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2. Introductions Jon Davies Digital Strategist Penna Barkers North Working across clients including: O2, Peugeot Citroen and Nestl twitter.com/jonxyz twitter.com/pennaplc2 3. Taking it as read That youve already: Started creating regular social media content Have a decent web presence Have built basic presence on key social media sites > Facebook page > Twitter > Blog etc... Today Im going to look a few places you could go next3 4. But first There are no short cuts to using social media effectively You need to build a presence and join the conversation first You need to keep at it, day on day, week on week. 4 5. iPhone Apps Stanford University one of first The campus in your pocket Fantastic PR opportunity For prospective and current students5 6. One step further Augmented reality apps Mixing video from the phone camera with data and geo info Interactive campus tour? No more lost freshers? Interactive games and competitions 6 7. Interactive Video Embeddable video player Allows the user to branch off and mix and match their own narrative Live bookmarks within the video Full analytics behind it 7 8. Spotify Reaching people in their own environment 2.8m UK users, targetable by age, postcode and gender 3 mins of ads every hour, 45 sec breaks which cant be skipped or muted Scrolling text, audio, images and banners Branded player and skinning coming soon! 8 9. Chattr Reputation and buzz monitoring service Keeps an eye on conversations across the web, as well as press and journal articles Can be done, weekly, fortnightly or monthly Tracks mentions, sentiment and performance against competitors9 10. Social Enabling Are you using share this buttons? Using link shorteners (and interrogating their stats) Utilising widgets to make content portable? In short, are you making use of the content you have in a cohesive way? 10 11. Social Media Policies Many voices Many conversations One tone and one coherent message Developing a policy and a practise that can be easily adopted, without shutting people out is key! 11 12. Thanks! Any questions?12