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    Workplace Bullying

  • "Most organisations

    have a serial bully.

    It never ceases to amaze me

    how one person's divisive

    dysfunctional behaviour

    can permeate the entire

    organisation like a cancer.

    Tim Field ~

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  • Asking for help means trusting the people you

    love and respect to step up when you need them,

    and it gives you an opportunity to help them in

    the future if they need you.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • Workplace bullying

    is akin to

    domestic violence

    at work,

    where the abuser

    is on the payroll.

    Workplace Bullying Institute

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  • Some bullies

    use teasing as a weapon,

    by saying Im only joking

    to hide the bullying.

    They may insult

    and consistently

    put you down.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • They can go from nice to nasty,

    or zero to bitch, rapidly. They are experts in masking

    their dangerous side, by being super charming around people

    in higher positions.

    With a skilled bully, nothing is ever as it appears.

    Dave Chapman ~

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  • Being shaken, anxious, stressed, depressed,

    losing concentration, and reduced productivity,

    are just some of the reported symptoms

    endured by targets of bullying.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • "For the sake of simplicity,

    a workplace bully is basically

    anyone who makes your work life a

    living hell by contributing to or

    creating, a hostile, abusive or

    intolerable work environment.

    This is usually accomplished through

    intimidation, humiliation, criticism

    and ridicule, or demeaning behavior."

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  • Bullies may justify their behavior as necessary or


    and they may not even be aware

    that their style of management

    or behavior, is in fact bullying.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • The bullies hate has nothing to do with how they feel about you; its a reflection about how

    they feel about themselves

    and the bottom line is that emotionally mature people

    dont spend their valuable time trying to destroy people.

    Shola Richards ~

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  • A target is often chosen

    because of their strength,

    not their weakness.

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  • Many targets

    do not


    the bullys purpose

    until it is too late.

    Patricia G. Barnes, J.D.

    Surviving Bullies, Queen Bees & Psychopaths in the Workplace

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  • The frightening thing

    is how quickly

    your confidence erodes

    when you are

    in this situation.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • Stress and anxiety

    are the cousins of fear.

    Fear comes when you

    have a sense of danger...

    That fear puts us into survival mode and prevents us

    from calmly finding a solution.

    Barbara Sher

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  • Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness

    that results in stagnation.

    I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely

    rather than risk failure.

    Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the

    downward spiral begins.

    Charles Stanley

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  • Fear leads us to obsess about what is happening.

    It is easy to get trapped in a cycle of fear.

    We fear what will happen if we stay, and we fear what will

    happen if we leave.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • You may just be

    in the wrong place

    at the wrong time.

    Bullies are predatory

    and opportunistic.

    Life after Adult

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  • One of the most significant impacts of bullying is the powerlessness you feel as others

    play with your life, like you are just a puppet on the end of a handful of


    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • Bullied targets are not weak. They are incredibly strong and stubborn

    to their own detriment.

    They stay in abusive situations too long.

    Their health suffers

    (stress-related diseases start rather quickly) but the symptoms

    are negligible and are ignored until medical crises surface.

    Workplace Bullying Institute

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  • There are mixed views on whether a bully should be


    Factors to consider include the amount of support you have at

    work, and at home, and whether or not you are the only person being targeted by the bully.

    Annie Clayton ~ Brilliant Not Bullied

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  • Growth is painful.

    Change is painful.

    But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere

    you dont belong.

    Mandy Hale

    20 Workplace Bullying Quotes

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