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  • 1. 50 Ways to Integrate unitedstreaming Matt Monjan Discovery Educator Network

2. Professional Development > Trainers Toolkit > Integration Ideas 3. Multimedia Presentations 1 4. PowerPoint and Multi-Media PresentationsA few key terms Hyperlinking= linking to a website, video, document or slide that is different or outside ofyour current presentation Advantage fast forward/rewind control Disadvantage opens a different window, you leave your presentation Embedding= placing a document, video, sound, image, etc within the framework of your slide Advantage looks pretty, you stay within your presentation Disadvantage lose ability to fast forward and rewind 5. Instructions for Hyperlinking and Embedding

  • Hyperlinking to a Video
  • Embedding a Video
  • Really Embedding a Video
  • Images + Songs

6. Steps for Hyperlinking

  • Log into unitedstreaming
  • Download a video, segment, image, song, etc.
  • Type some text
  • Highlight the text Some Text
  • Go toInsert(located in your tool bar)
  • Go to bottom and select Hyperlink
  • Find the file that you downloaded and select it
  • (note it can be within the same Power Point!)

7. Steps for Embedding

  • Go up to Insert
  • Go toMovies and Sounds
  • SelectMovie from File
  • Navigate to the file that you downloaded

8. Example of Video + Power Point

  • Working with three of your classmates, draw a map of your school without leaving your classroom!
  • During your exploration of your school and its grounds, draw at least 10 items/areas that you find along your route
  • When you get back draw a time line of your adventure- make sure that you include significant events that you encountered along the way

9. Now for something really cool Really Embedding 1.Go to your tool bar and click on the word View 2.Click onToolbarsand thenControl Tool Box This will bring up a box that looks like this: 10. Really Embedding Continued 3.Click on the Hammer And Wrench Icon 4.Scroll down and choose Windows Media Player This will change your cursor to a + symbol Giving you the ability to draw a box 11. Really Embedding Continued

  • 5.Draw a box and then right-click on the box and chooseProperties

12. Almost there

  • 6.Click inside the blank box next to the box titled ( Custom)and then click on the three little dots

13. Finding the video

  • 7. Click on theBrowsebutton to find the video that you want to embed, then check theStretch to fitbutton and then click on the OK button

14. Voila!

  • You have now embedded a video with controls like fast forward, rewind, pause, etc play your PPT to see the video

15. unitedstreaming Audio Song + Power Point The National AnthemThe Star Spangled Banner 16. Journaling (Writing Prompt Builder) 3 17. Reading Support (Close Captioning) 4 18. Why use Close Captioning in the classroom?

  • To help students who are hearing impaired
  • To help ELL students
  • To help struggling readers
  • To emphasize a grammar or vocabulary lesson
  • To use in combination with a writing exercise
  • To reinforce a concept

19. Finding CC files

  • Log into unitedstreaming.com and click on theAdvanced Searchlink
  • Scroll down and click in the box next to Include only Closed Captioned Titles

20. Downloading a Closed Captioned Movie

  • First right-click on the blue download icon, choose Save Target As and then place it in a folder on your computer
  • Then repeat the process, this time right-clicking on the CC icon
  • Adjust the CC settings within your Windows Media Player CC settings

21. CC

  • Closed Captioning Trick
  • Font Size
    • Open the CC file in a text editing program like Wordpad or Notepad
    • Locate the line of code that indicates font size
    • Increase the font size from 10 to 30 (or whatever you prefer)
    • Save the CC file

22. CC 10 pt 30 pt 23. CC 24. Today is Your Birthday (Calendar) 6 25. Build Interest (Assignment Builder) 8 26. Graphic Organizers (Tools like Inspiration) 10 27. Embed unitedstreaming videos, sounds, songs and more in Inspiration 8 28. Encyclopedia 14 29. Extra Credit (Quiz Builder) 25 30. Mini-Movies (iMovie, MovieMaker, etc) 34 31. Learning Stations 35 32. Professional Development 38 33. 34. Virtual Field Trips (Google Earth and unitedstreaming) 39 35. Film Festival (American Film Institute) 44 36. Culture Club (Discovery Interactive Atlas) 50 37. Explore your world with out leaving your classroom! Use the Atlas as an Activator 38. 39. 40. Engage Your Students What will you use it for? .99 41. Matt Monjan [email_address] unitedstreaming www.unitedstreaming.com Discovery Educator Network (DEN) www.discoveryeducatornetwork.com DEN Blog www.discoveryeducation.typepad.com Implementation Blog http://discoveryeducation.typepad.com/implementation


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