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Learn and make story with De Bono

working ,thinking story for six hats

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Our story for six hats and Edward De Bono

Colors are all around us. They add beauty and coexistence of the world in which we live, but are products of consciousness.

Students from the second grade, while thinking how to make origami and working with the method of Edward De Bono in group dynamics and creativity is received, board boats and flags of nine countries and learn the history of each country thought until a child green hat

that was the lady and they decided to swim across the Black Sea and thence by land with the flags of Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovenia, Ch. Republic, Greek, Estonia, Poland, Spain and Italy to explore the Internet and learn the history of the states:

Record the history of each country:1.Bulgaria








http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Spain9. Italyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Italy Six brothers, six hats

In a beautiful land, a clear mountain stream had an old mill.There lived a man and a woman.

Grown, they chikens.Had a cow and a horse.Were very industrious.

Born to them six children.All were boys - a most wonderful.

Their father taught them to work and love for the land and animals.Grown children - grow up.Boys decided to to Europe.Do they gathered with their parents and each said which country will visit. Brothers decided to bring in two years. Before they set off on their mother entangled six hats - white, green, red, black, blue and yellow.Each boy took on a hat and go across Europe.The smallest brother dropped the green hat. He decided to stay in his homeland - Bulgaria.He loved his country and much like her first go around.

Boys walked, wandered around Europe. After two years gathered in the old mill. Everyone told where he went and what he saw. Were delighted with the boys from countries that visited.Boy with white hat stories of his brothers Belgium. It spoke of their efforts to collect information about that country. How I met people with rich emotions.The second brother with the yellow hat Stories Czech Republic. He realized the usefulness of your stay in this country. Continuous research and evaluation people there.The brother with the red hat visited Poland. His experiences and emotions were very. Shared with his brothers and moments that relied on the people there. Fearing that they were satisfied with it.The fourth brother black hat spent two years in Slovenia. He spoke of the difficulties and risks in the country. Found some shortcomings, but was fascinated by the people in this country.Blue hat wearing fifth brother. He spent his time in Greece. Told that monitors the country's rules. And summarized in this country is calm and pleasant to live.Turn of the smallest. The boy with the green hat and stories become the most interesting and beautiful things for their country - Bulgaria.

He told his brothers that first need to see the beauty of their own country and then go around Europe to convince the goodness and richness of the human character.Lad was delighted by the Bulgarian nature. Told about the beautiful coast to the high mountains, exquisite rock formations, pictures Bulgarian towns.The youngest said that people have to live together because the colors of the rainbow are different, but there are always together and it makes a unique beautiful rainbow.

Daniela Tabakova 11th grade

Subject: Physics

Class: 7

Category: Light and Sound

In physics class we teach with a method of BonoHumanity owes fundamentals, knowledge of the nature of the colors especially the efforts of Isaac Newton, who lived in the seventeenth century. While looking for ways to improve the telescope, Newton made a discovery that overturned human perceptions of color. Previously, it was believed that the color is insite quality of each article that just contained in the object. However, Newton proved that it is not inherently a property of objects, and the effect of the light that falls on them. Light is the source of color, he concluded.

The six hats

In ancient times there lived a poor family: husband, wife and six children. They were very poor. Father worked in the woods and the mother looked after the home and housework. Children helped with joy to his father, chopping wood, ordered them into the car and sold them on the market for very little money. Despite their poverty they lived united and peaceful.

Once in the woods heard a cry for help. Reached the voice and saw an old dwarf trapped by a branch of the tree. Children rushed en masse to come to the aid of the dwarf. Offset fallen branch and helped the little man. In gratitude dwarf them awarded with six colored hats for each one: blue, green, red, yellow, black and white. Each of them had extraordinary power that makes each child to think differently. They arrive home and tell her ordeal to her parents, they do not believe in magic, but the kids had hoped that some day will help. And the day arrived. Each day the children placed their heads colored hats and began to ease their work.

Ivan Goranov, Grade 9The six hats

Once upon a time a father and a mother. They had six daughters who are very much alike. Parents decided to buy each daughter a hat in order to distinguish them more easily.

One girl was very beautiful. Him whether white hat because his face was as white as snow.

Second daughter received the red hat. Her lips were as crimson poppy.

The third girl had the most beautiful blue eyes in the world. So parents have chosen for her blue hat.Fourth daughter received a yellow hat because it was bright and her smile Great all around.The fifth girl received a black hat, because there were long black hair.Last daughter received the green hat because I love to take care of nature and liked all the flowers.

Ivelina MishinevaSix colored hats

There was a family of six children - three girls and three boys. They had six hats. Color was yellow, white, blue, red, green, black. Kids love them and parted them. Ivan was yellow, white was the nightingale, the blue was a Stelian, red was Elizabeth Green was Joanna, Ivanka was black.One day the children out to play in the garden. There were two children Ivo and Marian who stole their hats. They went home crying and upset because they were afraid not to make them. Then the children calmed down and told everything to her parents. Mother and father went to the police. Past some time and found the hats, and parents Ivo and Marian went to jail. So a family of six children to live happily.

Victoria Vasileva Hristova, 4a classSix thinking hatsWhite hat is information about the situation and the problem.

Red hat represents feelings of emotional problem or situation.

Green Hat produce new ideas, suggestions and solutions.

Yellow hat collects the positive aspects of the decision, benefits or future benefits.

Red Hat collects all the negative aspects of decisions.

Blue hat represents control over the whole process.

All this for hats was written in a little book I read six children. They thought they would get hold of any of these qualities when they find it. Traveled thinking garden. It saw a very beautiful white flower. Ran to him. When they saw him closely knew a white hat. Rip it up and continued. One of the children he had seen a red butterfly. Quietly crept up behind her and caught her, and she became a hat. Children found the second hat. Saw a very strange grass. One of the children went off to. And it turned into a hat, a green hat. At least he saw in the distance sunflower. Ran to him and tore him, the yellow hat. Then it went back to the other children. Left again. Saw a black tree. Went to him and saw that his branch had hidden the black hat. Took it. Continued. They saw something blue roll in the grass. They took it and it became a hat.The children went home and put on their hats. Some people have made poor children, but it is not. Because in thinking what a garden take its place comes the same.

Cvetelina Kayrakovi, 4a classSix thinking hats

Once upon a time a man who had six children. When he died, left a legacy of her six precious hats.

The first child was the most perfect and the most exquisite, so received the white hat.

Black is the epitome of evil, selfishness and pessimism, so the second child received a black hat.

Third child radiated joy, energy, warmth and strength, so he got the honor to wear the red hat.

Fourth child, beautiful as the sun and precious as gold, received the yellow hat.

The fifth child was different from the others, I could feel the emptiness, coldness, so that his blue hat.

Sixth child did not spend much time with his family, because I love to be in nature, so it received a green hat.

Not all children were happy with their heritage, but wore hats and handed them down from generation to generation.

Anita I

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