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  • Annuals 2016 From Seed and CuttingsVegetables and HerbsPot plants


    Head OfficeFlorensis B.V.Langeweg 793342 LD Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht P.O. Box 32, 3330 AA ZwijndrechtThe Netherlands

    T: +31 78 623 32 00 F: +31 78 610 10 77 E:

    Belgium OfficeFlorensis Belgium b.v.b.a. Boonhof 17B-2890 Sint-Amands

    T: +32 52 34 18 58 F: +32 52 34 39 60 E:

    Italy OfficeFlorensis Italia s.r.l.Via Vittorio Emanuele 2420824 Lazzate (MB)

    T: +39 2 963 20 342F: +39 2 967 21 807 E:

    UK Office Milton RoadWest AdderburyBanburyOX17 3EYCo.Reg.No. 06948413

    T: +44 1954 207702F: +44 1954 207000E:

    Germany Office Florensis Deutschland GmbHSchlossallee 26D-47652 Weeze Zweigniederlassung Motorstrasse 4D-70499 Stuttgart T: +49 2837 66 425 0F: +49 2837 66 425 10 E:

    Poland OfficeFLORENSIS Polska sp. z o.o., Biuro /Siedziba, ul. Poselska 3, 03-931 Warszawa

    T/F: +22 616 32 63T: +22 616 14 52F: +22 617 67 20E:


    Agents & NewsOn our website, you can find all the latest contact details of our agents.Please visit our website on a regular basis to see the latest news, information and updates of our products.

  • Leo Hoogendoorn


    A great start!By a great start, I mean winning the Dutch Horticulture Business Award in January of this year and positive sales of early spring products.

    The Business Award is a lovely recognition of and major stimulus for all of Florensiss employees to put even more effort into an even stronger daily performance. All with the purpose of providing you with a professional service and to enable us to exceed your expectations.

    The relatively good weather in most of Europe during Febru-ary in combination with a smaller supply has had a favou-rable influence on sales and pricing. Businesses can quickly and positively recover thanks to a better balance between supply and demand. Structural recovery is possible with increasing trust from the European consumer. This trust will stimulate spending. Unfortunately, we dont have any influence in this regard, but the signals for economic growth are becoming increasingly stronger.

    But now back to where Florensis is able to exert her influen-ce, which is in the development of new products for the customer. As a professional supplier of starting material, we are convinced that product innovation is one of the most important factors for success. As is the case in many sectors, we too must continue to inspire and entice consu-mers into making a purchase.

    Florensis will be focusing even more strongly on these as-pects and this catalogue showcases our latest develop-ments in this regard. There are too many to name here, but I do want to focus on a few top products that are a must for your assortment in 2016.

    In the popular Calibrachoa Cabaret series youll dis-cover a number of new, supplementary colours. And last, but not least, are the Cabaret MixMasters, with an unparalleled quality in varieties and possible applicati-ons. Into the MixMasters concept, we are introducing a number of multispecies mixes, which have proven their added value in practice. The aim for our MixMasters is to create the best possible sales result with as little cultivation effort as possible.

    As always, our innovations and investments are focused on serving you better every day and providing you with products and services that will allow you to make the diffe-rence.

    We wish you a successful new season.

