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  • 1. There is only onehappiness in life -- to loveand to be loved.

2. Braces!After&& Before 3. Love is just a word, until someonecomes along and gives it a meaning. 4. So ma n y o f mys mi l e s 5. Jesse, I am so blessedto not only know you, but to be able to call you mine forever. Youwill never know how much I loveyou. 6. L o v ei sb e i n gs i l l y ,together. 7. Love doesnt make the world go round; loveis what makes the ride worthwhile 8. Love is fragile,and were not always its best caretakers. Wemuddle through,and do the bestwe can. Andhope this fragile thing survivesagainst all odds. 9. Whatever souls are made of, his andmine are the same