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  • 1. Vietnam Created by Mr. Raponi

2. m Vietnam is the easternmost country of the Indochina Peninsula. With an estimated _______ million people, it is the worlds _______ most populated country. Vietnams 128,500 square miles makes it right around the size of the state of ___________________. 3. Climate and Agriculture Both Monsoons, and the longest river of the country, the ___________________ greatly affect agriculture. This river is 2,700 miles long and flows through 6 countries. Farmers grow large amounts of rice, sugar cane, cassava, corn, bananas, and coffee. Vietnams forests provide wood and the South China Sea provides plenty of ____________________. 4. Mekong River 5. History of Vietnam The ancestors of Vietnams people came from ____________ more than 2,000 years ago. From the late 1800s to the mid-1950s, Vietnam was ruled by the __________________. In 1954, Vietnamese __________________ drove out the French and this split the country into two areas. Communist North Vietnam, and Non- Communist South Vietnam. 6. More History The Vietnam War was fought as a direct result of the _________________. The Communist ______________ wanted to take over the South and make one large communist country. The United States supported the South because they did not want communism to spread because they feared it would make the ______________________ stronger. 7. Vietnam War During this conflict, more than 2.5 million American helped to fight the communists. The war was extremely unpopular at home and in _____________ the United States pulled their troops out. Within two years of this, the communists took over the South. In all, more than 58,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in the conflict. 8. The Vietnam War 9. 58,236 American Soldiers were killed in Vietnam. Another 153,482 wounded. 1,740 soldiers were missing. 10. Richard L. Cotter Personal Data Home of Record: Peabody, Massachusetts Date of birth: Monday, 06/11/1945 Start Tour: Wednesday, 10/02/1968 Casualty Date: Monday, 02/10/1969 Age at Loss: 23 11. -Went to St. Johns Elementary and Middle School. -Attended St. Marys High School in Lynn. 12. Economy of Vietnam In recent years, Vietnams communist leaders have gotten away from strict government control and have opened the country to Western ideas. While still communist, Vietnam is quickly becoming more of a ______________________, where people compete to make money and prices are determined by supply and demand. There is much less government control. 13. Tour 14. Tourism Tourism has become a significant part of the countrys economy. Since 1999, tourism to Vietnam has almost doubled. One major destination is _________________ in North Vietnam, which was vote as one of the 7 Wonders of the _________________ World in 2011. 15. People of Vietnam With almost 90 million people, Vietnam has the largest population in mainland Southeast Asia. of the population live in ____________________. The largest urban area is ______________________ which was named after the countrys first communist leader was the capital of the old area of South Vietnam and was known as ______________________. 16. Ho Chi Minh City Traffic 17. More People of Vietnam Vietnams capital is located in the north and is called _______________. Most people of Vietnam are Buddhists and __________ belong to the Vietnamese ethnic group. The rest of the people are made up of Chinese, Cambodian, and other Asian ethnicities. ______________________ is the main language. 18. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, FROGGY 19. Mr. Raponi Eats Kermit