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Girls Active:An approach to inspire & empower girls in PE, school sport & their lives

Arrival activity: You are a girl in your school who currently doesnt enjoy or engage in PE/school sport/physical activity.How would they describe their experience? What would be the positives and the negatives?

Formal introductions Rosie, Bob, Wendy


Wendy Taylor, Programme Manager Girls Youth Sport Trust

Rosie Steel, PE TeacherCirencester Kingshill School, Gloucestershire

Bob Foley, Head of HWB FacultyNew Battle Community High School, Dalkeith

Formal introductions Rosie, Bob, Wendy


Girls Active workshop outcomes

Delegates will;

Know the principles of Girls Active in developing the PE/Sport/Physical Activity experience for girls

Be inspired through learning of proven practice from expert practitioners

Leave feeling motivated and with actions to better engage girls in your school

Relevance of workshop to overall conference theme of wellbeing, leadership achievementOutcomes of the workshop

Include signposting further reading, what will delegates physicall take away eg case studies etc4

Why worry?

Health Survey for England 2012Health & Social Care Information Centre (2013) Health Survey for England 2012: Chapter 3, Physical activity in childrenOur survey also tells us that from the 10000 girls surveyed (KS 3 and 4) 31% take part in no physical activity outside of PE (30% at KS 3 & 36% at KS4)However according to Sport England, Active People Survey 8 (2013/14) the % of girls (aged 14 19) who would like to do more sport is 76% .


More than just health worries....

body image, self esteem and life chancesYet up to age 11, 89% of girls are happy with the way their body looks

Over 60% of girls avoid some activities because they feel bad about their looks; 19% wont join a team or club 13% wont give their opinion 15% wont go to school

The body image data remains the same as there is nothing more up to date but it would be really interesting to include the data we collected through the GA survey on the latent demand for leadership i.e.:Where 18% of girls are currently sports leaders but 54% would like to be. 6

Make PE and sport relevant to girls lives Empower girls through design and deliveryDevelop role models for the futurePlace developing self-confidence at the heart of PE and sportRecognise the power of friends to drive progressTake a long-term approachStrategies to engage girls so far?

TASK; All schools will have implemented some ideas/activities to tackle girls engagement. One minute on post-its each delegate writes as many of these down. Then are asked to best fit these under one of the 6 principles. Explain the importance of these principles, established through the research and year long pilot in establishing an approach that can be sustained and will change behaviours and practice.

Did you know?- 39 % of secondary school rarely or never consult with their students- 22% of secondary schools believe that boys have more opportunities to take part in extra-curricular sport and physical activity provision.


Kingshill Girls Can Our Journey So FarRosie Steel Girls PE Teacher

WHY did we get involved?

My personal passion in changing girls opinions

Facultyfocus area, boys PE has always been a strong asset

Very low% of girls engaged within in extracurricular.

New to the school and I could feel the negativity but sense the potential

What have they achieved so far?

What have they achieved so far?

Charity Fun RunSpin BikesAnnual Primary Girls Festival Year 7 Assemblies Primary School Assemblies (Watermore, Cirencester and Ann Edwards)

WHO and HOW did I influence? HOY and DepartmentHead and SLTParents Tutors Teachers

2014 Yr 11: 0 Yr 10: 6 Yr 9: 8 Yr 8: 30 Yr 7: 34

2015Yr 11: 40 Yr 10: 22Yr 9: 28 Yr 8: 32 Yr 7: 36Figures taken from Term 1 and 2 clubs only excluding Leadership Academy.


How we EMPOWEREDthe girlsRestructure of the curriculumRestructure of extracurricularUniform changesTwitter AccountDisplay Board and ImagesElements of responsibility KGC and Girls Active Leaders

5 Step Action PlanWhat are the immediate 5 actions you couldtake to get started with this programme?


Changing Culture-2006Body copyBody copyBody copy

Relevance to our Girls lives.Relevance to Staff Male & FemaleQuestionnaires. Changing rooms.Acting on requests, designing courses, InclusionClubs & PathwaysRole Models to Inspire (Sky Sports,Visits,Tutors)The key values of the school integrated into lessons and discipline for staff and pupils.Trust-Respect-Humour-Responsibility-FocusChanging Culture 2006

We want to be the best PE department in Scotland, including all, engaging all, and Educating all Physically for life

Our Academies of Dance, Basketball,Football. Every pupil in corporate kit part of the team,part of the school.Successful and owner of their place in the Academy, the pupils developed a stronger sense of ownership of the school and their learning.Success in their Academy developed better attendance,attitude and better grades in whole school.Bigger cohort of successful girls changed the attitude of the boys,and allowed the girls to shine.

Dance Academy 2009




Netball, Basketball, Rugby.




The PE staff are always happy when you walk in to the department, they are always standing there waiting for you to come in. They want you to succeed so much Head Girl 2015

Role ModelsImageImage

Inspiring VisitsImage

Primary LeadersImage

Keep in Touch & Share SuccessOn Twitter @NewbattleHighPE




Lets be realistic! What do you anticipate might be the barriers to embedding practice in YOUR school

Identify a maximum of 2 barriers

In groups of 2/3 share one barrier and discuss possible solutions or approaches you might use


What next? What will be your initial actions?

Further support; Case study Self review Roadshows Teacher training

Wendy.taylor@youthsporttrust.org 07825 065230


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