agenda 5-1-2015 juniors - american short stories freshmen - fahrenheit 451

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Agenda 5-1-2015

Agenda 5-1-2015 Juniors - American Short StoriesFreshmen - Fahrenheit 451What is truth? How do our truths compare to societys? What rules must people follow? How our perceptions of ourselves differ from others? What is an individuals relationship to society? How does our environment (people and places) affect us? How are observations of our surroundings an important way to understand our place in the world? How does experience affect ones observations? Catcher in the Rye Essential QuestionsStep 1: Please grab your notebook, & StoryStep 2: Start a fresh page, date it and title it JournalThe setting of The Story of an Hour is very limited; it is confined largely to a room, a staircase, and a front door. How does this limitation help to express the themes of the story?

Good Morning/Afternoon 5-1-2015

In your notebook prepare a one-page summary based on the group exploration of these two sites. Guiding questions:How do the primary documents on these websites portray the roles of middle-class men and women in the early- to mid-nineteenth century?What do you think of these roles?How are the roles similar or different from today's roles for women? sure you have a chance to look at "Light of the Home" image"Motherhood" essay"Puss in the Corner" poemThe New Woman Recall a person you saw today on your way to school. Describe this person and invent a story about them: Who is he/she? Where is that person going? Invent a distinct characteristic or hobby you think this person would have based on what you observed about him/her this morning. Relay WritingStep 1: Please grab your notebook, and Fahrenheit 451 bookStep 2: Start a fresh page, date it and title it JournalBeattys conversation with the Montags is weird. Summarize the conversation and explain what it seems to indicate? What does Captain Beatty tell Montag about history and about the need for fireman?

Please write down your question about essay on post-it! With or without name

Good Morning/Afternoon 5-1-2015

What is the purpose of an advertisement?

What do advertisers need to consider when creating an ad?Things to Consider in your notebook

Please cut up your chart horizontally, and with your groups organize all of your strips into categories.

(Keep your claim separate and put it in your notebook)

At the top of each category box come up with a sentence that generally summarizes the categories inside.

Final Step with Advertisement

Part 1: The Hearth and the Salamander Each person at your tables take two of these.1.What test of love does Clarisse give Montag, and how does he respond to it?

2.What observations does Clarisse make about how Montag differs from other firemen? 15. Describe the mechanical hound.3.What does antisocial mean? What does it mean in the society of Fahrenheit 451. To whom is the term applied?

4.What does Clarisse say people talk about? Find some examples of representative conversations throughout the book.

5.During the card game at the fire station, what question does Montag ask? What does it contribute to the plot?6.What is the significance of the refrain repeated by the woman whose house was burned? What did it mean? What is its effect on Montag?

7.What does Montag think his feelings would be if his wife were to die? 21. What are Montags comments about the people in the walls?

8.What does Montag think about the old woman and all the books he has destroyed?9.Summarize Beattys explanation of how the need for firemen arose.

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