usps priority mail enhancements package simplification webinar - sept 17 2013

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Slides from our webinar on USPS changes to Priority Mail and Express Mail services. What you can now expect with regard to delivery dates and tracking when sending packages or parcels using Priority Mail services. United States Postal Services' Vicki Stephen, Brand Manager and Karen Key, Manager, Shipping Products joins Pitney Bowes' Director of Postal Relations Paul Kovlakas.


  • 1. Package Simplification and Priority Mail Enhancements September 17th, 2013

2. Your Presenters Paul Kovlakas Pitney Bowes Inc Director, Postal Relations Karen Key United States Postal Service Manager, Shipping Products Vicki Stephen United States Postal Service Brand Manager, Shipping 3. Package Simplification & Priority Mail Enhancements Effective July 28th, 2013 Changes to Priority and Express Mail Domestic and International 4. Slide Source: USPS Media Webinar 5. Whats Changing? Express Mail becomes Priority Mail Express Date Specific Delivery Enhanced Tracking Automatic Insurance Included 6. New Logos New Packaging Flat Rate boxes Regional Boxes Pre-July 28 packaging can still be used until stock is depleted Priority Mail International uses same packaging/ logos New Labels Branding Changes to Priority Mail New packaging and labels for these services are available online at: The Postal Store Priority Mail Express Label 11-B Priority Mail Express International Label 2976-B 7. Changes to Express Mail Re-branded as Priority Mail Express New Logos New labels Label 11B re-branded New Packaging Flat Rate box/envelope Pre-July 28 packaging can still be used until stock is depleted Priority Mail Express International uses same packaging/ logos New packaging and labels for these services are available online at: The Postal Store 8. Changes to Express Mail Other services re-branded Express Mail Hold For Pickup will be Priority Mail Express Hold For Pickup Express Mail Open and Distribute will be Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute. Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA) will be renamed USPS Corporate Account (USPSCA). Features will not change New packaging and labels for these services are available online at: The Postal Store 9. Will continue as an urgent service (overnight). Guaranteed delivery Select locations 12 noon or 3:00 p.m. Money back for non performance $100 automatic Insurance included Extra Services offered are unchanged Return Receipt Priority Mail Express Insurance Collect on Delivery Priority Mail Express What hasnt changed? 10. Express Mail International re- branded as Priority Mail Express International New Shipping Label New Integrated Customs form Simplified data entry for Retail mailers Same packaging as Priority Mail Express Changes to Express Mail International 11. Changes to Priority Mail Estimated service 1, 2 or 3 day Not Guaranteed Based on origin and destination ZIP Codes 2013 pricing remains unchanged Service estimate indicated on Payment receipt (Retail) Shipping label Track and Confirm site Date Specific Delivery 12. Changes to Priority Mail Date Specific Delivery 13. Changes to Priority Mail Date Specific Delivery 14. Changes to Priority Mail Date Specific Delivery 15. POS Retail Receipt New Language Service Expectation Tracking Number Claims Information Changes to Priority Mail Date Specific Delivery 16. New Tracking Enhanced Tracking 17. $50 free insurance included when shipping with Retail Tracking barcode or Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) $100 free insurance for Commercial Plus mailers using Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Changes to Priority Mail Free insurance expanded to Priority Mail Additional insurance, up to a maximum coverage of $5,000.00, may be purchased for merchandise valued at more than either $50.00 or $100.00 18. $50 free insurance with Retail Tracking barcode Paid with IBI, stamps and/or USPS Tracking paid at PO (eg Retail USPS Tracking) Changes to Priority Mail Sue Yu Legal Eagle LLC 123 MAIN ST SOMETOWN ST 00000 Liddy Gates 321 Civil Ct Mytown ST 00000 19. $50 free insurance with Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) e.g. Paid with pbSmartPostage, SendSuite Live and Electronic USPS Tracking Changes to Priority Mail 20. NATIONAL TV Starting August 19 NATIONAL PRINT Starting August Digital Starting August 19 NATIONAL MAILER B2B July 30; B2C Sept 9 Retail & July 29 Sales Materials August 1 Customizable Presentation Visual Map Job Aids Videos PR Early August Media Webinar Press Tour 360-Degree Multi-Media Campaign Integrated Messaging across Multiple Media Channels: Reliability! 21. and Related Digital Updated content/images on Includes web banners and carousel on both and the Postal Store Digital Map to display new service standards Include in Sales presentations Include in iPad app eMail distributions to both consumer and business users of current eReg users (7/22 and 8/21) 22. USPS.COM Updates - Phase I Home Page Campaign Landing Page Changes 23. USPS.COM DAY SPECIFIC MAP Phase 1 Origin Zip on 7/28 Phase 2 Origin & Destination ZIP Also available via Sales iPad app Interactive Map Tool 24. Other Digital Assets B2B Mailing Landing Page & Form for Free Supplies QR Code Mobile App Landing Page Digital Support Tools 25. The Priority:You Campaign: Seeks to provide information about improvements to Priority Mail, and to drive home Reliability message Supports Sales Revenue targets Will transition from Fall to Holiday over the coming months Engages ongoing analyses to assess media mix and inform future campaign investment decisions ~~~ We are appreciative of the opportunity to share information and work mutually to grow the business of our partners and of Priority Mail! Recap and Questions 26. Thank You! Questions?