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  • On computers there are many different ways to entertain your self , such as......BBC Iplayer and ITV player are two of the many ways to watch television online! You can watch whatever has been on that channel from the last 7 days!On the internet there are many different websites and programs were you can play games , there are a different range of type of games such as , action , romance , comedy and many more!On YouTube there are many different entertaining things you can do there such as watch films and listen to music and many more!

  • There are many different ways to communicate on the internet!Msn is one of the main ways to communicate on a computer! Sometimes msn can bring a lot of trouble such as cyber bullying and chain mails which can lead to worrying children!One of the other main ways to communicate online is Facebook! Facebook is a mix of communication and Entertainment , because there are many different games on Facebook! Facebook also has a chat system , which can also lead to bullying!

  • Many people do there shopping online. Most people who don't have a car do there shopping online. Many shops do have an online shop e.g Tesco , Co-op, next and many more.

    There is also different types of shops online such as ebay, that's were people bid for the items they want to buy online.