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Presentation Welcome Ceremony Montijo Meeting: Montijo


  • 1. Guillermo Gallego vila.

2. Montijo is a town and municipalityin the province of Badajoz, inExtremadura, Spain.It has a population of 16,236inhabitantsIts located between Badajoz andMrida , near the river Guadiana .The area of the municipality coversthree differents municipalities :Lcara, Barbao, and Montijo, beingthe last one the capital. 3. Sights 4. This church is built in1494 following theGothic style and wasfinished in 1604, andrestored in theseventeenth andeighteenth centuries,leaving the naveintact , with theshape of a Latincross. Latter thetransept and thechapel were added. 5. The convent wasbuilt in 1703 over theold chapel NuestraSeora de losRemedios. An oldreligious ordercalled Las Clarisas"resides in thisconvent. Usuallynuns pray, meditateand preparehandmade sweets,whose recipes are aculinary secret ofthis religious order. 6. Torre guila was made in the firstcentury B.C .The villa was built around acentral courtyard (peristyle) withstatelydependencies, baths, rooms, etc, and a second area for farminguse, with tanks, warehouses, etc ...In another stage a new peristylewas built with majestic rooms.There was a wine storehouseadded as well.The last stage was on the Visigothperiod , with buildings related toChristian worship:Baptistry, Church, Cemetery, etc ... 7. The collective life of Montijo is carried out around this squarefrom 1900. Initially it had some palm trees and a kiosk for musicalperformances in the middle. In 1905 El Paseo was built and in 1920it was cemented. Now Spain Square is a lively place for youngerand older people for meeting, chatting, and so on. 8. This is a small medievalbridge with a half-pointarch, built with tenashlars of granite.Dimensions of the archare 2.50 meters wide and1.50 meters high.