obstacles? What do you propose? What are difficulties involved in implementing these solutions?}How can we make volcanic knowledge appealing to more people?

    Prototyping Maps

    Prototyping Web

    Other Questions

    }Who is my target audience? General population or people in the scientific community?

  • Summary:

    } This is essentially why I love volcanoes. Thank you.