using lcds to power live reas

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Rich Enterprise Applications Using LCDS to Power Live REAs Shailesh Mangal Chief Architect, Zephyr Apr 22 2009

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  • Rich Enterprise ApplicationsUsing LCDS to Power Live REAs

    Shailesh MangalChief Architect, Zephyr

    Apr 22 2009

  • It is assumed that you...

    Are well conversant with JavaLove Flex and stunning UIsAre familiar with LCDS/BlazeDSAre 18 or older

  • By the end of todays session youd have...

    Seen worlds most flexible test management platform built with flex and LCDSLearnt how LCDS can make REA truly dynamicAn idea of some of the common issues of LCDS

  • Forced to InnovateOur target was to build

    A complete dynamic systemRich engaging UIRealtime metricsLive dashboardsInstant global collaboration

  • REA Cloud

    Zephyr is an on-demand Enterprise Test

    Management Platform that manages all aspects of the testing lifecycle, integrates various test tools and systems (on-premise and cloud-based) and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility.


    Zephyr: Worlds Most Flexible Test Management Platform

  • Zephyr Features

  • Zephyr in Action

  • ArchitectureClient

    Remote Object Assembler


    S1 ...........

  • Live cycle data Service - What?

    A software to analyze, monitor, manage and push data to flex clients.Uses amf over rtmp or rtmpsSupports tunneling & fallback on http Automatic data marshaling and de-marshalling to and from amfScalable: Based on JAVA NIO

  • Keep in MindObject Model

    Hierarchical values or Managed associations

    Summary Object v/s Detailed Object

    Single Object (getItem) v/s Object collection (fill)

    Transient Objects can also be pushed

    AOP/Spring: Interceptors are very useful

    Fetch on Click or prefetch

    Manage Conflict, Transactionality (JOTM/Spring)

  • Our ChallengesTechnical

    Object IDs (NaN = 0)Java 1.5 :- Generics and Auto boxing (Number to Integer, Number to Long), Java EnumerationsData push in complex Object hierarchyWeb.xml filters

  • More Challenges...

    Non TechnicalSkilled resourcesDocumentation or lack thereofBest practicesSupport

  • What helped us


    FlexCoders Yahoo groupBooks

    The RIA Book

  • Questions

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