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<ul><li>1.10 free ways to increase your online audience<br />APSE June 2009<br />Pittsburgh, Pa.<br /></li></ul> <p>2. One.More. Click.<br />What audience is all about:<br />3. Whos your marketing department? <br />Its<br />YOU! <br />4. 5. 6. 1. NETWORK AND PROMOTE! <br />The well-known<br />and the more obscure<br />7. Networks and aggregators<br />Facebook.com (fan pages, too)<br />MySpace.com<br />Twitter.com<br />LinkedIn.com<br />MiGente.com<br />Hi5.com<br />BlackPlanet.com<br />Flickr.com<br />Pictopia.com<br />YouTube.com<br />Fark.com<br />Digg.com<br />Reddit.com<br />Del.icio.us<br />MediaTakeOut.com<br />Drudge Report<br />8. Photos<br />Videos (mogulus.com)<br />Art elements (word clouds, wordle.net)<br />Games (quizzes, http://www.mystudiyo.com/create)<br />Chats (CoverItLive.com)<br />2. Creation Station<br />9. 10. Unmute your audience!<br />3. Comment Control<br />11. 4. Find the hidden e-mail lists<br />12. 5. Give Community Bloggers a VoiceChron.ComHamptonRoads.ComYour.hub.com<br />13. Meet your audience face to face!<br />6. Citizen Jane Projects<br />14. 7. Find the Fanatics!<br />15. WeatherSpotters<br />16. Columnistsmustbebloggers,too.<br />8. Blog it!<br />17. 9. Multimedia: The Big Tease<br />18. 10. Know your metricsKyle Tuckers audience:<br />19. And one last thing:<br />DIY!<br />20. One.More. Click.<br />What audience is all about:<br />21. Credits:<br />Poynter-McCormick Change Leaders Fellowship Program<br />The Poynter Institute<br />McCormick Foundation<br />The Virginian-Pilot, PilotOnline.com<br />Deb Markham, producer, HamptonRoads.com<br />PilotOnline.com<br /></p>