9 creative ways to increase organic traffic to your site

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Looking to increase organic traffic to your site? 9 creative tips for better website optimization: SEO, blogging, plug-ins, content optimization and more


  • 1. 9 Creative Ways to Increase OrganicTraffic toYourSite

2. 9 Creative Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site Perhaps youre a regular blogger, but are you really doing everything in your power to increase organic traffic to your site? Check out these nine creative ways you can start earning more website traffic. 3. #1 Schema Markups Have you ever searched for a recipe and seen a picture of the dish just below the page title? Maybe youve noticed stars under an app store link or IMDB page? Those are called schema markups. Start using them to increase organic traffic to your site. 4. #2 Rel=Author Tag So much has been written on the importance of Googles rel=author tag and the shift away from the anonymous web. If youre unfamiliar with the rel=author tag and how it can help you boost your organic traffic, do some quick research on your own. Implementing this tag is incredibly easy, but the payoff is huge. 5. #3 Create long-tail key phrases. Competing for common key phrases like iPhone cases is tough work. While you can make a go at those key phrases, you should focus on long-tail key phrases that are more specific to your product or service. For a case manufacturer, those might be: sustainable iPhone cases or wallet case for iPhone. 6. #4 Hire an SEO Analyst I dont necessarily recommend that you hire a full-time SEO analyst. However, if you have a well-developed site, I would strongly encourage you to have an SEO analyst spend a few hours combing through your site. Think of it as a website tune-up. Chances are the analyst will find a few technical issues that are preventing you from getting the web traffic you desire. 7. #5 More Content The more content you have, the more opportunities you create for organic traffic to come your way. Regular blogging is the easiest way to have more content. Just make sure its quality. 8. #6 Write Timeless Posts While news posts might get you an immediate traffic spike, timeless posts are going to provide a much larger ROI. Plus, they provide plenty of opportunities for you to backlink newer posts (Tip #8). Think about what resource-style pages you could write. 9. #8 Natural Backlinks Once you have those timeless posts and quality landing pages, you should start linking back to them as much as you naturally can. You can do this by adding links in your other landing pages and future blog posts, as well as by sharing your content via social media channels. 10. #7 Landing Pages If you dont already know, find out the keyword phrases your competitors are using. (SEMrush is a good free tool for this purpose.) Plug in the URL, make note of the keywords, and then write robust landing pages for these keyword phrases. 11. #9 Social Media Distribute your blog posts through the social media channels that make sense for your brand. Its pretty self- explanatory how this tactic can increase organic traffic to your site. 12. Content Equals Money is a content writing service that serves a wide variety of clients with top-shelf shareable content. We cater to SEO marketing agencies as well as small business, providing content marketing strategies applicable to many fields. Whether you need content for yourself or content for your clients, Content Equals Money is the insource Writing Service to suit your needs!