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VCE English – Units 1 & 2. Kambrya College 2010. The Basics:. An English is compulsory in VCE: English, Literature, English Language . You must pass 3 out of 4 Units of English to qualify for your VCE. You must pass both Unit 3 and 4 in order to get an ATAR. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


VCE English

VCE English Units 1 & 2Kambrya College 2010The Basics:An English is compulsory in VCE: English, Literature, English Language.You must pass 3 out of 4 Units of English to qualify for your VCE. You must pass both Unit 3 and 4 in order to get an ATAR.It must be one of the first four subjects in calculating your ATAR.To satisfactorily pass English in Unit 1 and 2, you must meet all outcomes by completing to an acceptable standard:Homework Taskspractice SACs SACs

What skills do you need?You need to be able to:Independently read, interpret and analyse texts.Analyse and explain how language persuadesSpeak clearly in formal oral presentations.Write sustained text response essaysWrite for different purposes and styles, based on designated topics and texts.Write fluently, expressing complex ideas with a varied vocabulary and correct grammar and spelling.SUCCESS IN VCE ENGLISH IS ALL ABOUT WRITING!

Unit 1Outcomes are set by VCAA and are set out in the VCE English Study DesignThere are Areas of Study, each with its own outcomeAoS1 Reading and RespondingAoS2 Creating and PresentingAoS3-Using Language to PersuadeAOS1 Reading and RespondingYou must: Identify and discuss key aspects of a set text and to construct a response in written and oral form.You must demonstrate :Understanding of ideas, characters and themes Understanding of how the author constructs meaningThe ability to prepare, construct and support a response to a textUse of appropriate metalanguage to discuss the structures and features of narrative textsUse of conventions of small group and whole class discussionUse of conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian English

Outcome 1 at Kambrya CollegeThe text chosen to allow you to demonstrate outcome 1 in 2010 is Markus Zusaks The Book Thief.This novel explores the experiences of a young girl living in Nazi Germany during WWII.You are required to read this book over the holidays and complete the related holiday homework.Prepare to read your text more than once and highlight key ideas, themes and character or plot eventsYou will be introduced to this novel later in the orientation program.

AOS 2 Creating and PresentingYou must: Create and present texts taking account of audience, purpose and contextYou must demonstrate:Knowledge of the structures, features and conventions of a range of texts created for different purposes.The effect of form, context, audience and purpose on the writers choice of structure and language.strategies for planning and revising writingKnowledge of metalanguage to discuss writing choicesthe conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian English.

AOS 2 Creating and PresentingThe chosen Context for Unit 1 is Family and Society.For this outcome, you will read a text which will help you to understand ideas of belonging to Family and Society, and will be a basis for your own response.You are required to write 3 -5 short pieces in response to this outcome.

Outcome 2 at Kambrya CollegeThe chosen text at Kambrya College in 2010 is Mark Haddons The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.This novel is written as a diary detailing the experiences a teenage boy with Aspergers Syndrome as he investigates the murder of the neighbours dog.You are required to read this over the holiday period.You will also examine other short texts that represent concepts of Family and Society.

AOS3 Using Language to PersuadeYou must: Identify and discuss, either in writing and/or orally how language can be used to persuade readers and /or viewers.To meet this outcome, you will complete an analysis of persuasive texts. The issue for Unit 1 will be chosen by your teachers.Meeting Outcome 3You need to demonstrate the following skills and knowledge to meet this outcome:Understanding point of view presented in persuasive textsHow texts work to influence readersExamples of verbal and non-verbal language used by authors of texts to persuade readers and viewers to share the point of view/s presentedUse of appropriate metalanguage and features and conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian EnglishUnit 2The Areas of Study for Unit 2 are the same as Unit 1AOS 1 Reading and RespondingAOS 2 Creating and PresentingAOS 3 Using Language to Persuade AOS 1 Reading and RespondingIn Unit 2, you will be studying Shakespeares MacbethA play about ambition, greed, murder and madness.

AOS 2 Creating and PresentingThe Context for this Unit will be Future WorldsYou will be responding to the film text Gattaca, using this as a basis for your own writing on the context.

AOS 3 - Using Language to PersuadeYou need to be able to identify and analyse how language is used in a persuasive text and present a reasoned point of view in oral formYour main assessment will be an oral presentation of your point of view on an issue.You will choose the issue you wish to presentYou will present to your class using visual aidsHow the school will helpSee your teacher if you need assistanceSeek help as soon as possible if you are having difficulty understanding somethingAt exam times extra assistance is offered to students to help with revisionYou will be given a clear timeline with the dates of class activities, SACs and examsIt is your responsibility to keep this and refer to itIf there are changes to SAC times you will be notified at least a week in advance

What you need to doMake sure you are thoroughly organised for learningTake class notes in every class and for every discussionMake sure you do all of the required class work and homeworkPurchase your English novels in advance. Waiting until the start of next year will be too late.READ YOUR NOVELS OVER THE HOLIDAYS!!

What you need to doMake sure you have a quite place to study at homeREAD WIDELY this is crucial to your success in EnglishResearch your topics in depth find a variety of sourcesRecord all sources where you find and use information there are very strict rules about using work that is not your own - plagiarismHoliday HomeworkYour homework will be to:Read The Book Thief and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.Complete the activities about The Book ThiefPrepare for you oral Presentation on The Book Thief that you will give in Week 3.

These novels are available to purchase at most book suppliers and retail stores.More details to come in your orientation class.


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