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People Sourcing Tips and Techniques and Boolean Strings for @Billboorman's #trulondon


  • 1.By Irina Shamaeva

2. 1. What is People Sourcing? Boolean Stringsvs. People Sourcing2. The Main Concept of the Internet Search3. Sample Techniques/Demo 3. We search for target professionals to get on the phone with just the rightpeople at the right numbers and it is nice if we have extra info towarm up the call 4. PeopleSourcing is finding information about professionals. We do People Sourcing so that (either we or our business partners) get on the phone with just the right people and as soon as possible. People Sourcing makes a cold call warm. 5. Boolean means: AND, OR, NOT Search Engines use the Boolean logic Boolean Search Strings is one of the toolsin People Sourcing 6. 1. (Re) Search2. Cross-Reference3. Contact 7. Where? Job Boards/ATS Search engines (Google, Bing) People search engines, like Jigsaw Social Networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook,Google-Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest 8. What? CVs Lists with contact info Social profiles Posted content (BIG DATA) 9. Prequalifythe person for calling Verify the info Get extra details for making the callwarm 10. Call Email Manyways to interact on Social Networks Recruiters can send messages and InMails on LinkedIn 11. Google (or any other search engine) understands only: A word or several words together The Boolean Logic Operators, pointing to the pages title or URL or text 12. URL Title Words Phrases Links Images 13. Imaginewhat you are going to find Translate from English into GooglesLanguage Then, youcan modify the search basedon the results This is it 14. (DemosFollow) 15. October24, 2012, 9:30AM-4PM: Livelectures at Hudson HQ Location: Chancery House 53-64 ChanceryLane, London WC2A 1QS Lectures: Search; Social Networks; Tools Q&A, support, and tests to follow online (along with the Global Certification Program in January). 16. Co-teachingin London Martin Lee, Director, Program Delivery, Europe and Asia Andrea Mitchell, International Sourcing Consultant 17. Reach me onlinehttp://www.linkedin.com/in/irinashamaevahttp://twitter.com/braingainhttp://bit.ly/gplus-irinashamaevaIrina@braingainrecruiting.com Joinand share tips and technologies at the Largest Sourcers Community "Boolean Strings" Group on LinkedIn 17K+ Boolean Strings Network 5K+