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    The application of XXL Bio Enhancer in prawnsand fish farming

    XXL Bio Enhancer is mined from 75 million year-old plants, formed into compostthrough decaying process, which after a long period of time thoroughlydecomposed into glial-like weathered lignite, and which by itself contains 30%water-soluble fulvic acid and 85% humic acid, and other water-insoluble humus.Humic acid is more important in aquaculture, but different variety ofhumid acidhas vast difference in terms of quality.

    XXL Bio Enhancer should not only contain a high percentage of humic acid, but

    also rich in high oxygen content enzyme and quinoline, and our XXL BioEnhancer is able to meet the requirements of this standard. Another point to notepertains to the size of the molecular weight of humic acid, the more the molecularweight increases, the lesser will be the ion exchange capacity.

    Generally high oxygen-type humic acid has smaller molecular weight, andaccordingly higher ion exchange capacity, and as such the degree of itsbiological activity is also more active. Because only the lower molecular weightcan penetrate the cell membrane in order to transport nutrients into cells. Humicacid can penetrate through some low-quality cells and tissues, stimulating thecells to provide higher energy, the end result are to promote the growth of fish.

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    The main reasons why aquaculture farmers use XXL BioEnhancer:

    Acidification of water quality, reduce the pH value.

    To make undesirable ions such as sodium bicarbonate in the pond water,

    become more permeable and more suitable for fish survival.

    To reduce the fish's oppression.

    To strengthen fish eggs membrane and its skin to resist parasite


    To improve water quality, which makes it suitable for the production and

    development of eggs and embryos

    It has a buffering capacity of water, to maintain an ideal pH

    It has absorbing function, chelating the heavy toxic metals in water.

    it contains many nutrients, minerals and trace elements needed for the

    growth and development of fish

    The advantages of the application of XXL Bio Enhancerin aquaculture

    i. Help maintaining pressure control of fish pond after transport stress.ii. To increase production of eggs and to improve the hatching rate.

    iii. Can improve the water quality in pond and fish tank In the shortperiod of time

    iv. The 30% fulvic acid in XXL Bio Enhancer is a natural water-solublehumic substance, which is able to produce a simulation of the naturalecological environment water quality, most suitable for fish survival.

    v. To inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold for the protection of smalleggs

    vi. To ensure in a natural manner the stability of water quality, toenhance fish immunity, and to reduce the probability of sicknessincidence of fish in pond.

    vii. To encourage the growth and metabolism of fish

    viii. To improve the reproductive function of fish, increase its production,so as to reduce farming costs

    ix. To improve the stress adaptation of fish due to transfer of fishingpond

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    x. Stimulate the colour and brightness of fish and shrimps and to ensure

    their healthy growthxi. The fulvic acid contained in XXL Bio Enhancer can inhibit the local

    hemorrhage and inflammation of fish body surface, and prevent thescales from falling off.

    xii. Its release of humic acid and fulvic acid is slow, thus able not tochange the pH quality immediately, maintaining the waters acid-base balance.

    xiii. It can form a protective effect for the eggs and seedlings, andincrease the hatching success rate of seedlings.

    xiv. To increase daily weight gain, improving on feed conversion andfeed return rate.

    xv. To improve the overall health of fish and shrimp, enhance immunityand disease resistance, to maintain the energy of fish and itsresistance towards stress due to post-harvest transport

    xvi. Fulvic acid has natural treatment ability on fish skin infected byparasite

    xvii. Fulvic acid can be used as a natural protective agent of disease,preventing initial infection.

    xviii. It can reduce fish disease and the incidence of secondaryinfections.

    xix. It has detoxification effect on harmful metals and chemicalsubstances in the water

    Promote growth and metabolism, improve feedconversion rate

    Adding XXL Bio Enhancer into fish and shrimps feed brings a lot of usefulbenefits to the health and growth of the fish and shrimps because XXL BioEnhancer can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and mold, which in turn,can reduce the chances of infection caused by mycotoxin. XXL Bio Enhancer canimprove the efficiency of protein digestion of fish and shrimp, and make full useof the calcium contained in humic acid and a wide variety of trace elements. XXL

    Bio Enhancer can improve the overall health of fish and shrimps and promote theabsorption of nutrients, and enhance the immunity of fish and shrimps againstdisease.

