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OMEGA Making the Right Choices”

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A promotional presentation for Omega


  • 1. Why OMEGA? Classical appeal Outstanding construction features Fabulous Designing Exclusivity

2. High quality substantiated with long warranty periods Associated with precision, accuracy and a pioneering spirit First among the brands to come up with Co-axial Technology Official time keeper of sporting events like Olympics and Golf tournaments Presence across 50 countries with 250 boutiques locations across the world OMEGA The signs of excellence 3. OMEGA Co-axial Technology The co-axial escapement functions with a system of 3 pallets that separates the locking function from the impulse. Co-axial escapement significantly reduces friction, theoretically resulting in longer service intervals and greater accuracy over time. It functions with virtually no lubrication. It utilizes radial friction instead of sliding friction. 4. OMEGA Biggest Competition: ROLEX 5. OMEGA How is it better? Superb movements at cost efficiency More expensive Most of their designs have not changed much since the 1930's. Rolex offers more options such as precious stones Uses the conventional lever escapement Rolex models for women are simply too masculine Omega designs are more edgy and modern. Uses newish materials and horology in interesting ways. Makes both quartz and automatic models Uses co-axial escapement. Omega designs are more edgy and modern. Passed NASA's numerous tests, including exposure to extreme temperatures, vacuum, intense humidity, corrosion, shock, pressure, and vibration. 6. OMEGA Other Competitors TAG HEUER CARTIER LONGINES 7. Deville OMEGA Eminent Models Constellation SeamasterSpeedmaster