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BCM and Security ROGSI/DMS PREPARED FOR DISASTER? BCM Lifecycle ROGSI/DMS Suite Slide 2 BCM and Security ROGSI/DMS 2 Slide 3 BCM and Security All BCM and DRP information in 1 single database Processes, Business Units Disaster Recovery Teams Persons, Functions, Departments Data Center Information o Application o Hardware, Software, Network, other Devices Companies Suppliers, Provider, and more Locations City, Building, Floor, Room Slide 4 BCM and Security Your DR-Plan is always available Using Client / Server Using Browser on Internet / Intranet (read only) Using USB Device any place any time Using Laptop any place any time USB devices with Application and database on device No driver needed Finger scan and Password Automatic update of the database Slide 5 BCM and Security You have all information about all processes (BIA) With maximum downtime, maximum loss of data SLA-information Dependency from resources Dependency from other processes Related with All Resources (Hardware, Software, Network, etc.) All Departments, Persons, Supplier, etc. Recovery plans Slide 6 BCM and Security All graphical Plans With Step by Step instructions WHAT WHO WHEN - WHY WITH With all kind of resources Related with Version number All kind of resources Plan archive (version and executed plans) Slide 7 BCM and Security You have all information about all inventories Hardware, Software, Facilities, Workplace, etc. With technical details (as / from CMDB) Responsibilities Locations Contract information Related with all Processes, locations, etc. all Departments, Persons, Supplier, etc. Recovery plans Slide 8 BCM and Security There is a fast and flexible report generator included With free layout of reports and manuals With free selection and sorting of data With more than 70 pre-defined reports ROGSI/DMS generates 100 pages of a manual in < 60 seconds Independent from other tools No problems with releases of other tools Slide 9 BCM and Security You can import data the easy way Inventory from different sources Personal data from HR systems Mix of imported and inserted data Relation will not get lost during new import You can import automatically Start by mouse click Start by scheduler Slide 10 BCM and Security More than one client in a database Record level permission Read, write, no access Detailed definition of group and user rights Shared data You can print only your data No print of reports with data from other owner Slide 11 BCM and Security Create your special plans Create your own plans Free layout Free connection Includes Queries See the structure Slide 12 BCM and Security Execute your plans Start plan for execution See start time See calculated complete time See the ongoing of the plan See duration of every single step Control from any place Slide 13 BCM and Security See results of executed plans Start and Complete Time Duration of Plan Comments from execution What was right and wrong And many more Slide 14 BCM and Security Any Question?