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    Enhance the ability to digest and absorb

    Not only will XXL Bio Enhancer improve the digestion of fish and shrimp, itschelating features can maintain the best pH value in the body, the result is thereduction in nitrogen in the solid waste, and the improvement in fish pond quality.Once fish and shrimp improve on their feed digestion, their stomach and overallhealth will certainly achieve better conditions, the improved feed conversion ratiowill also increase the economic benefits of fishing owners. Apart from that, thereduction of solid nitrogen and the improvement of water quality will also reducethe use of de acidification agent as well as lowering cost and time in landpreparation and pool exposure.

    Absorption and absorption resistance

    When XXL Bio Enhancer polymer together with the feed are ingested by fish andshrimp into their gastrointestinal tract, the function of absorption and anti-reabsorption begin to play its role, the main class of cations such as protein toxinsand toxic substances will be solidified, because the food has been completelydigested, the phenomenon of toxins being reabsorbed will become lesser, suchtoxins may even be excreted from the body with the feces. The adsorption ofXXL Bio Enhancer is not just the physical and chemical reactions, but at the

    same time reaches into a complicated ion exchange function, which is moreenhanced than a purely physical adsorption function.

    Increase resistance effect

    XXL Bio Enhancer has the effect of stabilizing the development of flora in thegastrointestinal tract of fish and shrimp, and enhances the probability of digestionand absorption of nutrients, and improves feed efficiency, increase fish catches,but the relative consumption of feed does not increase. XXL Bio Enhancer is apure natural product, by mixing it to the feed of fish and shrimp can eradicate theleftover possibility caused by traditional antibiotics residues and does not cause

    microbial resistance problems. Another result due to increased feed efficiency isthe enhancement of the fish's digestion and absorption of nitrogen, andaccordingly the nitrogen content in the solid waste will reduce and the waterquality will also improve.

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    Effect of microbial interaction

    XXL Bio Enhancer can stimulate microbial activity in aquatic fish, by adding XXLBio Enhancer into fish and shrimp feed will stimulate the microbial activity withinthe body, thus contributing to the growth of fish and shrimp. Besides, there is aspecial kind of function of XXL Bio Enhancer to inhibit the microbial activity, "inthe body of fish and shrimp, XXL Bio Enhancer seems to be able to stimulatebeneficial organisms, and also to distinguish and inhibit harmfulmicroorganisms."

    Laminated mucosa and convergence effectXXL Bio Enhancer can form a protective film on the mucus epithelial cells in thegastrointestinal tract of fish and shrimp to prevent infection of toxins. Besides, thelarge colloidal XXL Bio Enhancer structure can ensure the mucous membrane ofthe fish's stomach and internal organs, the surrounding capillaries, and thedamaged mucus cells do not get hurt. The result is the re-absorption, apart fromthe reduction, or the complete shut-out, of toxic metabolites. Such phenomenonyields more significant result on fish and shrimp which have been infected byharmful feed, or those which have just been fed new feed.

    More than 87 types of minerals and trace elements

    XXL Bio Enhancer contains more than 87 species of herbal mineral elementswhich is often lacking in farmed fish and shrimp feed. While the demand for fishand shrimp for these trace minerals is little, but they play an important role in themaintenance of fish health and the promotion of their growth, because most ofthe fish and shrimp aquaculture disease can be traced back to particularly thelack of intake of feed nutrients, minerals and trace elements.

    XXL Bio Enhancer includes the trace elements and natural ingredients needed tomaintain the essential survival of fish and shrimp, providing the nutrients needed

    in water for microbial activity and growth and promoting function of manyenzymes and cells and tissues, and provides the structure necessary for theformation of bone material sources. The minerals and trace elements in the fishand shrimp body can, through the activities surrounding the nerve cells, produce

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    and maintain hydraulic conductivity. In addition trace elements can also regulate

    the activities of estrogen in fish and is essential to maintain the normal hormonalorganization. By supplementing XXL Bio Enhancer into fish and shrimp feed, cancompensate for the shortage of feed minerals and trace elements, and canpromote the effective use and absorption of vitamin.

    The main function of minerals and trace elements onfish and shrimp

    Promote the many activities of enzymes and cells and tissues.

    Provide necessary material source for the formation of bone

    structure. Generate and maintain the conductivity fluid around the nerve cells

    Regulate estrogen activities of fish and shrimp and to maintain the

    normal function of hormones organizations.

    To promote the effective use and absorption of vitamins.

    Antibacterial and anti-virus function

    XXL Bio Enhancer is a widespread natural organic matter subsisting in naturalwaters, capable of adapting and living together with other aquatic plants andanimals. The symptoms due to long period of repression or stress commonlyknown as lack of acclimatization caused to water fish and shrimp, will cause adecline in the immune system resistance, and in a long term will eventually leadto disease or infection of virus. The following factors will make it difficult to dealwith the diseases of fish and shrimp:

    The reasons why diseases of fish and shrimp aredifficult to cure:

    There are not many chemicals approved for use for treatment offish diseases in aquaculture by governments of various countries,

    but none of them is truly an effective pharmaceutical cure of allpathogens.

    The use of chemical treatment of fish diseases has the side effectsof easily leading fish and shrimp to toxic effects.

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    All approved fish and shrimp farming chemicals may leave behind

    remnants of gene mutations or carcinogenic substances in the fishand shrimp body, the toxics of which are likely to be transferred tohuman beings by human consumption and cause harm. Thereforeprior to the discovery of any absolutely safe chemical drugs for thetreatment of fish diseases, we all have to be careful and cautiouson their use

    By adding XXL Bio Enhancer into the feed to improve the health of fish, more soas antibacterial and antiviral agents carry great benefit. The result of oraldigestion shows that the molecular structure of humic acid can create a coating

    on the virus and can prevent viral replication, thus reducing the spread andinfection. XXL Bio Enhancer antibacterial and antiviral features should be used tocontrol the herpes virus of koi and other fish viral infection.

    For a long period of time, fish farmers have been using acriflavin to treatdiseases caused by fish immitis, trichodina and tube worms, the symptomscaused by such diseases are the existence of milky white fixtures appearing onthe body and fins of fish. These parasites will cause damage to the gill, leadingto shortness of breath, curl fin; causing fish to fraction back and forth against ahard object.

    Even though acriflavin is very effective, it can still cause stress to fish. Byreplacing XXL Bio Enhancer with acriflavin to deal with the above diseases, notonly can an effective treatment result be achieved, it can also reduce effect of thetoxic residue left over in the fish body by acriflavin.

    Anti-oppression features

    XXL Bio Enhancer can increase the utilisation of aquatic feed. It can also reducethe incidence of mortality, it is especially more significant for improving fishcapacity to survive winter and stress due to long-distance transportation, its usein the fish feed will enhance feed conversion rate by 8% -13%, 10% and reducewinter mortality by more than 10%. Mortality due to long distance transportationwill also go down.

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    Anti-inflammatory effect

    By soaking 2000 fish with injured scales into XXL Bio Enhancer, the injury ishealed in 7-10 days; whereas for the same 2000 species of fish with the sameinjury living in the same conditions, the recovery of the injury is much slower,recording a dead rate of 150 fish within a week. Tip: XXL Bio Enhancer hassignificant therapeutic effect on damaged fish skin.

