unit 5 warming up & listening what are they?where are they taken ? london bridge

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  • Unit 5Warming up & listening

  • What are they?Where are they taken ?London bridge

  • What are they?Where are they taken ?Stonehenge

  • What are they?Where are they taken ?The Big Ben

  • British museumBuckingham PalaceSao Paul Cathedral

  • Greenwich Royal Observatory

  • sportsDavid Beckham

  • The Union Jack

  • Uncle SamJohn Bull

  • John Bull (England) tries to presuade a reluctant Uncle Sam (United States) to cross the Atlantic and join the war

  • Uncle SamUncle Sam1812.S.United StatesUncle Sam Uncle Sam

  • Sam Wilson .S. Uncle SamUncle SamUnited StatesJohn Bull 1712John Arbuthnot The History Of John Bull

  • ScotlandEnglandWalesBritain(northern Ireland)the UK(the Republic of Ireland)the British Isles Do you know how many parts the UK is made up of ?

  • SEScotlandNorthern IrelandRepublic of IrelandDublinBelfastCardiffWalesLondonEnglandEdinburghIrish SeaEnglish ChannelAtlanticFranceIsle of Man

  • Scotland lies ____ the north of Britain, while England lies in the ___________. Wales lies ____ the west of England while Ireland lies ____ the west of England.insouthwesttooff

  • The British Isles are a group of islands that lies off the west coast of Europe. The largest island is called Britain, which is made up of ___________ ,__________,

    and __________. The island

    west of Britain is called ____________.

    Between Britain and Ireland, in the Irish

    Sea, lies _________________________. ScotlandEnglandWalesIrelandthe Isle of Man

  • 1.location of UK2.weather3.sports4.media and literature5.architecture in UK6.languages 7.places of interest8. newspapers How much do you know about the UK?

  • OxfordLondonCambridge

  • EdinburghBirminghamLiverpool

  • Newtongravity of the EarthStephen Hawking

  • Suppose you are a British, and your partner is a Chinese student who want to visit the UK. Can you be his/ her guide to introduce your motherland?

  • 1Do you think small countries have better developing chances than big countries? Or big one has better chances than small one? 3Do you think the restrict() of geography is an important reason for a country to develop?2Do island nations have more advantages than other countries?

  • Do island nations have advantages over other countries?

  • Tips on agreement and disagreementDont you think that?I dont think thats rightI dont think so.You must be mistakenNo, you are wrong thinking thatIm afraid youre wrongArent you confusing?Im not so sure about thatSurely it must be.Yes, you are right, butYes, I agree with you.I believe that youve got it right.

  • Dont you think that ? I dont think thats right I dont think so.You must be mistaken Im afraid youre wrong Arent you confusing ?Im not sure about that Surely it must be Yes, you are right, but Yes, I agree with you.Which countries have better chances to become rich, small countries, big countries or island countries?

  • National University of Ireland, Dublin

  • Listening

  • First listening and answer:Where is the school? A. England B. Ireland C. Scotland D. Wales 2. How many days should they go to school ?

    3. How long is one lesson?

    Five days50 minutes

  • Second listening and fill in the blanks:Lunch is from ____ ____ ___ till one oclock.On Monday and Tuesday they are ______ ___ a class of ___ _____ at the language lab.3. The language lab is open from _____ a.m. to ________ p.m.half past twelvefollowed by50minutes8:308:00

  • Listen to the tape and tick the sentences which are true.( ) 1.The Conversation Workshop is taught on Wednesday afternoon.( ) 2.Classes in the computer lab are taught during the third lesson every day. ( ) 3.Reading is taught in two classes on Friday morning. ( ) 4.The library is open on Saturday from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. ( ) 5.Dave teaches classes in the computer lab.

  • Listen to the last paragraph and matchDave Reading Flora language labAndrew Language studyJulia Conversation

  • Time MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday8:30amLanguage Study10:20am10:30am11:20am11:30am12:20am12:30pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch1:00pm2:50pm3:00pm3:50pm

  • Listen to the tape and answer the following questions.1.What do you have to do if you cannot come to school on Tuesday?2.What do you do in the classes of skills practice?3.What are the opening hours of the language lab?Call Dave half an hour before class begins.Practice listening and speaking.From 8:00 am till 8:00 pm on weekdays.

  • Homework:Find more information in relation to the UK and Ireland on the Internet.

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