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VCE Sociology. Unit 3 Outcome 1 Community and society ‘The way changes in economic, social and political institutions have affected the experience and representations of community’. Changes to community. Sociology is all about “change” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • VCE SociologyUnit 3 Outcome 1Community and society

    The way changes in economic, social and political institutions have affected the experience and representations of community

  • Changes to communitySociology is all about changeSome of the biggest changes to the concept and history of community occurred because of the agrarian revolution and industrial revolutionMore recently change has come from political, economic and social institutions

  • Changes to communityIn groups, brainstorm examples of changes in a contemporary community because of:Political changeEconomic changeEnvironmental changeTechnologicalSocial change

  • Changes to communityKarl Polanyis (1973) Great Transformation outlines six changes that impacted significantly on societyEconomic the rise in capitalismTechnological machinery replacing manual labourKnowledge rise of intellectual/scientific thinkingPopulation change in demographicsPolitical rise of nation-state and democracyColonialism global expansion through colonies

  • Changes to communityIn groups come up with examples of how the Great Transformations impacted on social groupingsList other significant changes not on the list and justify their inclusionNow rank the transformations in terms of their impact with the most significant change at the top and least at the bottom

  • RepresentationRefers to the different meanings or understanding attached to the word community, or how it is classifiede.g. traditional, gesellschaft, type 1, etcThe representation of a community may changee.g. a traditional community may change to a modern community because of government rezoning, urban sprawl, etc

  • ExperienceThe experience of community focuses on the sense of community rather than its structure, form or physical featurese.g. how members feel rather than how the community is classifiedIt involves a feeling that members have of belonging and a connection to one another and the groupA sense of community is often described as a sense of belonging or community spirit

  • InstitutionsSociologists often reserve the term institution to describe normative systems that operate in five basic areas of life, which may be designated as the primary institutions.In determining kinshipIn providing for the legitimate use of powerIn regulating the distribution of goods and servicesIn transmitting knowledge from one generation to the nextIn regulating our relation to the

  • InstitutionsIn shorthand form, or as concepts, these five basic institutions are

  • InstitutionsInstitutions underpin the norms and values of a society and can act as agents of social controle.g. they shape our behaviour through formal and unwritten rulesInstitutions have interdependent relationships with each other (they need each other, and change to one institution filters into changes to another)e.g. changes to the institution of marriage may impact the institution of familySociety is always changing and so are institutions

  • Political institutionsThe relatively permanent social systems through which power is distributed and exercised in societyThe structures often formally regulate the behaviour of individuals through:Police forceLaws and government policyLocal council regulationsPolitical parties and NGOsElection process

  • Economic institutionsOrganisations that ensure economic stability through the production, distribution and consumption of goods and servicesFinancial institutions (banks)Australian reserve bankTaxation systemAward wagesSocial welfare organisationsThe World BankCompanies (workplace)Share market

  • Environmental institutionsOrganisations that make decisions that affect environmental performanceKyoto ProtocolCopenhagen TreatyGreenpeace

  • Technological institutionsOrganisations that control access to information and communication technology and other forms of technologyTelstraGoogleMac/WindowsLaboratories

  • Social institutionsSet of organised rules and beliefs that establish how societies attempt to meet their basic social needsThese beliefs help to shape peoples behaviourSchoolsReligious groupsFamilyThe mediaEthnic/cultural groups

  • Changes to representationThe following table shows examples of how the representation of community has changed because of PEETS

    Community beforeType of changeCommunity afterTraditional (homogenous)Political changeMulticulturalism policyModern (heterogeneous)Type 1 (face-to-face advice)Economic changeCounselling funding cutType 3 (telephone advice)Gesellschaft (anomie)Environmental changeeGateGemeinschaft (connection)Type 1 and 2 (geographic)Technological changeInternetType 2 (virtual)Traditional (1/4 acre block)Social changeUrbanisationModern (apartments)

  • Changes to representationCome up with your own examples of how PEETS have changed a communityIf you get stuck, you may want to consult the Change to community experience and representation handout

    Community beforeType of changeCommunity afterPoliticalEconomicEnvironmentalTechnologicalSocial

  • Changes to experienceThe following table shows examples of how the experience of community has changed because of PEETS

    Community beforeType of changeCommunity afterWallan (50km from Melbourne): zoned as ruralPolitical changeForced urbanisationRezoned as inner-regional and they lost rural retention grant for doctors resulting in shortage and need to travel for medical helpGovernment school: reasonable class sizes and access to resourcesEconomic changeGlobal Financial CrisisNearing capacity as enrolments from ex-independent school students increaseFarmers: not dependent on state water suppliesEnvironmental changeDroughtForced off land due to lack of natural water and state water restrictionsKids with illness or disability: missing out on real world friendshipsTechnological changeSocial networking site for young people with illness/disabilityA safe place online to interact with others in a similar situationAlbury art enthusiasts: enjoyed display of Henson photographsSocial changeMore awareness of childhood sexualisation and pedophiliaAlbury City Council removed some Henson images despite not receiving any complaints

  • Changes to experienceDevelop examples of how changes in PEETS has changed how members experience their community

    Community beforeType of changeCommunity afterPoliticalEconomicEnvironmentalTechnologicalSocial

  • TO DOWrite definitions of the following terms in your glossary:Experience of communityInstitutionsRepresentation of community