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  • L45G, L50G8,6-9,9 t 99-118 hp


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    A passion for performance.

    At Volvo Construction Equipment, were not just coming along for the ride. Developing products and services that raise productivity we are confident we can lower costs and increase profits for industry experts. Part of the Volvo Group, we are passionate about innovative solutions to help you work smarter not harder.

    Helping you to do moreDoing more with less is a trademark of Volvo Construction Equipment. High productivity has long been married to low energy consumption, ease of use and durability. When it comes to lowering life-cycle costs, Volvo is in a class of its own.

    Designed to fit your needsThere is a lot riding on creating solutions that are suited to the particular needs of different industry applications. Innovation often involves high technology but it doesnt always have to. Some of our best ideas have been simple, based on a clear and deep understanding of our customers working lives.

    You learn a lot in 180 yearsOver the years, Volvo has advanced solutions that have revolutionized the use of construction equipment. No other name speaks Safety louder than Volvo. Protecting operators, those around them and minimizing our environmental impact are traditional values that continue to shape our product design philosophy.

    Were on your sideWe back the Volvo brand with the best people. Volvo is truly a global enterprise, one that is on standby to support customers quickly and efficiently wherever they are.

    We have a passion for performance.

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    Introducing the best all-rounder.

    Volvo proudly introduces the L45G and L50G wheel loaders, built to perform on every site. The compact design enables easy manoeuvrability into small spaces, while Volvos innovative TP linkage gives you the benefits of two machines in one. Experience the versatility for yourself.

    Load-sensing hydraulics

    Load-sensing hydraulics deliver power to hydraulic functions only when its needed, without unnecessary oil pumping, for lower fuel consumption and more sensitivity in load handling.

    High lifting force

    A careful balance between lifting and tractive forces provides highly effective bucket penetration for all types of digging conditions.

    Pilot-controlled valves

    Smooth and precise pilot-operated hydraulics enable the operator to easily control attachments with minimum effort and high precision in all applications.

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    Log grapple

    Breakout torque in all positions means you can always control the load.

    Light material

    The bucket is always stable when loading and carrying material on site.

    Patented TP linkage

    Volvos unique Torque Parallel linkage combines the benefits of Z-Bar and Parallel linkage in one to give you high breakout

    torque and excellent parallel movement through the entire lifting range.

    Hi tip

    High reach and load stability give you effective load dumping in high trucks.

  • Your control centre.

    Industry-leading cab

    Volvos cab provides the best operator environment. The spacious design has adjustable steering wheel,

    seat and armrest, easily located controls and excellent all-round visibility.

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    Step into Volvos industry-leading cab; your customized control room. Create your perfect working environment by adjusting the seat and steering wheel to fit your needs, then select the easy-to-reach controls. Excellent all-round visibility gives you the best view of your efficient work.

    Steering wheel

    Steering wheel tilts and can be adjusted to the right height for the perfect operating position.

    Cab access

    Large, anti-slip steps and handrails for easy cab entry and exit.

    Low sound level

    Moulded cab roof and wall keeps noise and vibration to a minimum so operators can work without distraction.

    Contronic system

    Reduce your downtime with Volvos state-of-the-art Contronic system, which continuously monitors machine performance and communicates diagnostics to the operator via a screen in the cab.

    Fitted to your needs

    Operate with a joystick or multi-lever hydraulic pilot control, depending on your preference. Both provide steady and precise load control.

    Climate control

    Operators remain focused and efficient thanks to Volvos climate control system. Select optional Automatic Heat Control (AHC) or Air Conditioning (AC) for the perfect cab temperature.

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    Latest engine technology.

    Volvo machines work hard on your job site, not on the environment. Power and efficiency are at the heart of Volvos engine, which uses the latest technology to meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB regulations and reduce emissions as you operate. Environmentally responsible and powerful; thats Volvo.

    Reduce emissions on the move

    Volvos regeneration system works to reduce emissions without interrupting operation. Particles collected during filter cleaning are oxidized and transformed into non-toxic CO2 every 6-10 hours.

    Engine cooling fan

    Reduce maintenance with an optional reversible engine cooling fan. The automatic fan blows air back through the cooling pack to remove debris drawn into the radiator and only operates when needed to save fuel.

    Efficient eco pedal

    Avoid excessive fuel use with Volvos new eco pedal, which encourages operators to apply the appropriate amount of pressure (push-back) on the throttle pedal, reducing fuel consumption.

    Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

    New to Tier 4, the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) traps and temporarily holds exhaust particulates (soot) as the machine operates, which are later incinerated inside the DPF during the regeneration process.

  • Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB engine

    Volvos powerful, fuel efficient diesel engine has the latest V-ACT technology to provide high torque at

    low engine speeds. The engine is specially engineered to meet the latest Tier 4 emissions requirements for environmental responsibility.

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    Tackle every terrain.

    Optimized driveline

    The engine, transmission and axles are all designed to work in perfect harmony with the hydraulics and

    steering for superb quality, performance and reliability.

  • Whether working on rough terrain or smooth concrete, Volvos L45G and L50G wheel loaders give you top performance. Quality is built into every inch of the machines, from the differential lock that transfers 100% power to all wheels, to the hydrostatic transmission which offers smooth speed increase. Conquer your site with Volvo.

    Inch-brake pedal

    The inch-brake pedal enables further machine control. Apply light pressure on the pedal to slow down using the transmission, and further pressure to engage the axle brakes to hold the loader while operating on an incline.

    Differential lock

    The operator can select the differential lock to transfer 100% power to all wheels to reduce tire slippage for maximum traction on soft and slippery ground.

    Heavy-duty axles

    Heavy-duty axles transfers rimpull to the operation. Axle housings absorb all loads from the machine weight to reduce working stress on the axle shafts for longer service life.

    Hydrostatic transmission

    The machine is available in two versions of hydrostatic transmission: low and high speed. The fuel efficient hydrostatic transmission offers smooth speed progression for delicate work such as pallet stacking and high power transfer for more demanding conditions.

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    Compact your service time.

    Daily service and maintenance checks have never been easier thanks to the new compact design. Lift the engine hood to quickly access key components from the radiator to the hydraulic filters and use Volvo diagnostic tools to alert when service is required. Volvo keeps you working for longer.

    Engine air filter

    The dual element air filter is located in the engine compartment for full protection of the engine.

    Analysis software

    Maintain machine uptime by using Volvos diagnostic computer-based analysis software. MATRIS analyses operational data from the machines electronic control unit (ECU), while VCADS Pro can adjust machine function according to results.

    Maintenance-free axle cradle

    The rear axle cradle with integrated oscillating bearings are lubricated with the axle oil and protected by proven seals, saving you hours of maintenance time.

  • Maintain your uptime

    Principle service points (radiator, battery, oil, air and hydraulic filters) are easily accessible under the engine

    hood, for quick completion of maintenance checks so you can spend more time working.

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    Small size: big talent.

    Efficient eco pedal

    The eco pedal encourages operators to apply the appropriate amount of pressure (push-back) on the throttle pedal, reducing fuel consumption.

    Load-sensing hydraulics

    Load-sensing hydraulics deliver power to hydraulic functions only when its needed, lowering fuel consumption.

    Hydraulic attachment bracket

    Volvos VAB-STD (TPV) and VAB-TPZ attachment brackets enable quick attachment changes for more flexibility on site.


    Load-sensing hydrostatic steering system served from variable displacement pump. Excellent steering performance is maintained even at low engine speed. At the same time fuel consumption is reduced.

    Patented TP linkage

    Volvos unique Torque Parallel linkage combines Z-Bar and

    Parallel linkage in one for high breakout torque and paral