10 super foods for glowing skin

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10 Super Foods For Glowing Skin

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10 Super Foods For Glowing Skin

The secret to your glowing skin lies in your diet.

Lets take a look at 10 super foods for glowing skin.

BerriesStrawberries, Blueberries and RaspberriesRich in antioxidantsAntioxidants prevent premature agingThey increase skin tone and texture

KiwiLoaded with antioxidants and vitamin CKeeps skin firmPrevents wrinklesProtects against skin cancer


Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidantsGood source of omega-3 fatty acidsLoaded with important minerals that help nourish skin Contains lutein that enhances skin health


Best source of lycopeneLycopene is an anti-aging antioxidantLycopene is absorbed better when tomatoes are cookedTomato juice helps rejuvenate skin

Sweet Potatoes

Packed with beta-caroteneBeta-carotene is a powerful antioxidantFights agingPromotes glowing of skin


Best source of omega-3 fatty acidsKeeps skin moisturized and suppleSelenium in salmon protects skin from sunburnRevitalizes skin tone

NutsWalnuts, almonds, and pistachiosRich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin ECurbs oxidative stress Promotes smoother skin


Good source of zinc and omega-3 fatty acidsAids in skin repair and regenerationImproves skin functionBoosts skin health

Dark Chocolate

High in flavonoidsHydrates skinProtects skin from sun damageEnhances skin texture

High in calcium than fat-free milkRejuvenates skinMoisturizes skin Prevents dryness and wrinkles


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