4 ways to motivate yourself for morning runs

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  • 4 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Morning Runs

  • Get up and run or hit the snooze button? Morning comes too early for most folks, and that pillow is just too snuggly. However, they began running for a reason. Everyone fights when a principle runs head-on into their comfort zone. We arent talking about discipline, because folks already have that. They wouldnt grumble about the alarm if they didnt have discipline. What is needed is a little motivation. Like he one an adult fat camp provides.

  • 1. Heat makes a great motivator. Folks could drop from a heat stroke running in the afternoon. Getting up in the morning is a piece of cake compared to hospital food and getting their vitals taken just when theyve fallen asleep. Also, all that sweat messes up the great running outfit you just bought as a reward for getting up to seven miles.

  • 2. Food is great motivation. The energy burned off has to be replaced or the blood sugar will dip. Protein, whole grain, fresh fruit and, of course, coffee give runners the fuel they need to keep those muscles in good working order. Additionally, French toast made with a whole grain English muffin is so satisfying, isnt it?

  • 3. The runners high is excellent motivation. That high makes them sail into work with a smile and a spring in their step. They dont feel the stress that others feel during the day. Runners cant get into a run after work because theyre too tired. Nothing beats that high first thing in the morning. Fess up, yall enjoy being chirpy and bright at the office when workmates are yawning.

  • 4. The best motivation, however, is time. Runners have time to plan their day, think out problems and just enjoy being. Time gives runners an edge others dont have.Read more about fitness camp for adults: