Basic Product Constructions Product Design Sketching.

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Slide 1 Basic Product Constructions Product Design Sketching Slide 2 Undercuts Undercut is an essential consideration in product design. It refers to the condition when the molding of a part cannot be readily removed upon completion of the formation process OK Undercut problem Slide 3 Undercuts Most often it is undesirable to have a part with undercuts because it is more costly for manufacturing Undercuts could be avoided by further dividing the massing of the product in sub-components Slide 4 One-shot Production Aurlio Flres stainless steel wire jewelry Slide 5 Principle Classification( ) Mechanical Link( ) Adhesion( ) Fusion( ) Functional Classification( ) Dynamic Links( ) Static Joint( ) Slide 6 Slides Slide 7 Telescope Slide 8 Screw Slide 9 Hinge Slide 10 Slide 11 Barrel Slide 12 Spring Slide 13 Tent Slide 14 Buckle Slide 15 Static Links Slide 16 Friction Slide 17 Screw Slide 18 Slide 19 Hinges and Rotation Due attention should be given to rotating parts at hinges because the rotation would mean additional spatial requirement This principle applies to other operable parts as well This area should be cleared for the rotation to take place Rotating part Slide 20 Buttons Consideration should be given to the spatial requirement of buttons. Sufficient clearance should be given when doing packaging design of a product.