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  1. 1. Tips That Will Make Your Ipad More Efficient You'll find lots of great features on iPad. Thus, they are extraordinarily popular. Due to how advanced they are, however, it can be difficult to use one with the right knowledge. The following piece contains helpful tips to help you learn how to use your iPad properly. Ready to start learning? Read on. Are you finding it annoying to receive constant messages from your iPad asking if you are interested in accessing a wifi network that it has detected? This feature can be turned off under your settings. Go to the tab for Wi-Fi and turn off the last option if you wish to not have any more notifications. Want your iPad to stop asking you to join networks? You will see the choice that asks if you want to join networks. Select that and you will no longer be bugged by all of the incoming invites. Would you like to see more than 2 lines of text when previewing an email? Go to settings and then to mail, locate the preview setting. Adjust this to show 5 lines. It will be easier to go through your emails if you can eliminate the unimportant ones right away. Lots of people find tablet typing to be tough, though with time, they get more comfortable. You can dictate your speech through a button on your iPad. Click the Home button two times and then touch the microphone. When you finish speaking, press that icon again and the words will show up as text. Are you tired of tapping your bookmarks icon when you want to get laptop insurance to your usual websites? To resolve this problem, set your bookmarks bar to stay on permanently. Under the Safari menu in Settings, choose the On option next to Always Show Bookmark Bar. It's fairly easy to grab a quick screenshot on your iPad. Simply press and hold the sleep and home buttons simultaneously. This takes a screenshot and automatically saves it with your stored photos. Since your iPad plays a major part in your life, you'll want to know how to properly care for it. Many people buy screen protectors for use with their iPads. This is a simple plastic cover that offers protection to the screen. When you clean your iPad screen, use a little water on a soft cloth. Never use a household cleaning product! Do mystery hyperlinks on web pages annoy you when you use the iPad to browse the web? You can solve this problem on your iPad rather easily. Since you're not able to hover over words like on a computer, touching and holding the word will work. Then you will see the linked URL. A forum might be useful if you're having a hard time figuring out your iPad. Lots of websites focus on iPads and can help you learn how to use the device to its full advantage. Look into forum archives to find huge amounts of helpful information. Decrease the screen brightness in order for the battery to last longer. This is really important when you are driving around town waiting on important information. Decrease the brightness by double tapping the Home icon. Join an online forum for iPad users. You will learn a lot from other users who have had their device for a while. You can also share your own tips and ask some questions. If your iPad causes you trouble, forums can be great places to find answers.
  2. 2. There is a choice for how you can view a PDF on the iPad. You can open it within iTunes and sync the file with your iPad, or you have the option of emailing it to yourself. Try both ways and see which ones works best for you. Do you want to take fast screenshots with your iPad? It's simple! Press down on the home button, and then also press down on sleep/wake. You may notice a flash; this is the screenshot being captured. Screenshots save automatically. As noted, iPad is incredibly well-liked due to the many benefits its users enjoy. Learning to take advantage of these capabilities fully can take some work. By applying everything you've learned from this article you will be well on your way to becoming a master iPad user. Best of luck with your device.