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  • 1.Sharing Your Story WITH a purpose, FOR a purposePurposeful Sharing Workshop developed by the Ohio chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America

2. Todays Topics: History of Consumer/Social Movements Importance of Youth/Alumni Voice Risks and Benefits of Sharing Your Story Planning Ahead About What to Disclose, and What to Keep Private Avoiding Being Misrepresented or Misunderstood 3. Consumer & Social Movements Civil rights movement Womens suffrage Disability rights Faith movements GLBTQ 4. Where Was Your Voice? Design Delivery Evaluation 5. Foster Care Movement Youth in Care Network California Youth Connection Statewide youth advisory boards Foster Care Alumni of America International foster care movement 6. National Network Connect Transform Change the odds Nothing about us, without us 7. Risks of sharing our personal stories 8. Benefits to sharing: 9. Reclaim, reframe 10. Power of stories 11. How much of your story should you share? 12. Self Disclosure 13. Being Misrepresented or Misperceived Double-bind: The very thing that makes us credibleI am not a tragedy Not defined by what happened to me 14. Talking to the mediaIf It Bleeds, It LeadsDrew Barrymore syndrome 15. Judgment Pity Retaliation Predators Stereotype Stigma 16. Purposeful sharing 17. Sharing Effectively What do you want to accomplish? What meaning did this experience have for you? Share Best Practices and success stories (not just horror stories) Tell your story from a place of strength, not blame 18. Be Prepared Do your research Decide what you will and wont share Narrow your topic Outline the main points Know the statistics Practice and rehearse Focus on: hook, closing 19. Be Professional Dress the part Poise Preparation No candy Be united Treat others with respect 20. If you feel nervous Before: Excitement and fear affect the body in the same way! After: Physiological letdown: recuperate afterwards 21. During the event Focus on what you want to achieve Make eye contact Pay attention to your breathing Use visuals I would like to tell you a story (Tell the audience to close their eyes) 22. Back-up Plan - If your emotions show through.. - If someone asks you a question that you arent comfortable sharing 23. Handling Q & A Repeat the question Thats a good question Generalize to the BIG picture, if too personal Experts in the room 24. Choose Connect - ClaimWhats foster care like fromYOURpoint of view??? 25. Source: Voices of Youth 26. Youth Serving AgenciesYouth Led AgenciesYouth are viewed as the recipients of programs, services, tools and resources.Youth act as developers , facilitators and evaluators of programs and services.Youth are showcased as a Success Story to promote a program.Youth act as agency representatives, and promote positive impact to community.Youth receive pre-packaged issues and topics.Youth have the opportunity to research multiple issues and decide on final projectsYouth do not receive formal education Youth receive strategic education or training about advocacy and training about advocacy and its movements and systemic change. impact on larger social issues and systems.Source: Honoring Emancipated Youth