4-h public speaking-speech. public speaking produces anxiety in most people 3. death 2. snakes 1....

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  • PUBLIC SPEAKING PRODUCES ANXIETY IN MOST PEOPLE3. Death 2. Snakes 1. Public Speaking Peoples Biggest Fears

  • OVERCOMING SPEECH ANXIETYAcknowledge Your FearAct ConfidentChannel Nervous Energy

  • OVERCOMING SPEECH ANXIETY (CONT)Practice, Practice, PracticeSimulate Setting at HomeAsk Friends to Be Practice Audience

  • OVERCOMING SPEECH ANXIETY (CONT)Visualize Your SuccessUse Deep-breathing TechniquesFocus on Message, not FearGive Yourself a Mental Pep Talk

  • UNDERSTAND AUDIENCE AND LISTENINGPeople Think Faster Than HearHave Short Attention SpanJump to ConclusionsEasily Distracted

  • LISTENING REMEDIESKeep Speech FocusedDivide Speech into Compact SegmentsAnalyze Audience CarefullyAdapt to Situation



  • THE AUDIENCESizeDemographicsBeliefs and ValuesReceptive/Antagonistic

  • CONTEXT - THE SETTINGIndoor/OutdoorSize and Shape of RoomArrangement of SeatingEquipment AvailableLightingAcoustics

  • UNDERSTAND & DEFINE YOUR PURPOSEInformInspire / PersuadeEntertainIntroduceAcceptPay Tribute

  • UNDERSTAND THE SPEECH MAKING PROCESSChoosing/Narrowing a TopicResearching TopicOrganizing Your SpeechDeveloping an OutlineRehearsing SpeechDelivering Speech

  • CHOOSING AN APPROPRIATE TOPICIs It Important to You?Is It Important to Your Audience?Will It Hold Audiences Attention?Is It Manageable in the Time Available?Is It Appropriate for Oral Presentation?Is It Clear?

  • DEVELOP CENTRAL IDEA Write a one sentence summary of speech.

  • GENERATE MAIN IDEADoes It Have Logical Divisions?Are There Reasons Why It Is True?Can You Support It?A...B...C...Because...

  • NARROWING A TOPIC - EXAMPLEProtecting the EnvironmentWater Quality in My StateWell Water Problems Utilizing Home Well Assessments to Reduce Contamination Risk

  • GETTING TOPIC FEEDBACKFrom Members of Potential AudienceFrom Friends From FamilyFrom 4-Hers

  • RESEARCHING TOPIC AND FINDING SUPPORTING MATERIALSources of Supporting MaterialTypes of Supporting MaterialTests of Supporting Material

  • SOURCES OF SUPPORTING MATERIAL LibrariesBooksPeriodicalsNewspapersReference MaterialsCD-ROM Data BasesGovernment Documents

  • SOURCES OF SUPPORTING MATERIAL (CONT)The Internet/World Wide WebSearch EnginesInfoseekYahooLycosHotBotGoogle, etc.Online Libraries

  • TYPES OF SUPPORTING MATERIALCommon KnowledgeDirect ObservationExamples & IllustrationsExplanations & DescriptionsDocuments

  • TESTS OF SUPPORTING MATERIALIs Information Specific?Is Source an Expert?Is Source Unbiased?Is Information Timely?

  • TESTS OF SUPPORTING MATERIAL (CONT)Is Information Relevant to Point Made?Does Information Support the Point?Is Information Timely?

  • SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR ONLINE INFORMATIONIn Physical Print, Quality Is Controlled by ExpertsJournals - Peer ReviewPeriodicals - EditorsPublished Texts - Editors, LibrariansOnline, Must Do Own Quality ControlBeware! Everything On the Web Is Not ALL True

  • ORGANIZING YOUR SPEECHChronologicalTopicalSpatialCause-EffectProblem-SolutionComparison- Contrast

  • Preliminary Outline (Rough-Draft)Main points to researchTYPES OF OUTLINESPreparation OutlineTitle & TopicPurposeIntroductionMain and Sub-PointsTransitionsConclusionSupport/Evidence

  • TYPES OF OUTLINESSpeakers OutlineIntroductionMain PointSupportTransitionsConclusion

  • ETHICS IN SPEECH PREPARATION - RESEARCHINGTake Accurate Notes When ResearchingRecord Complete Source CitationsCredit Source of IdeasWhen in Doubt, Cite Source


  • INTRODUCTIONSTypesFunctions

  • TYPES OF INTRODUCTIONSIdentification with AudienceReference to SituationStatement of PurposeStatement of Importance of TopicSurprise Audience with Claim or Statistic

  • TYPES OF INTRODUCTIONS (CONT)Anecdotal StoryRhetorical QuestionQuotationHumorSo there I was at the summit of Mt. Killimanjaro, and I turned to the guide and said

  • FUNCTIONS OF INTRODUCTIONSGet AttentionIntroduce TopicProvide MotivationEstablish CredibilityPreview Speech

  • CONCLUSIONSTypesFunctions

  • TYPES OF CONCLUSIONSSummaryQuotationPersonal ReferenceChallenge to AudienceOffer Vision of the Future

  • TYPES OF CONCLUSIONSAnecdotal StoryRhetorical QuestionQuotationHumorRemember what Dwight D. Eisenhower once said: Things are more like they are now, than they have ever been before.

  • FUNCTIONS OF CONCLUSIONSSummarize SpeechReemphasize Main IdeaMotivate ResponseProvide Closure

  • METHODS OF DELIVERYManuscript ReadingMemorizedImpromptuExtemporaneous

  • DELIVERING SPEECH - BEGINNINGWalk Calmly with Confidence to FrontEstablish Eye ContactSmile NaturallyDeliver Introduction

  • DELIVERING SPEECH - DURINGUse Effective Eye ContactUse Effective LanguageUse Effective GesturesBe EnthusiasticUse Conversational StyleUse Notes As Needed

  • DELIVERING SPEECH - ENDINGFrame the SpeechPause before Returning to SeatBut Dont Ask for QuestionsAccept Applause Graciously

  • ELEMENTS OF VOCAL DELIVERYSpeech Rate and PausesVolumeInflection and PitchQuality of VoicePronunciation and Articulation

  • ELEMENTS OF PHYSICAL DELIVERY OR BODY LANGUAGEAppearancePostureFacial ExpressionEye ContactMovementGestures

  • REHEARSING SPEECHRecreate SettingPractice Without MemorizingTime Speech

  • REHEARSING SPEECHPractice Out LoudPractice Standing UpWatch Yourself

  • REHEARSING SPEECHPractice GesturesPractice Eye ContactPractice Volume

  • PLAN, PREPARE, POLISH, PRACTICE, PRESENTThe better you know your material the less anxious youll be about presenting it.Smile and act natural. Dont apologize for being nervous. No one will know youre nervous unless you call attention to it.

  • REMEMBER!!!!The 4-H Motto is To Make the Best Better and the 4-H Way is Learn by Doing! Keep these in mind as you prepare your speeches!