5 hacks for writing cold recruiting emails that get responses

Download 5 Hacks for Writing Cold Recruiting Emails That Get Responses

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    Make it Personal Subject Lines Format

    Email Guessing



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    Subject lines FormatEmail


    Make it Personal


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    Make it Personal


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    Make it Personal


    LinkedIn Take a quotation

    Boolean Search

    Did you google their name? Maybe you found a cool article on them.

    Do you have a personal/ or mutual connection

    The outreach must always be positive


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    In researching Company I connected with Person A who referred me to you. After looking over your LinkedIn account and noting how strong your employment brand is on your career site I would love to connect to introduce myself. Your focus on marketing communications through your employment branding really struck a chord with me.

    Fortune 500 companies like Lockheed Martin and other Fortune 100 automotive corporations use our recruitment marketing platform to attract, engage, and nurture top talent. Our platform provides integrated metrics across all of your sourcing channels and provides serious visibility into the top of the funnel creating a better candidate experience and more control over your brand.

    What is the best way to get some time on your calendar?

    Happy 2016!


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    GuessingPersistenceSubject Lines

    Make it Personal


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    Subject Lines

    Tie in your trigger

    Under 30 Characters (if not a quote

    *Name* Your Quote employment brand through marketing best practices

    Get creative, Recent Grad? Do a quick google search for the best pizza place in their college town.

    Dont be generic, avoid basic lines like congrats

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    Email Guessing

    PersistenceFormatSubject LinesMake it



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    The fewer characters the better


    Shape your email so it looks like an F

    3 line structure

    One scroll rule


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    1st line is constructed of the trigger or quotation.

    2nd line contains the relevant value prop, open position, a current hiring initiative, or fun company fact

    3rd line is a call to action


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    In researching linkedin I came across your profile where you stated, your formal education was in design, but you have since moved into the web world.

    This prompted me to reach out as I saw your extensive knowledge of AutoCAD for design which fits great for an open position here at Company*.

    What is the best way to get 5 minutes on your calendar, maybe next Wednesday?


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    GuessingFormatSubject LinesMake it



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    Email Guessing

    Free methods

    Prior applicants in your ATS

    Company website media contacts






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    PersistenceEmail Guessing

    FormatSubject LinesMake it



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    Free methods

    Always follow up.

    Follow a model

    5 or 8 (do what works for you)

    Soft and hard breakups

    Tools email tracking





    Cirrus insights


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