    Enhance the immunity of fish and shrimpBy adding in XXL Bio Enhancer into the feed can increase the immunity of fishand shrimp against diseases, it is also a very good antioxidants for fish andshrimp, expelling harmful free radicals from their body. XXL Bio Enhancer canalso remove heavy metals from fish and shrimp body system as well as from fishpond. XXL Bio Enhancer by itself also contains many essential nutrients andtrace elements needed to maintain fish health.

    To replace the traditional probiotics and antibiotics

    By adding XXL Bio Enhancer into pond water, for the purpose of reducingmorbidity and mortality, it is discovered that the therapeutic effect of XXL BioEnhancer on fish is much better compared to chemical drugs such as malachitegreen and other antibiotics. Malachite green is a synthetic dye used in silk, wool,cotton and paper. Due to its anti-fungal effectiveness, it is used to treat fishparasites, fungi and protozoa diseases. The substance will be absorbed into fishtissue for metabolism purpose; the metabolites of reduced malachite green willremain for a long time in fish tissue. Currently a lot of countries have passed lawsto prohibit the use of such substance in aquatic product; our country is alsoprohibiting such substance.

    Heavy metal chelating and scavenger

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    XXL Bio Enhancer can make use of its ion exchange capacity to cause chelation

    in the fish pond and the fish and shrimp bodies of heavy toxic metals such aslead, cadmium and mercury, etc., so as not to cause harm. In the fish pond, itcan be sequestered to prevent the heavy metals from entering into the blood flowof fish and shrimp, and in the fish's body, those toxic heavy metals will bechelated and finally excreted through the digestive system.

    Activated carbon absorbent

    XXL Bio Enhancer is mined from lignite and is itself a great activated carbon.According to research Lignite as an activated carbon adsorbent, its ability toabsorb chlorine and other pollutants in the water, is not any lesser than bamboocarbon and other activated carbon manufactured from coconut shell. Its ability toabsorb natural organic matter with the odor is the best of all activated carbon. Itcan therefore absorb and combine with various types of remaining toxins andinhibitor compound in the fish pond, providing a more suitable environment formicrobial growth in natural water.

    Purifying water quality and eliminatingnitrogen in water

    The importance of improving water quality

    The cause of turbidity, odor, and discoloration of the water is usually due tonatural ecological disturbance by water contamination which will causeimbalance to the water quality. The accumulation of leaves, branches, aquaticplants, water, organic matter and organic matter in the pool at the end will causeodor and water quality corruption.

    XXL Bio Enhancer will gradually dissolve in water and stimulate microbial activity,causing decomposition of organic matter deposited at the bottom of the earth,

    and then balance the number of microorganisms in the waters, digesting anddecomposing the organic solids with the best efficiency, resulting in lesser odorin the fish pond, and muddy water becoming clearer. XXL Bio Enhancer is

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    exploited from the highest quality activated carbon lignite mine in the globe. Our

    XXL Bio Enhancer contains the following essential elements for aquatic farming:

    Dissolved XXL Bio Enhancer in the pond plays the role of water purification, bychelation reduce ammonia and nitrite content in water, adsorbing the organicfulvic acid to help the growth of green algae and cyanobacteria, it increasesdissolved oxygen, help creating a good environment for the growth of shrimp andto improve shrimp production, lower feed conversion rates and increaseeconomic efficiency.

    The effect of XXL Bio Enhancer on the quality of water in

    the pond

    Reduce unpleasant smell in fish pond.

    Reduce the amount of solid organic sediment at the bottom of the


    Reduce the turbidity of water, enhance clarity of water and provide

    a suitable environment which is closer to the natural waterenvironment for the survival of the fish.

    Lower pond accumulation of soluble nutrients and pollutants,

    improve water quality, and reduce demand for chemical additivessuch as alum, lime and copper sulfate.

    To provide 87 kinds of trace elements and nutrients to stimulatemicrobial activity, and create a suitable water environment

    As a stabilizer and detoxification neutralizer, it will not impede the

    vitality of microorganisms in the water or cause injury to the fish.

