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  • Welcome to the Freshmen

    Parent Meeting

  • Resources

  • • In the Library

    • Starting October 19th

    • Every lunch Monday,

    Wednesday, and Friday.

    Counselor o r n e r

  • High School Life • Get involved!

    • Join clubs and organizations.

    • Participate in fine arts and athletics.

    • Take harder courses whenever possible.

    Colleges are looking

    for well-rounded students!

  • A quick definition…

    • Credit:

    – A credit is what you earn when you pass one full year of

    one class.

    – A one semester class will earn ½ credit when passed.

    – English 1 = 1 credit = year-long class

    – Professional Communications= .5 credit = semester


    – You will need a total of 26 credits to graduate

  • Grade Classification

    • In high school you move up grades according to

    credits, not years.

    – Freshman Promotion from 8th grade

    – Sophomore 5.5 to 11.5 credits

    – Junior 12 to 18.5 credits

    – Senior 19 plus credits

  • Credits and Attendance

    Per district policy, a student in any grade level shall

    not be given credit for a class unless the student is in

    attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered.

  • Pre-AP Classes

    • English I Pre-AP

    • English II Pre-AP

    • Algebra I Pre-AP

    • Geometry Pre-AP

    • Algebra II Pre-AP

    • Pre-Calculus Pre-AP

    • Biology Pre-AP

    • Chemistry Pre-AP

    • World Geography Pre-AP

    • Art I Pre-AP

    • Art II Drawing Pre-AP

    • Art III Drawing Pre-AP

    • Art III Graphic Design Pre-AP

    • Art III Photography Pre-AP

    • Art III Sculpture Pre-AP

    • French III Pre-AP

    • German III Pre-AP

    • Spanish III Pre-AP

    • Spanish V Literature Pre-AP for Spanish Speakers

    • Computer Science Pre-AP

  • AP Classes

    • English III AP

    • English IV AP

    • AP Calculus AB

    • AP Calculus BC

    • Statistics AP

    • Biology AP

    • Chemistry AP

    • Physics 1 AP

    • Physics 2 AP

    • Environmental Science AP

    • Human Geography AP

    • World History AP

    • European History AP

    • U.S. History AP

    • U.S. Government AP

    • Economics AP

    • Psychology AP

    • Art IV Drawing Portfolio AP

    • Art IV 2-D Design Portfolio AP

    • Music Theory AP

    • French IV AP

    • German IV AP

    • Spanish IV AP

    • Spanish V Literature AP

    • Computer Science AP

  • Students enrolled in AP classes are expected to take the AP exam in May.

    Students may gain college credit for AP test scores of 3 or above. The awarding of college credit is based upon individual university policies and standards.

    • There is a cost for exams.

    • Fee-reduced exams – College Board and the State of Texas will pay a portion of the fees for students who are currently receiving free or reduced lunches. See your counselor or college access specialist for eligibility requirements.

    AP Classes

  • Dual Credit A partnership between Tarrant County College Northwest Campus and Eagle Mountain -Saginaw ISD provides opportunities for students to gain both high school and college credit at the same time.


    • Completion of high school sophomore year

    • Overall grade “B” average

    • Obtain permission from the high school

    • Enroll at the college/university offering the course(s)

    • Meet the entrance requirements of the college/university including the required placement exams

    Classes offered on campus:

    • English 3

    • English 4

    • Pre-Calculus OnRamps

    • U.S. History

    • Government

    • Economics

    • Business Information Management 2

    • Advanced Aircraft Technology

    • Fire Fighter I


    • Approximately $165 per three hour class (based upon current Tarrant County College tuition rates)

    • Textbooks

    Students who wish to take other courses through an accredited college or university must have prior approval to receive dual credit. Not all courses offered by colleges meet the requirements for awarding of high school credit.

  • Grade Point Average

    • Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by

    averaging the semester grades you earn in every

    class you take for state credit towards graduation.

    • For students entering high school 2013-2014 and

    after Pre-AP and Dual Credit add 5 points to

    your GPA and AP Courses add 10 points to your

    weighted GPA.

    (This policy includes any Pre-AP or AP

    course taken this year in 8th grade.)

  • Automatic College Admission (Top 10% Rule)

    • Earn a grade point average (GPA) in the top 10% of

    graduating class

    – University of Texas at Austin varies from year to

    year. (currently top 8%)

    • Graduate on the Foundation with Endorsement or

    Distinguished with Endorsement.

    • Meet all application and transcript submission deadlines

  • Distinguished Achievement Program with Endorsements

    • English (4 Credits) English 1, English 2, English 3 & English 4

    • Mathematics (4 Credits) Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & one advanced math classes

    • Science (4 Credits) Biology & Chemistry or Physics & two advanced science class

    • Social Studies (4 Credits) World Geography, World History, U.S. History,

    U.S. Government & Economics

    • Fine Arts (1 Credit)

    • World Language (2 Credits)

    • Physical Education (1 Credit)

    • Electives (2 Credits)

    • Endorsement (4 Credits in the selected field)

    TOTAL: (26 Credits)

  • What is an endorsement?

    • An endorsement is a focused study in an area of interest to the student.

    • Each endorsement requires four credits in the same subject field.

    Why do I need one?

    TEA (Texas Education Agency) requires students as of the CLASS of 2018 to have one on file as part of their high school graduation plan.

  • Five EndorsementsEndorsementsEndorsementsEndorsements Areas

    •Multidisciplinary Studies

    •Arts & Humanities

    •Business & Industry

    •Public Service

    •Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

  • 20

    • ScienceSTEM Endorsement

    • Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

    Business & Industry Endorsement

    • Health Sciences

    • Human Services

    Public Services


    • Combination of coursework Multidisciplinary


    Sample Career Goal = Sample Career Goal = Sample Career Goal = Sample Career Goal = Physician Physician Physician Physician

    via multiple endorsements and pathways

  • Five EndorsementsEndorsementsEndorsementsEndorsements Areas

    • Multidisciplinary Studies

    • Arts & Humanities

    • Business & Industry

    • Public Service

    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

    will identify:

    • Possible careers

    • Courses available in EMS-ISD

    • Endorsement options (if more than one)

  • Multidisciplinary: Endorsement Options

    • Four credits in each of the four foundation subject areas to include English 4, Algebra 2 and Chemistry or Physics.


    • Four credits in Advanced Placement or Dual Credit selected from English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Language Other Than English or Fine Arts.

    All students in EMS-ISD are automatically on the Mulitidisciplary Endorsement and can add one of the other

    Endorsements as a bonus.

  • Arts & Humanities Possible Careers • Performing Arts

    • Acting

    • Choreographers

    • Directors

    • Musician

    • Set & Exhibit Designers

    • Writers & Authors

    • Visual Arts • Art Directors

    • Fashion Designers

    • Graphic Designers

    • Photographers

    • Social Studies • Archeology

    • Political Scientists

    • International Relations

    • Legislators

    • World Languages • Translator

    • Interpreter

    • Linguist

  • Arts & Humanities

    EMS-ISD Opportunities • Performing Arts

    • Band 1-4

    • Choir 1-4

    • Theatre 1-4

    • Dance 1-4

    • Visual Arts • Art Drawing 2-4

    • Art Photography 2-4

    • Art Sculpture 2-4

    • Social Studies • Psychology

    • Sociology

    • AP European History

    • World Language • Spanish

    • French

    • German

  • Arts & Humanities: Endorsement Options • Social Studies - Five credits including one elective credit

    Example: Psychology/Sociology, AP European History

    • World Language - Four credits of the same language other than English. Examp

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