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This is a book made for the Draconian army, which is completely Unofficial & in no way endorsed by Games Workshop



By: Nikola DabiA.K.A. The Draconian

Within the North Polar Cap, the Ice & Snow hide more then anybody could imagine. Not just Daemons & Barbarians, but a whole new race, which was present on the Warhammer World before the Fall. A race that is ready for a battle, a race that knows no fear. The Draconian are a race of Dragon Humanoids who (unlike their relatives) dont have wings & cant breath fire. But undersetemate them, and that will be your last mistake. For they take no prisoners.

CONTENT1 Appearence 2 Draconian Beasts 3 Draconian Geogrpahy 3-4 Draconian Culture 5-10 Draconian Mythology 11-12 Draconian History 12-13 Draconian Language 14-16 Draconian Allowances & Special Rules 16-19 Draconian Special Equipment 20-22 The Lore of Ice 23-26 Lords 27-32 Heroes 33-34 Character Mounts 35-41 Core Units 42-47 Special Units 48-56 Rare Units 57 Referance Section 57-64 Suggested Miniatures SPECIAL THANKS TO:SIGMAR A nice British chap which had made an army book for his Nautican army which was a great inspiration. I recommend reading it.

M4cR1II3n - A very nice guy which is working on some UnofficialWarhammer Armies (like Araby, Catahy, Kislev etc.) He made the Ice Lore, which I used with permission. You should check out his books.

Telepfenion A guy from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles ReporterForum which helped a lot with the Draconian Fluff.

Tyrantwache A German girl from deviantART which made the Cover.

APPEARENCEA Draconian (Draconis Maximus) stands 2 Meters tall. Its Scales are pitch black, their Underbellies are Yellow, their Fangs, Claws & Horns are sharp as daggers & their eyes glow Yellow. Their tales are between 75cm & 1m long (varies in the species). They also warm blood which keeps them from dying in the Icy Cold winters of their world. A Draconian usually comes with light armor (for their scales are pretty strong) a Light Shield, a long Sword or Axe & a Fir Coat & their Helmets are skulls which they get from different Ice-Age like creatures & Dragons. Their smaller counterparts are the Drakes (Draconis Minimus). Drakes basically have the same appearence as a Draconian, only it is a meter tall, has a very short tail & a short neck. It also has short teeth, claws & horns, but rock hard heads & tough legs (concentrated muscles) which allow them to move fast, jump high & deliver hard kicks which can brake a Mans jaw in a single hit. Then come the Foresters (Draconis Flaura). They have Green scales, Yellow Underbellies, they are two meters tall. They have Deer Antlers which they dont use for anything but for decorations of sort. They are quite pieceful & tend to farming & taming different animal species. The Pyros (Draconis Inferno) are the same size as the Flaura, only Red. They have short horns which they never use. They do tend to be quite tempered, but they mostly express their anger on their work, thus forging metal into really tough Draconian armor & weapons. They also make good teachers & proffessors, for they quite like gaining more knowledge. The Diggers (Draconis Subtera) are as large as a Draconian (Draconis Maximus) only with thicker scales which cover their whole bodies. They also have large claws which they use for diggins tunnels & gathering rocks / metals. They might be frigtening, but they are quite pieceful. Belrada Giants (Draconis Gigantus) had long ago seperated from the Draconian, thus starting to raid their lands & pillage their villages. But not long ago, the Belrada Giants had started to unite with the Draconian race, and as it turns out, they arent only great warriors, but great builders as well. The Belrada Giants are 10-15 meters tall, they have long Tales with Tale Spikes on them & they have long necks holding a rock hard head holding razor sharp teeth. Their Icy breath can freeze any foe.