    No impact on fish, it will not affect the normal activities of fish and

    water quality.

    The effectiveness of XXL Bio Enhancer as a purifier ofwater quality

    i. 83% reduction of organic solids in water.ii. 40% reduction in total dissolved solids in water.iii. 99% reduction of total suspended solids in water.iv. 81% increase in water clarity.

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    v. Reduce the phosphorus content of 63% water.

    vi. Reduce calcium, magnesium, sodium and sulfurcontent in 42-45% of the water, improved hard water.

    vii. Decrease sodium adsorption ratio in water by 32%viii.

    Adjust pH value

    XXL Bio Enhancer contains humic acid, which include water-soluble fulvic acid,slow soluble black humic acid and humic substances which do not dissolve inwater. XXL Bio Enhancer can stimulate the activities of microorganisms in fish

    pond, chelate harmful metals and organic pollutants inhibitor compound whichare bad for microbial activity. Apart from that, XXL Bio Enhancer in the water willform hydrogen peroxide after sunlight, which is a powerful natural oxidants,which can effectively inhibit the growth of algae.The theory of ion exchange

    Why though it only has a pH value of 8.5 10, XXL Bio Enhancer is able tobalance the high pH alkali in the soil or water, or balance the low pH acid?

    pH value is the result of a natural balance of hydrogen ion (H +) and hydroxide

    ion (OH-), so if there is a material belonging to neutral pH value, in theory, it is acombination of hydrogen ions (H +) and hydroxide ions (OH-), or a combinationof hydrogen hydroxide (HOH), in the physical sciences we express it as H2O, or"water ", and that is why water is a neutral pH.

    Acid will usually contain hydrogen ions (H +), hydrogen chloride (HCl) is acombination of hydrogen ion (H +) and chloride (Cl) and through theneutralization reaction process, and also known as the "hydrochloride."

    Alkaline substances usually contain hydroxyl ions (-OH), sodium hydroxide(NaOH) and is a combination of hydroxide ion (-OH) and sodium ions (Na)

    formed through the neutralization reaction, they can also be called as "soda."

    Imagine the molecular structure of XXL Bio Enhancer is a long link, whereattached to the top of the link is a substantial amount of hydrogen ions (H +), and

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    the small number of hydroxide ions (-OH), hydrogen ions (H +) has more number

    than hydroxide ions (-OH), so there are many ions which can be exchanged inthe space, which exists in the corner of the carbon space of ionic bonds, for thepurpose of exchange of ions.

    Now let's do a simple arithmetic to show how XXL Bio Enhancer can buffer thepH value. Assuming that in a pot or small water tank, there are 100 hydrogenions (H +) and 50 hydroxide ions (-OH), in the net number of ion there will be 50free hydrogen ions (H +). When you add in the XXL Bio Enhancer, the XXL BioEnhancer by itself contains an extra number of 25 (H +) of hydrogen ions whichprovides a base for exchange, and as a result of the exchange, there will only bea leftover of 25 free state of hydrogen ions (H +), which is the so-called buffer

    effect, a way to release molecules from the solution, which is a natural waywithout removing the molecules.

    The buffering effects of XXL Bio Enhancer on the pHvalue

    XXL Bio Enhancer is able to soften and balance the water quality, inhibitingalgae, fungi, algae and duckweed growth in the pond, and thus provides afavorable breeding ecological environment for fish.

    Special features of XXL Bio Enhancer

    XXL Bio Enhancer is formed since 75 million years ago, by the deposition anddecaying process of compost of lignite, made of through grinding and does notcontain any chemical substance, its formation and manufacturing process arefully in line with the principles of natural organic. The weather and environmentduring which XXL Bio Enhancer was formed, and the legacy of the compost,contain many mineral nutrients and trace elements which are needed to maintainthe growth of plants and animals. Our XXL Bio Enhancer also contains humicacid, of which there are water-soluble fulvic acid, very useful for the growth ofaquatic plant and fish and shrimp in the pond, because it is formed by the

    compost of prehistoric essence of 75 million years old ago. Now we travel backthrough time and space, by creating a simulation of the most enabling prehistoricenvironment for fish to survive, in addition to the ability of XXL Bio Enhancer tochelate the calcium and magnesium ions in the water pond, the result of which is

  • 8/6/2019 XXL EditedVersionAnimal06


    the softening of water that can provide a comfortable living environment for the

    survival of fish.

