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A brief introduction to Lean and LeanUX


  • Lean manufacturing Lean has been around since the 1940s It was developed by Toyota in Japan to improve the efficiency of their production line Put simply it means removing waste IMAGE: http://fukuoka-now.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/toyota-production-of-2011.jpg
  • Academics, like Steve Blank, at Harvard Business school liked lean production and came up with a a way of applying it to entrepreneurs and startup businesses. A highly iterative customer discovery model was created Customer development methodology IMAGE: http://blogs.nature.com/naturejobs/files/2014/04/Steve-blank.jpg
  • Customer discovery Customer validation Customer discovery Customer validation Pivot Explore Expand Customer development methodology
  • Customer discovery Customer validation Customer discovery Customer validation Pivot Explore Expand If customer validation says you were wrong dont go forward, PIVOT! And keep pivoting until you have a product customers love. Only then can you go forward with expanding a customer base and into a successful product Customer development methodology
  • This is not field of dreamsThis is not Field of Dreams If we build it they will come IMAGE: http://readwatchwrite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/large-field-of-dreams-blu-ray5.jpg
  • As a student of Steve Blank, Eric Riess studied the Customer Development Model and took it further. Introducing the lean startup The Lean Startup IMAGE: http://thebln.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Eric-Ries-The-Lean-Startup.jpg
  • IDEAS PRODUCTDATA BUILD MEASURE LEARN This is an iterative process, it cant be ended You must constantly have an idea, build a way to test that idea, measure the affect of the idea and learn from it. And the goal is to complete every iteration of this loop as quickly as possible Build, measure, learn
  • And it didnt take the UX world long to focus on lean as a way of delivering great user experiences Lean UX
  • Hypothesis Adding sign in with social media buttons will reduce abandoned registration by 5% Instead of building the functionality, the buttons went to a temporary page that did nothing. Less than 1% of all users even tried to click the button.
  • Instead of stocking shoes in all sizes and styles Zappos.com ran an experiment. They took photos of shoes in shops and published them online If anybody wanted the shoes, they went back to the shop bought them and shipped them to the customer. Zappps has annual sales of over $1 billion and was acquired by Amazon for $1.2 in 2009 Minimal viable shoe shop
  • FAIL
  • Many professionals have rarely failed, therefore they have never learnt from failure
  • It is not an iteration if you only do it once
  • http://www.datasaversllc.com/wp-content/uploads/hard-drive-pile.jpg The hard drive industry has been shaped by disruption for over 50 years. The KPI of a hard drive generally is either speed or capacity. But by being disruptive and making smaller hard drives even with lower capacity and slower read/write speeds the new hard drives companies found new markets and new customers. My computer today has less storage than it did 4 years ago. If nobody had been disruptive the market would have focused on increasing capacity. Disrupting the hard drive industry
  • .files.wordpress.com/2013/10/tw-bmth-fans.jpg
  • Want to know more?
  • Books LeanUX Jeff Gothelf An easy read introduction to what lean means to user experience and how to apply it. Guides to personas, testing and writing a hypothesis Lean Startup Eric Reiss The book that spawned the buzz. A slightly more complex and business focused read, but if lean is your thing this is the book to read The innovators dilemma Clayton Christensen A case by case example of how the hard drive industry was shaped by disruptive technology. A slightly dry and academic read but lots of numbers and real examples The machine that changed the world Womack, Jones & Roos An in-depth study into the lean production method at Toyota Lean Enterprise Owens and Fernandez Recently released, about lean in big companies not startups
  • Events LeanUX Meetup http://www.meetup.com/Lean-UX-London/ Really good meetup focusing on different areas of leanUX. Normally runs once a month, usually perfectly timed for when Im travelling. LeanUX NYC 2015 About $400 for a ticket for 5 days of conference and its in New York. Really varied speakers, not all with a lean or UX background and workshops around practical skills. Will be in early April, probably New Jersey rather than NYC. Lean Day London If you dont want to travel there is an annual 2 day event in London. With some of the same speakers as the New York conference, but a few more from the UK.
  • Online @willevans Works for TLC labs in New York and organises LeanUX NYC. Follow him on twitter, slideshare and vimeo for talks, blogs etc on Lean @adrianh UK based evangelist of agile and lean. Follow on twitter and slideshare for more about agile. He also talks at a lot of events so worth looking out for @tsharon Researcher at Google, who talks and wirtes about how to research in a lean or agile process. Has a new book coming out soon about Lean Research LeanUX 2014 All of the presentations are online now: http://www.theapprenticepath.com/leanux14/ And @willevans is uploading the talks to his vimeo account
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