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A personal view about mobile application development.


  • Why my apps failed? Presented by VU KHAC TIN SoICT, HUST tinvukhac@gmail.com
  • My background - Previous: Mobile developer (for 2 years) - Current: Backend engineer (System & Storage, beginner). - Future: Researcher, Entrepreneur.
  • My projects (game) Fear Forest Funny Hexagon Poker Viet Nam Edu4Kid
  • My projects (app) - Edu4Kid (Windows 8, Samsung SmartTV), Wala, iCompanion, Shoppie, Plus (all of them are available in app store). - Co-owner of 5 apps in Google Play Store. - Some private projects. - Future: project X.
  • This topic will talk about - Popular mistakes in a mobile project. - What should we do to realize a successful app? - App Store Optimization.
  • Popular mistakes
  • Human resource management Teammate, very talent but: - Undisciplined - Irresponsible. - Pride. Management: - Authority. - Responsibility.
  • Tech & engineering - Complex system for small demand. - Bugs. - Crash. - Excessive resource. - Battery. - Very active: Facebook autopost, notification spam. - Many ads.
  • Tech & engineering
  • But...
  • Product development mindset - We are the best! Competitors are trivial. - Build app for wrong target users. - Too many redundant features. Lose core value. - App flow too complicated.
  • Product development mindset - Fall in minor problem. - Final goal is not clear: brand, users for ecosystem, money or ??? - Focus to product, but forgot what user needs.
  • What should we do?
  • The goal: analyze and strategize - Something like that: population, internet users, active Facebook user, smartphone users, blah blah WTF! We dont need the data that children know how. - We need: specific demand for a specific market, payment behavior, competitors, market share...
  • The goal: analyze and strategize - A complete plan: from beginning to achieve the goal. Some popular problems: - Bussiness model (*) - Human resources. - Project management. - Marketing plan.
  • Who are our users? - Not sit in office and imagine about your users. - Accurately determine the user set. - Choose niche maket to increase the likelihood of success.
  • Device and platform choices - Paid, in-app purchase application: iOS, Windows Phone. - Advertising: all platforms. - If you are creating a game: choose a cross platform (Unity, Cocos 2d-x, Mono) - Clone hot app from others: Windows Phone (guaranteed to hit in 2011-2012, but now the potential is still high).
  • In-house or outsource - In-house: a long plan for team and products. - Outsource: in the contract, need a support for a long time (very important). - Normally, in-house products have higher quality.
  • Approach - Start right now. - Keep moving. - Risk management.
  • App Store Optimization
  • Ranking factors Developer side: - Keyword in title. - Keyword tag. - App updates: app with more refresh - cycles rank higher. User side: - Click through rate. - Usage. - Discard rate. - Ratings - Conversion rate. Others: - Social signals. - App age and speed. - Brand trust.
  • Search behaviors - 5% specific function: crop photos, block call. - 5% specific brand: Angry Birds, Candy Crush. - 10% simple: game, app, fun, news - 80% general interests: social networking, education. - Most of user search app in app store.
  • Stores: same and differences - Google Play: indexing by description, show app by list view. - Apple Store: indexing by keyword tag, show only one app in screen. - Windows Phone Store: show app by list, feature app.
  • Optimize keyword for iTunes
  • Tips and tricks - Clear name (brand). - Name is also a keyword. - Easy for read and remember it: Class of Clans, Hay Day, G Chin, i Minh Ch, Big Kool. - Visualization: Angry Birds, Bad Piggies. - Simple : Tap the Frog, Draw Somethings. - Dont share your ideas (about name of your app) with anyone. - Short keyword. - Using tools: MobiledevHQ, Google keyword planner.
  • Thank you!
  • References - Slideshare: http://goo.gl/OlG9Af - Bussines Insider: http://goo.gl/TxNlZH - http://lamgame.vn/ Many thanks to : - CTO of Dotoh Software Solutions ( http://www.dotohsoft.com/en/ ) - Mr. T, Software Architect of Dotoh Software Solutions. - Mr. Cong Tran, iOS team leader of Wala JSC. (*) This presentation is only my personal views.