    The working theory of XXL Bio Enhancer

    The special feature of XXL Bio Enhancer is that it is able to release slowly humicacid and fulvic acid, naturally lowering the pH value of alkaline water to a neutralstate it is also able to soften the water, which is very beneficial for the growth offish and shrimp. In addition, it can promote the growth of plants roots andabsorption of nutrient, and enhanced respiration and photosynthesis of aquaticplants, and promote the synthesis of chlorophyll and at the same time it is also achelating agent and flocculent, for the purpose of absorption of ammonia andhydrogen sulfide in water. In addition, it can effectively adjust the concentration ofcalcium in fish pond in order to ensure that fish and shrimp can absorb normallythe calcium and synthetic substances into the body.

    The causes and solutions of green water

    The main reason for the formation of green water is due tothe single-cell diatoms and other tiny organisms, of which

    algae and duckweed are a higher form of algae. Thenuisance causing duckweed in the pond, sometimes coverthe entire pond with a 50 mm thick layer of algae in a day,depleting oxygen in the pond and more seriously will causethe death of fish and shrimp. The water algae can grow veryfast algae in high temperature, high pH, and strong sunlight,environment. By spreading XXL Bio Enhancer into the wateror through a filter network, it can inhibit the growth of floatingalgae, and it can also aggregate in a safe manner thefloating particles and impurities in the water, making thewater clear, while solving the negative effects of green


    Oral Application

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    For 1000 kg of fish and shrimp feed add in 2 kg of Bio

    Enhancer feed additive.

    For fish of a finger size or smaller, the use of ultra-fine particles can be considered, because of its ultra-small particles, due to the ultra-fine size, it is able tobe digested in a more comprehensive manner, whichis more suitable for small fish

    In order to have better result, the application of XXL Bio Enhancer as a feedadditive for fish and shrimp can be mixed with the below natural additive :

    Add natural rock salt into the fish and shrimp feed, to supplementfor the deficiency of salt and mineral.

    Mix 0.1% or 0.2% of XXL Bio Enhancer with 0.1% or 0.2% ofprobiotics into the feed of fish and shrimp, as a substitute fortraditional antibiotics

    Add Perma-Guard, Inc. Fossil Shell Flour food-grade diatomaceousearth, or in the initial stage or during the parasites expelling period(one week), measure 2-4% weight equivalent of the fish andshrimp feed and then add the same to the said feed ; when usedas general mineral supplements add 0.5% of the same

    Develop water quality

    By adding in XXL Bio Enhancer in ponds or aquarium will slowlyrelease of fulvic acid and humic acid, its effectiveness can bemaintained about 2 to 3 months.

    The use of XXL Bio Enhancer in an aquarium is first by laying a2cm thick XXL Bio Enhancer at the bottom, then cover it with alayer of plastic mesh, followed by sand on its top.

    XXL Bio Enhancer (Lignite brown coal) can be used as a natural

    carbon filter device in a variety of aquarium or filter cartridge For one meter per m.u. deep of water in the pond use 1-2 kg of

    XXL Bio Enhancer

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    After pond water is clear, in order to develop water quality, 2-3 kg

    of XXL Bio Enhancer can be applied for each m.u.

    It can only be used as additives: XXL Bio Enhancer can only be

    used as a natural feed additive, not as a mere animal feed.

    No animal protein: XXL Bio Enhancer is a 100% natural product; it does notcontain animal protein

    Storage: Please store it in a cool dry place not reachable by sunlight