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  • Hosting a contest on Instagram is a great way to involve the wider community with your brand.

  • And contests can help you achieve many marketing goals

    Reach Followers UGC Brand Awareness

  • There are various different ways of running contests, depending on what your goals are

  • If youre aiming for UGC: If youre aiming for Followers:

    Run a contest that requires users to post a photo with

    the contest hashtag to enter

    Run a contest that requires users to follow your

    account and comment on a post to enter

  • Whatever type of contest you are running, remember that an enticing prize is crucial to success

  • You are asking users to do something for you and

    the reward needs to be worth it.

  • The theme is equally important and should be open and accessible.

    A theme that is too niche or localized will automatically reduce the number of people who can/will participate. NB.

  • Prizes too specific to a place/ location Difficult requirements for entering contest

    Universal prize, appealing to your target audience Simple requirements to enter contest

  • With a great prize and simple theme you are on the right track to gaining large reach, followers, UGC

    and brand awareness.


    An automotive brand ran a photo contest asking Instagram to share their special

    places. The prizes were a pair of round the world tickets and 3 GoPros cameras for

    runners up.

    Result: 17,000+ images with contest hashtag

    Great prize Simple theme Global

  • A luxury Champagne brand ran a contest giving away a set of $1,000 Amex vouchers

    to a pair of best friends. To enter, users followed the brand account and

    commented on a post.

    Result: 5,995 new followers, 8,072 comments


    Great prize Simple theme Open Concept

  • !Dont forget to post the link to the contest Terms and

    Conditions on your Instagram account.

    You can read Instagram guidelines for promotions here


  • To gain extra traction and exposure, promote your contest with Instagram Influencers.

  • NEED HELP PLANNING A CONTEST? Get in touch with our team

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