DRACONIAN BEASTSThe Draconian had tamed a lot of beasts for their aid, using them not only for food & fir, but for war as well. Here is a list of those Creatures: -Zeno Beasts: About the size of a Turkey. The Zeno Beasts are a form of a bird with fir instead of feathers (to survive the cold) it has a Winter coat most of the year, but it also has a Summer Coat. It lays eggs which are eatable & its fir is used to make furniture. -Zillo Beasts: They are as big as a big boar. These Beasts grant meat, fir & milk to the Draconian, they are usually a pieceful race, but Drakes can tame them as Mounts & ride them into battle. Nobody actuelly knows how do the Drakes make such a piece loving animal into a frenzied mount. -Draconian Hounds: These Hounds somewhat resemble the Draconian, probably a part of the race that is made to sniff out and track the enemy, but they are not counted as Draconian for the Draconian treated them as Hounds for thosuands of years. The Hounds are as big as a wolf but more ferocious. They also act as a night watch while the Draonian sleep. -Zeku Beasts: These Beasts are as alrge as Rhinos (cousins of the Rhinox) and have a thick coat of fir which the Draconian use for their Coats & Boots. They also use the aggressive Zeku Beasts as Mounts, granting them a very strong impact hit when they charge at the enemy. -Drakkars: A Dragon about the size of a Horse. They arent rare in Draconian lands, but for some reason, they are primitive & beastly, probably for the same reason Giants became Barbaric creatures. The Drakkars are usually used as mounts for the most elite Drake Soldiers. -Belrada Dragons: A cousin of the Drakkar, the Belrada Dragon is also quite primitive & beastly, but it is smart enough to figure out that it should serve the Draconian to survive the Ice Colds, so they are more of using the Draconian rather then being tamed by them. The most Elite Draconian can ride these to battle, using their great ferocity to annihilate the enemy. -Zentar Beasts: These Massive creatures (roughly the size of a Steggadon) have a large horn on their noses & two very large horns on their heads. They are covered in fir, the Draconian use them as Beasts of Burden, but it can be heavily armored & mounted by a crew of Drakes & then used in heavy Siege. It is a very powerful beast, which is bred for to fight & win.

DRACONIAN GEOGRAPHYThe Draconian had made a few Icy Kingdoms on top of the Northern Ice Cap, but the main Draconian civilization lies under the Ice Cap, in a Underground Tundra called Belrada. Nobody knows how did anything survive under there, but the Draconian claim that there is a miniature cyan sun on the roof of the world, which grants little heath to Belrada, but it grants light & enough warmth to support Icy Life, that sun is named Faumos (Fau Life / Mos Lender). The roof also has clouds (which had somehow got there) which make the Icy Blizzards & sometimes completely cover their Sun, thus creating night in Belrada, so the regular Night & Day shifts in the Warhammer World are quite weird for the Draconian from Belrada. The correct locations of the Kingdoms & Belrada is unknown for the Draconian prefer to avoid being detected. The Skaven cant occupy their lands for they cant stand subzero cold. There is one known Kingdom, the Kingdom of Lubria. Lubria is one of the few Kingdoms that were formed above Belrada. After some doings of Chaos, Lubria had split from the Icy Polar Cap & now floats somewhere in the North of the Great Ocean. It is the Lubrians who discovered that there is more of the Warhammer World then just Snow & Ice. The Island is roughly half the size of Albion & its floating 10 meters per year towards Naggaroth (West). The Draconian are used to Icy Tundra conditions, thus living in a warm & dry place (like a desert) is impossible for them.

DRACONIAN CULTURE:The Draconian Culture states that a Draconian must be polite to strangers if the stranger doesnt attack first or is an enemy (like Greenskins, Skaven, Dark Elves & anything Chaos). Also, the Draconian culture states that a Draconian must protect his honor, although it appears that rule doesnt stand for Drakes since the Drakes are naturally cowardly so the Draconian decided that a Draconian must protect the Drakes for the Drakes cant fend for themselves, and they are a valiuble part of the Draconian Society. There are different rules for different species of Draconian, but it appears that the Belrada Giants dont have

any rules yet for they arent an official part of a Draconian society, they just decided to live on Draconian lands & aid them in construction & battle. A Draconian Rulebook (as in contains the rules any Draconian has to follow, not the Draconian Army Book) contains hundreds of rules each Draconian must follow & there are penalries next to the each rule (that is if the Draconian doesnt follow the rule or brakes it) thre is a Punishment. Here are some highlights: Rule ____________________________________Punishemnt A Draconian has to respect other of his race 100 Whip Lashes A Draconian should never harm a close allie 45 Whip Lashes A Draconian must always be polite to strangers Half tax rate increase This Rules were discovered by some Humans and High Elves when they were visiting the Kingdom of Lubria. They couldnt translate the Draconian Rulebook so nobody really knows all the rules in the in the book. But by these rules it is known that Draconian rules are very hursh. There are also some other customs that are done for free will like granting gifts to newly formed friends or to form an Alliance or from simple good will. There are different ranks for different species of Draconian, here are some examples: Draconis Maximus: Recruit Warrior Spiked Guard Champion Commander Warlord Draconis Minimus: Schoolar Writter Architect / Trader Diplomat Ambassador Mayor Draconis Flaura: Gardener Farmer / Sheperd / Beast Trainer Land


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