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Undergraduate Research:. Digging Up a Brighter Future Lezlie Lee-French Judith Downie. Source: Propaganda http://ww2pics.tripod.com/Propaganda_main.htm. Help from the Co-eds. Woman's Land Army - WW II Group portrait on a tractor, 1942 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Digging Up a Brighter Future

    Lezlie Lee-FrenchJudith Downie

  • Source: Propaganda http://ww2pics.tripod.com/Propaganda_main.htm

  • Woman's Land Army - WW II Group portrait on a tractor, 1942Five College Archives Digital Access Collection, http://clio.fivecolleges.edu/umass/photos/

  • Source: Southern Methodist University, Historic Government Publication from World War II, http://digitalcollections.smu.edu/

  • A collaborative project designed to deepen and broaden understandings of the relationships between U.S. militarism, foreign policy, imperialism, racism, sexism, and violence against girls and women.


  • Domestic Columnist for the Hearst Newspapers

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