Achieving Growth: 3 Keys to Accelerating Adoption of Your Cloud Services

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<ul><li> 1. Accelerating Time to Revenue Time to Market Business/Offer strategy Value proposition Marketing Plan Pricing and positioning Communications campaigns Training sales channels Sales incentives Customer promotions Ready for first customersTime to Revenue Customer Demand generation and incubation programs Adoption Thought Leader/Influencer seeding programs Getting talked about, creating a tipping point Simple to purchase, easy to try before buy Sales channels trained, enabled and activated On-boarding innovators and early adopters Creating a remarkable customer experience Building buzz: recommendations &amp; referrals Maintaining buzz: staying connected to tribe</li></ul> <p> 2. Customer Adoption is the New ROI 3. Target early adoptersThink outside the box 4. Accelerating Customer Adoption of Cloud Services Influencer/Adopter Programs Influence Generation: Capture the hearts and minds of Tech savvy early adopters, opinion leaders and influencersEarly Adopter MarketChannel Partners GTM Strategy &amp; Business Plan Channel readiness &amp; activation Demand GenerationMainstream MarketDANGER - CHASM!ABuild the buzz!!!!B Build sales channelsCreate capacity to service demandCreate a tipping point Technology Innovators 2%Distributors Retailers Resellers VARs Service Providers System Integrators Consulting PartnersVisionariesPragmatistsConservativesSceptics14%34%34%16%PERCENTAGE OF POPULATIONTechnology VendorsTIME 5. The old Golden Rule in Sales was:Find out what your customers want, and give it to them. 6. The new Golden Rule in Sales is:Give your customers the ability to do what they cant currently do but would want to if they only knew it was possible. 7. Capture their imaginations 8. Get it right 9. Get it 10. Think outside the box 11. Get professional advice 12. What is your Growth Strategy? 13. Growth 14. 1Growth Mindset2Product Market Fit3Customer Adoption 15. Future focus 16. You cant teach an old dog new tricks 17. OLD THINKING X NEW TECHNOLOGY = FAIL 18. Overcoming barriers to change 19. Where are you on the curve? Where are you on the curve - ahead or behind, which is the essence of strategy. Behind: If you are behind the curve and chasing the market then you have ceded a great deal of control and you must have the ability to execute and be very agile in execution. Your bets are defined. Your strategic posture is reactive and defensive.Ahead: If you are ahead of the curve you are trying to drive the market, which requires a very different agility there you require a set of controlled bets in execution with the ability to constantly probe the frontier and execute on success. Here you are reacting to yourself and your direction instead of where others have been. 20. Disruptive Opportunity Matrix NewExtendWhite SpaceDefendExtendProducts CurrentCurrentCustomersNewSource: Create Marketplace Disruption by Adam Hartung, Pearson Education, Inc. 2009 21. Keep it 22. Meaningful usage 23. Align Business Value with Buyer PersonasSource: IBM Institute for Business Value analysis, 2012 24. Customers are completing 57% of a buying cycle before ever coming into contact with a sales rep. - A CEB study of more than 1,400 customers 25. Agile 26. Adaptive 27. Anticipate change 28. Adapt and adjust 29. Transformational change 30. 1Growth Mindset2Product Market Fit3Customer Adoption 31. Build a better mouse 32. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.- Henry Ford 1863 - 1947 33. Clarity of vision 34. Differentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived Value3 2 1E2E Customer Experience Support Services Basic Product/Service Your Cloud ServicesBasic Product/Service: Technology Price performance Product quality Support Services: Levels of support Quality of service Systems Processes E2E Customer Experience: People Perceived value High touch Exceed customer expectations Delight and astound customers 35. Go-To-Market Leadership DesignProductsServicesCustomer Experience 36. Rackspace 37. 1Growth Mindset2Product Market Fit3Customer Adoption 38. Educate 39. Inspire 40. Inspire early adopters 41. Know your early 42. Problem Solving Lifecyclesource: 43. Marketing and Sales Alignmentsource: 44. Acceleration adoption = Take a high level view eliminating barriers to growth 45. Thinking at 3 Time Horizons Business Transformation Business DriversExecutiveManagementOperations Operational NeedsThinking Time HorizonDrivers of changeOperational ExcellenceOrganisationValueCostPrice 46. Go-To-Market Mapping Partnership ProfilesTechnology PartnersOEMsChannel StructureTEMsServices ProvidersResidential &amp; Enterprise CustomersSI&amp;NI /Geographic PartnershipsT1MNCSystem Integrators &amp; Network IntegratorsT2ENTT1 PartnersT3SMEVSPStrategic AlliancesVSEDirect Sales / BCSSmaller SPs &amp; ASPs TEMs:MyCall Telephony &amp; Video MyCall Media MyCall Triple Play Secured IP Trunking &amp; VPN IPCentrex Telephony &amp; Video IPCentrex Telephony &amp; Video Contact Center &amp; IVR Nokia Alcatel Sonus Siemens Nortel Huawei EricssonSIs: Logica/CMG T-Systems Atos/Origin Capgemini Accenture HP / IBM Local /Global SIs Local SIsNIs: Telindus Getronics PABX Installers Local NIsT1 Partners: HP IBM BEAASP (W/S): Private LabelInfluencers: BEA Microsoft Oracle Intel Industry AlystsService Providers Types: Incumbents Tier 1 Operators Alternate Operators: Tier 2/3 ISPs VSPs, VNOs Mobile Operators MVNO. MVNE ASPResidential Customer Segmentation: MNC: multiple Intl sites ENT: 500+ ext SME: 20-500 ext Retail: 10-20 ext VSE: 2 -10 ext Residential 47. Customer Experience Mapping 48. Get it right 49. David R Ednie President &amp; CEO SalesChannel Europe Ph: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA) Email: Website: </p>