A Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

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  • A Guide to White Hat SEO Techniques

    In this brave new world of content and post Google algorithm changes like Penguin, Panda andHummingbird, white hat search engine optimization is the one and only thing to do in case youwould like your website develop into a useful portion of the internet and to get ahead. Carrying outwhite hat practices additionally implies that the search giants position your site consequently in theSERPs, and will like it too.

    What exactly is White Hat SEO?

    In simple terms, it's using various techniques that ensure that your site performs well withoutresorting to what basically lots of people refer to as cheating. These nefarious strategies demandkeyword stuffing numerous spamming techniques and more and are known as black hat searchengine optimization.

    This indicates that numerous variables have to be taken into consideration and optimized, forexample:

    Written content

    Pictures and video

    Meta information

    Site structure

    Site operation

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    A note on keywords

    Key words nevertheless hold value but must be utilized right. Many SEO professionals don't botherplacing key words in the Meta information as Google doesn't look at them.

    Key Word 'stuffing' used to be a rather common practice and was a black hat approach designed toensure the word of a firm was picked up. Many good search engine optimization content writers willnot compose content in which they may be asked by a client for a keyword density as the quality ofthe piece reduces greatly.

    However, key words do still have their place for use with site content, including sites, images andvideo and PPC/Adwords. These days, it is better practice to use similar words throughout a bit ofcomposing and also the principal key word. Key phrases can also be good practice and must beproperly used. It is also important that these are found in Titles and sub-headers together withthroughout the text.

    For example: Keyword SEO software that is =

    This ought to be utilized a couple of times in the headline and also an identical phrase in a sub


  • header, in the text. For context, phrases and related words can be used throughout the piece,including:

    SEO analysis software

    SEO tools

    Search tools

    And so forth. A fantastic tool for this is Google's Keyword Planner, which includes recently replacedthe Adwords program.

    As you can view from the image, I've searched using the key term mentioned above and narroweddown the audience to the countries I want to target and the business market that the site is in. Thisgives ideas for Advertising Groups (for PPC) and recommended keywords that perform the top.


    As this is a term that's sought for frequently, it is necessary to get a bit more creative than usingGoogle ideas and experiment, so that you will get a competitive word, with which you stand a chanceat competing and gaining great placements. This applies to paid for and organic search and it's notcrucial a process that is speedy.

    Content - ascended from King

    This is no longer accurate, content is everything (well, that is pretty much). It's no more enough tostick a badly written blog up once a month - or worse, use text spinners to rejig content that is old.

    Content must be:

    Original rather than infringe on others' intellectual property rights

    Highly relevant and useful to audience and your industry

    For image and video should have ALT label, a title and description and if suitable, give credit to firstartist (if using creative commons licensed images for example)

    Point to the supply of quotations and research where applicable

    Giving worth to your own crowd

    The best possible method that you can perform finest is by giving value to your business also, yourcrowd and preferably.

    This includes:

    Having a site that's well constructed, performs well and is really capable of being used acrossplatform (desktop, mobile tablet pc,)

    Creating content that contains fresh thoughts and is actionable

  • Having an excellent mix of multimedia content, not simply written

    To ensure your type is recognizable and content utilizing social media could be spread. This really isgetting more important now more than ever, societal signs (Facebook enjoys, G 1s, Retweets etc.)indicates that your content is useful, as folks are reading/watching and ideally, sharing andcommenting.

    Guest blogging stays a white hat technique that is valid, but it is crucial that this is approached. Thismeans that you start guest posting on sites that are to your own own of an identical Domain NameAuthority. If you suddenly appear to have a great deal of very top quality links to your website, thenthis appears to Google as if they have been purchased.

    It is also worth saying that this is something which takes time and needs to be carried out sensiblyand organically although that the link profile remains significant. Purchasing links can get you aGoogle penalty, as will any sign that you might have.

    The most important consideration to remember is this would be the main driver to your own web siteand that content must always be exceptional.