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Valentine’s Day Customs and Symbols

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Valentine’s Day

Customs and Symbols

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Love is STRONG

Let me squeeze the love right out of you.

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February 14th

• Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

• The picture to your left looks like it says “74” instead of “14”


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St. Valentine

Saint Valentine was murdered on February 14th between AD 269


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Wall Calendar

• These children are marking Valentine’s Day on a calendar.

• These children only want candy so the dentist will give them new toothbrushes.

• You can tell how much a child is loved by how many cavities he/she has.

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Valentine’s Day Card

• This Valentine’s Day card is pink

• It has two hearts on it.• Someone will sign the

card, put it in the envelope, and give it to a special person.

• I didn’t get you a card.

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Cards are made of paper

•Paper factories pollute the environment•Paper comes from trees•Greeting cards pollute the environment and kill trees

• More on Cards…

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Chocolate Candy

• Red boxes of chocolate candy are popular on Valentine’s Day.

• Chocolate is expensive.

• I didn’t get you any chocolate.

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Tooth decay

Love expressed in candy equals painful dental visits

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Gift and Card

• Someone will be happy to receive this Valentine’s Day gift and card.

• This is not a real gift, it’s just a PowerPoint.

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Flowers for Her

• The husband is holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back.

• He is going to give them to his wife.

• The flowers will die soon after they’ve been given.

• The husband has knowingly given his wife something that will die soon.

• True love equals dead flowers.• What does the wife have behind

her back? Is that nothing? Then she deserves dead flowers.

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Flowers after 2 days…

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• Be careful…if Cupid strikes you with his arrow, you will fall in love with the first person you see.

• If you are attacked with arrows, then you must fight back.

• .22 cal rifle is more accurate than an arrow.

• Good luck Cupid.

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