2015 amta-wa convention speakers care. she authored “hands heal: communication, documentation...

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  • 1. Kim Lawler-Coyle is the owner and Physical Therapy Director at Focus On Health A Physical Therapy Corporation. She has been effectively treating patients for almost 33 year. Kim provides a beneficial blend of clinical knowledge matched with years of experience, human understanding and a heightened sense of intuition. Her unique style is reflected not only in the comfort she provides the patient, but also in her re- sults-oriented treatment sessions. Kim specializes in treating difficult to treat conditions.

    2. Tianne Curtiss, Certified Reflexologist, Transformational Life Coach has been teaching reflexology and self-improvement classes since 2006. She has been a long-time volunteer for the AMTA-WA Chapter, serving in many board positions. Her passion for learning and personal growth drivers her to find different ways to reach her students.

    3. Marlo Holloway has a background as a paramedic and has been teaching CPR/AED/ First Aid classes for 18 years. She draws upon both her emergency ex- perience and years of teaching to help you capture the most import- ant components during an emergency.

    4. Josie Ives has been working as an LMP for over ten years. For nine of those years, she has been contracted with insurance. She has handled the insurance billing for M3 Bodyworks since 2011. She is on a mission to help LMPs successfully bill insurance in Washington.

    5. Diana Kincaid has been a massage therapy educator since 1991 and was certified in MLD and Lymphedema treatment by the Földi College in Germany in 1999. She has created Lymphatic Integrated Therapy workshops for treatment of the lymphatic, fascial and nervous systems to provide effective treatment for chronic pain and medical conditions. Diana chaired the Ethics and Standards and Best Practices committees for AMTA and the Massage Therapy Foundation.

    6. Annie LaCroix is the owner of the Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy in Wenatchee, WA. It is a small, privately-owned school. Teaching is her true passion and being able to share massage with eager students brings her a sense of constant fulfillment.

    7. Dari Lewis has been a massage educator since 1996. Trained in Universal Design for Learning, she uses multiple means of presentation and engagement based on learning styles and varying student abilities. Her school, Ananda Massage Training in Mountlake Terrace offers licensing programs in both English and Chinese, as well as a transfer program for massage therapists relocating to Washington.

    8. Barbara Loftus is an Egoscue certified posture alignment therapist and owner of NexStep PainFree in Seattle. She has been helping people lead healthy, active lives for over 15 years. Her introduction to postural therapy came out of a long, personal struggle with chronic pain and an introduction to postural therapy through her massage therapist. This profoundly changed her life and inspired her to help others through her work.

    9. Michael Mandell currently owns a clinic in West Seattle which employs 17 therapists. The clinic is 90% electronic. Michael’s prior experience includes 17 years in the Hospitality Industry and 7 years in the High tech indus- try as a senior project manager and business analyst, working with small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, like Medtronic, MetLife, Coca-Cola, AIG and others.

    10. Bob McAtee maintains an active, international private practice in Colorado Springs, specializing in sports massage and soft tissue therapy (stretchman.com). He is the author of “Facilitated Stretching” and regularly presents workshops on facilitated stretching, massage, and soft-tissue injury care nationally and internationally. His seminars consistently draw rave reviews for their depth of information, hands- on learning, and for Bob’s relaxed teaching style.

    11. Joshua Morton is a highly skilled instructor and one of the top practitioners and teachers in his field. He is also the author of two stretching books. A licensed massage practitioner since 1994, he mentored under Aaron Mattes, the developer of AIS for over 4 years.

    12. Cynthia Price has been in bodywork practice or research for the past 30 years. Her experience is in trauma treatment, the study of body awareness, and community services for integrative care. A researcher at the UW, she studies body therapy for individuals with chronic illness, chronic pain, trauma and chemical dependency.

    13. Susan Rosen has been an LMP for over 35 years, specializing in soft tissue treat- ment in a variety of integrated healthcare settings. She is the owner and director of Susan Rosen and Associates, a group clinical practice, including services reimbursed by insurance, for over 20 years. Susan is the AMTA representative to the AMA CPT (billing codes) Advisory Committee. She is an experienced educator and co-teaches Ad- vanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage (ACOM).

    14. Dawn Schmidt has been a clinical and holistic bodywork practitioner in WA since 1991 with private and clinic practices in Seattle. Dawn is an experi- enced educator for both entry level and advanced continuing educa- tion courses serving as adjunct faculty at Bastyr University and guest instructor at DiscoveryPoint School of Massage. She is the former Director of Education at Brenneke and is a consultant for ethical and legal issues within the massage profession.

    15. Eric Spivack is a certified Thai Yoga Massage instructor who has studied with master teachers in Thailand and holds certificates from several Thai institutions. He is a national certified massage therapist, acupunc- turist and continuing education provider in Seattle who has been in practice for over 20 years.

    16. Diana L Thompson an LMP for over 30 years, has a private practice in Seattle treating acute and chronic soft tissue disorders, specializing in post-operative care. She authored “Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists” and wrote a regular col- umn in Massage and Bodywork Magazine, titled “Somatic Research” from 2010 - 2013. Diana lectures at massage, acupuncture, midwifery, chiropractic, physician and physical therapy conferences interna- tionally and is a consultant for massage therapy research with The Research Institute at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle.

    17. Brendan Thorson is a Yi Ren® Qigong instructor, published author and continuing edu- cation provider for acupuncturists and massage therapists. Brendan is the founder of the Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong, has practiced Tai Chi and Qigong for over 19 years and taught Qigong for over 13 years. Qigong has radically improved Brendan’s health, quality of life and his healing skills.

    18. Tracey Warren her one mission is to simplify social media for “solopreneurs” and small business owners so they can learn how to turn fans, followers and connections into paying clients.

    2015 AMTA-WA Convention Speakers

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