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About This Update
The primary purpose for this update is to support the USPS rate change, effective Sunday, May 31, 2015.
You can run this update at any time. Updating and loading the new rates are separate activities. After updating, the best time to load rates is probably after your last mail goes out on Saturday, May 30. Beginning May 31 the rate load process will begin automatically. See details beginning on page 2.
Run the Update
If you’ve already run the update, you can skip this step.
Your system must be on Version 9.8* or higher to run this update. PostalMate network users: Every station must be updated one at a time, starting with the Master.
You don’t have to do anything to get the update file—it will automatically download to your computer when it’s available, and a notification like this will appear:
1. Close PostalMate on all workstations. When prompted, do a PostalMate backup.
2. Click on the notification message. An update screen will display.
3. Click on the “Update now” button.
4. Follow the steps in the install wizard until complete.
Version 9.10 Update Guide
* If you’re updating directly from Version 9.8, be sure to read the Version 9.9 Update Guide, which explains significant new features introduced in that update.
Load and set new rates
1. After running the update, the new USPS Published rates need to be loaded. Your options will depend on when you run the update.
2. When prompted, click OK to load the published rates. After the rates load, the Quick Rate Setting Utility will pop up, as shown below. Select USPS and click Next.
3. Now you'll see the screen for setting your wholesale USPS shipping rates, as shown on the next page. Generally PostalMate will already know what your rate plan is, and will set your rates accordingly. Choose the desired option and click Next.
You can load the new rates ahead of time...
On May 30 a notification like this will appear on the main screen. Just click on it to load rates.
You can also load rates at any time from: File > Carrier Activities > Load 2015 rates ...or the rate load will start
automatically on May 31
PostalMate Update Guide
Page 3 Copyright © 2015 by PC Synergy, Inc.
3. The next screen is for setting your retail shipping rates. Choose the desired option and click Next.
4. Now set your new retail rates for add-ons, choosing from the options on the screen. After setting your rates, click Next.
Wholesale rates are what you pay in postage—your cost
Retail rates are those you charge to your customers
This is the most common choice
This is the most common choice
PostalMate Update Guide
5. The final screen is for Insurance:
6. After setting your new rates, click Finish. All of the rates you’ve set in the wizard will be applied and the Quick Rate-Setting Utility will close. Optionally you can fine tune your retail rates using PostalMate’s rate-setting features, found in PostalMate Settings.
You can run the utility later if you like, by choosing Edit > Shipping Rates > Quick Rate-Setting Utility from PostalMate’s main menu.
PostalMate Update Guide
What’s New in Version 9.10
This section contains a summary of the major changes and enhancements included in Version 9.10.
USPS Rate Change
New rates
USPS rates effective May 31, 2015, are supported, including those for First Class Mail above 1 oz., Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International, First Class International, and Media Mail. For Parcel Select, some rates are increasing, some are decreasing, and some aren’t changing.
Domestic Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates are not changing.
PMI to Canada zoned rates: There are now seven zones for Priority Mail International to Canada, versus a single zone for the entire country. The zones are based on your origin Zip Code.
Free Media Mail tracking: USPS Tracking is now free for Media Mail, so it’s now included at no extra charge for all domestic mail classes supported in PostalMate.
DHL Global Mail (now DHL eCommerce)