    With kind regards,

    Leo HoogendoornChief Operational Officer

  • Highlights2

    Begonia boliviensis Million Kisses Blissful

    Bidens BeeDance Painted Yellow


    Begonia Bonaparte Cream Yellow



    Million Kisses



  • 3Convolvulus sabatius Neon Blue

    Calibrachoa Chameleon Double Pink Yello




    Euphorbia Glamour


    Calibrachoa C


    Orange Kiss


    Calibrachoa Cabaret Dark Rose


    Calibrachoa Conga Pink Kiss

    GlamourNeon Blue




    Calibrachoa Conga Peach Kiss

  • 4 5

    Lofos Compact Pink


    Impatiens Big Bo

    unce White Blus




    Verbena EnduraScape Lava Red

    Verbena EnduraScape Dark Purple

    Impatiens Bounce

    Impatiens Bounce Violet



    Lofos Compact

    Big Bounce


  • 4 5

    Impatiens Big Bo

    unce White Blus


    Osteospermum Serenity Blue Eyed


    Petunia Blanket Rose Star



    Calibrachoa Can-Can Yellow with Red Veins


    Big Bounce



    MixMastersMulti Species

    Sunny Black





  • 6 7Quedlinburg



    Breeding by FlorensisInvesting in breeding always implies investing in the future. The long road of a new candidate plant until the chosen end product, which is introduced in the market, takes several years of breeding. Our breeding goals are focused on offering additional value to the entire chain. Start with a highly qualitative young plant for the grower and through retail end up with a satisfied end consumer.

    Annuals and perennialsOur oldest breeding location in Quedlinburg (since 1970) consists of several foliage greenhouses, equipped with isolation cabins. Moreover we have two modern and high glass greenhouses and an older one for extra capacity. One of the modern greenhouses is especially built for our elite lines seed production. Our outside breeding tests are located at two container fields. Our most important own-bred series in Quedlinburg are: Petunia Viva

    and ViviniTM; Osteospermum Astra; Verbena Vegas and Venturi; Diascia JulietTM; Nemesia Nuvo; Gaura GaudiTM; Salvia Sensation; Saxifraga Marto and Lavandula Essence.


  • 6 7


    Starting with qualitySince 2014 our breeding department in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht has expanded with the Primrose program. In previous years Mr Gutscher in Markgroningen (Germany) provided real quality to our Primrose series. The PrimeTime concept is a wonderful result of his work.Through this program acquisition Florensis aims to improve and, where possible, expand the existing series in their own modern facilities. This is a great challenge to our team of crop specialists and breeders working on this crop.Thanks to the good relationship with the growers of our product, their feedback helps us to achieve the best results. Therefore our clients can start every season with the best quality of these colourful, early flowering plants!

    Investing in the futureWith all these perfect facilities we can not only expand our own bree-ding assortment, but also intensify our selecting criteria. Our breeding investments are an important step towards the future. It enables us to offer you unique benefits through our extraordinary assortment, which also comply with the highest quality standards in production.

    Toscana BreedingIn the past three years, since the Pelargonium breeding program has moved to Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, we have worked very hard to give the program a fresh new boost. The goal has always been very clear. The quality of the varieties, that our varieties are well known for, should be maintained. We believe a Pelargonium should be strong and easy to grow, with big and bright flowers. Your customers should be able to enjoy the flowers all summer long without a lot of maintenance. Only then it can call itself a Toscana. With our 5 new introductions we are getting 5 steps closer to our goal. This year we have again thousands of new varieties to trial in our strict selection program to make sure we keep bringing you the best and newest genetics.

  • 8 9FlorensisTray

    SC84 37MM



    SC128 29MM



    SC180 26,2MM









    SC288 20MM



    Successful trough renewalFlorensis has its own tray system. The young plant trays in their distinctive blue colour were developed from the existing hard plastic trays and have great dimensional stability. Therefore, the precision with which each tray fits into the transplanting robot is very high. The trays are moulded using a total of 8 injecti-on sites, which results in a high degree of stability and lifelong strategic fit. The trays are made according to the tried and tested Danish standard and have especially rounded feet that allow ease of movement both in a longitudinal as well as a transverse direction. Furthermore, the plants are easy to take out, even when processed manually.

  • 8 9

    Useful solutionsThe Florensis tray in its different young plant sizes offers feasible solutions for all sorts of applications. The total of five tray sizes comprises the following trays for young plants: 510, 288, 180, 128 and 84. For seed propagated young plants, the ideal trays to be used for efficient and high quality horticultural production are 510 and 288.

    Several product sizes were developed in collaboration with the horticultural practice. In the production of perennial seedling for example, sowing the seeds for young plants widely across the surface of the cells in tray 84 helps save cultivation time and reduces the number of times one needs to transplant.

    The same goes for annual cuttings, as well as perennial cuttings for which the trays 180, 128 and 84, depending on the require-