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Trio world school is one of the good schools, best international school in bangalore


  • 1. My search for an International Schools in Bangalore....Software engineers have to struggle a lot in their professional and personal life, when they aretransferred from one country to another for completion of project. My life was also not different fromthem. I was doing well at work and suddenly received an order to move to India for 2 years. I was happyto return to my mother land but had a big challenge ahead of me regarding childs education and aschool where my son can continue his education which coincides with present academic year as he wasin grade 8 and after 2 year we are supposed to return back to UK.I short listed a few Schools in Bangalore from my searches on internet. After taking charge in Bangalore,I started hunting for international schools here. There were many schools carrying the tag ofinternational school but very few of them had the International concept. I started getting worriedabout admission of my son in the right school. We even planned to send him back to UK and werechatting with my friends about this, and then one of my friends suggested me to give a TRY at TRIOworld school.I browsed and gathered some information about the school to get an idea about it and even got anappointment to meet the Headmaster Mr. Brian Tinker. Reached school on time to meet theHeadmaster, he is a wonderful human being seems to have more than 23 years of experience. Hepatiently listened to my expectation and experiences, and clarified all my queries. He guided us to asecretary to take tour and familiarize with school and its facilities.Class room, teacher student ratio, transport facilities were few which attracted me, apart from IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education) which is recognized by Cambridge University,UK. This school was an exact fit as my son was studying same curriculum in UK.The day I got my son enrolled to TRIO world school, was a relief. I will definitely refer TRIO bangaloreschools is one of the best Expats Schools to all my friends who need not go through the hunting processand frustration.Official Website: www.trioworldschool.comVideos:


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