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2. UC-TRC GOVT. GIRLS PRIMARY SCHOOL SHAMSABAD SUKKUR Main responsible for UC-TRC: Daryan Khatoon Memon Other Team Members: Yasmin Mubarak, Najma Mangi and Zahid Ali Memon 3. 21 22 29 26 26 23 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 UC- TRC GGPS Shamsabad Sukkur UC-TRC GGPS P.C Barrage Colony Sukkur UC-TRC GGPS Gharibabad No.1 Sukkur UC-TRC GBPS ADC New Goth Sukkur UC-TRC GBES Gharibabad Sukkur UC-TRC GBES ADC New Goth Sukkur Number of CPs 4. GGPS Shamsabad Sukkur1. GGPS Bhagh Ali Shah Sukkur2. GBPS, ADC New Goth3. GBES Islamia Royal Old Sukkur4. GBPS Baloch Colony Sukkur5. FEEDING SCHOOLS: 5. 7 5 5 5 2 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Solar System Human body Systems Magnet Environment (Food Chain) Weather & Climate Force and Machine Subjective topics of the Workshops 6. 1 6 2 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Implementation and Analysis of Curriculum Scheme of Work Health and Hygiene Gender in Education Follow up workshops Material Development Generic Topics 7. TOTAL NUMBER OF WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED 47 8. TOPIC: SOLAR SYSTEM Learned about stars, planets, moons and comets as well Brainstorm on various aspects of solar system Worked in groups and did some activities 9. TOPIC: HUMAN BODY SYSTEM The main topics were about the human body systems and senses All cps and I learned a lot from this workshop Brainstorming on the given topics and also performed activities Made some models by using charts, formic sheets, drip pipes and plastic bottles That was an amazing experience for both cps and for me as well 10. TOPIC: MAGNET Different aspects regarding the concept about magnet was covered The concept of how magnet works was cleared Cps did brainstorming and discussion in groups through circus formation Did experiments and observation on magnet Moreover the use of magnet in our daily life was also discussed 11. TOPIC: ENVIRONMENT Workshop conducted in open environment I started workshop with brainstorming The mentees was assigned to observe the different aspects of the environment All cps observe each and everything in detail and delivered very nice presentations With the help of thread and flash cards, we made a food chain 12. TOPIC: GENDER I arranged groups of cps and they did group work on education in gender They perform role play, and they did discussion on activities There was a lot of discussion and arguments on female education After long discussion they realized that females education is important and they also have equal right to have more education like males have 13. HEALTH AND HYGIENE Mentees enjoyed the workshop on this topic They performed activity role play in groups and they showed the importance of health and hygiene That was a topic which has high importance and it must be deliver to students about the steps of being healthy 14. SCHEME OF WORK Scheme of work was not an easy task We conducted 2 workshops in 2 UC-TRCs All teachers were very much involved in their work They said now lesson planning is become easy task. Mentees prepared scheme of work on 6 subjects in six subjects Maths science social studies English Islamiat and mother tongue within 2 days. 15. FOLLOW UP WORKSHOP In the follow ups I give suggestions to teachers while observing them it their class First of all, Mentor gave a demo lesson and all mentees gave their comments on it After that mentor asked mentees to prepare their planning for lesson and then they conducted their lesson one by one some CPs did their lesson with role play and they used charts, flash cards, model, caps and other materials 16. FOLLOW-UP Follow up 3 UC-TRC and 5 feeding schools of male and female. Total CPs was 28. Meeting with HM Mentees to know about the problems and their solution. Meeting with Mentees to know their problems they are facing. Conducted meeting to give awareness about school issues and provide platform for suggestions. Observed the level of education and over all environment of class room. Found problems, did meetings on lesson plan and activity designing. Prepared 12 lesson plans on 4 subjects. Did observation on teaching, class administration and class decoration. 17. ISSUES AND CHALLENGES As such we are not facing major issues and challenges. Only some little but issue like due to gap between workshops I have to recall all the things to the mentees. I do strong and continues follow-ups. 18. SUCCESS Teachers prepare themselves and wait for our follow up. Teachers made group among students and ask for the discussion and presentation. Develop lesson plan and design activities and also bring required material to perform it. Student have become regular and getting interest in learning students (Boys and Girls) are treated equally. An environment of cooperation among teachers has been created. Teachers are drawing painting and preparing charts and flash cards in classes. We celebrated children day, quiz competition and prize distribution.