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  • Page 1 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

    About This Update

    The primary features in this update are:

     USPS Priority Mail rate change, effective Sept. 7, 2014 ................ 4

     New screen for Add-Ons ............................................................... 6

     Redesigned final shipping screen ................................................. 7

     Redesigned Backup screen ............................................................ 7

     NextPay credit card interface re-branded as SignaPay ................. 7


    Run the Update

    If you’ve already run the update, you can skip this step.

    Your system must be on Version 9.4 or higher to run this update. PostalMate network users: Every station must be updated one at a time, starting with the Master.

    You don’t have to do anything to get the update file—it will automatically download to your computer when it’s available, and a notification will appear:

    1. Close PostalMate on all workstations. When prompted, do a PostalMate backup.

    2. Click on the notification message. An update screen will display.

    3. Click on the “Update now” button.

    4. Follow the steps in the install wizard until complete.

    Version 9.6 Update Guide


  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 2 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

    Load and set new USPS Priority Mail rates

    1. After running the update, new Published rates need to be loaded for Priority Mail. Your options will depend on when you run the update.

    2. When prompted, click OK to load the Published rates. After the rates load, the Quick Rate Setting Utility will pop up. There are no selections to make on the first two screens, as shown below. Just click Next after each.


    If you didn't load rates early, the rate loading process will begin automatically the first time you

    start PostalMate on or after Sunday, September 7.

    You can load the new rates ahead of time...

    Beginning on Saturday, September 6, a notification like this will appear on the main

    screen. Just click on it to load rates.

    You can also load rates at any time from: File > Carrier Activities > Load 2014 rates

    ...or the rate load will start automatically

    Using the Quick Rate

    Setting Utility

    On the next screen, whatever USPS Rate Group you’ve already designated in

    PostalMate (Published, Commercial Base or Approved Shipper) will be shown here. Your

    Wholesale rates will be set accordingly.

    This informational screen will come up first.

  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 3 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

    3. Now you’ll establish your new Retail rates—those you charge to your customers. First we’ll take care of the rates that are going up. Make your selections and click Next.

    4. The last step handles the rates going down at the Published level. This is on a separate screen to provide you with flexibility. Make your selections and click Finish.

    That’s it! You can always fine tune your rates using the regular rate-setting features found in PostalMate Settings.

    Setting your retail shipping


    Note: If you’re either in the Commercial Base or Approved Shipper rate group, rates are

    increasing only at the Published level. All rates changing at the

    Wholesale level are decreasing.

    See page 4 for details.

    The most popular options are pre-selected on these two

    screens, but you can change them if you prefer.

  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 4 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

    What’s New in Version 9.6

    The following pages provide a summary of major changes included in this update.

     USPS Priority Mail rate change

    New rates for domestic Priority Mail, effective on September 7, 2014, are included in this update.

    Published rates

    Weight-based services: The color coded chart below shows where increases and decreases are by weight and zone.

    Flat-rate envelopes and boxes: All rates are going up.

    Regional Rate Boxes: Rates for Box C, zones 2-5, are going down (very significantly). All other will remain unchanged.

    (Continued on page 5)

    Rates in red are going down

    Rates in green are going up

    Rates in gray aren’t changing

  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 5 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

    Commercial Base and Approved Shipper

    Both of these rate groups get the same discounts on Priority Mail. To qualify for either group requires that you use online Postage using a service such as Endicia.

    Weight-based services: The chart below shows where rates have decreased. No rates have increased for this rate group.

    Flat-rate envelopes and boxes: These rates aren’t changing.

    Regional Rate Boxes: Box C, zones 2-5, are going down (very significantly). All other rates will remain unchanged.

    Business rule changes

     Priority Mail International to Australia: the maximum length + girth is increasing from 79” to 97”.

     Priority Mail Express International to Australia: The maximum weight is increasing from 44 to 66 pounds; the maximum length + girth is increasing from 79” to 97”.

     Priority Mail Express International to Lebanon is now available.

    (Continued from page 4)

    Rates in red are going down

    Rates in gray aren’t changing

  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 6 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

     New screen for add-ons

    Add-on selections for a given shipment are now shown on a new dedicated screen, and are no longer on the old Package Details screen at the end. The additional space allows for better, more clear information about available add-ons.

    The new screen comes after the Rate Comparison screen. If no add-on are available for the selected service, the screen will be skipped.

    You’re no longer required to select an

    add-on to see the rate

    Descriptions of add-ons are now included

    If you use Alternate Insurance, you can change the allocation here

    For add-ons with choices, the pop-up selection screens

    now show rates

  • PostalMate Update Guide

    Page 7 Copyright © 2014 by PC Synergy, Inc.

     Redesigned final screen

    Now that Add-ons have their own screen, the final screen in a shipment (the screen formerly known as Package Details) has a new, simpler design, serving primarily as a summary to review prior to confirming the transaction—hence it’s now called the Review & Confirm screen.

     Redesigned Backup screen

    When doing a backup—which should be daily!—you’ll notice that the Backup screen has a new look. There are no functional changes, other than offering a quick link to the Backup Settings screen, where you can set the default locations for your primary and secondary backup files.

     NextPay re-branded as SignaPay

    NextPay, one of the five credit card interfaces in the POS Register, has now been re- branded as SignaPay. You see the new branding on any screen relating to that interface.

    For details, hover over or click on “Shipping” or “Add-Ons”

    A link to Alternate Insurance allocation will show here if there are no Add-ons available, thereby skipping that screen