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Do something kind | 1 THE SALTY DOG’S GUIDE TO GREAT LOCAL LIVING FREE! { Believe it. } CALLIE “The waves are totally killer today, man.”

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The Salty Dog's Guide to Local Living


  • Do something kind | 1

    T he S a lT y d o gS guide To g r e aT l o c a l l i ving

    FREE!{ Believe it. }




    es a

    re to



    ller t


    , man


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    We simply changed our name.Our high-quality, affordable loving care for your pet

    will never change.

    Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic

    formerly Pet Shots Affordable Clinic

    BEACHES(904) 694-0541335 11th Avenue N

    Jacksonville Beach

    WEST SIDE(904) 337-00765425 Verna Blvd


    MOBILE(904) 566-9646

    See our website for schedule and locations.

    Lets Brighten That Smile for the Holidays!$100 Dental Bloodwork & Extractions Extra

    Beaches and Westside Locations!Valid with coupon until November 30, 2014

    Our Beaches & West Side locations are full-service companion animal hospitals. Our Mobile Wellness Clinic offers vaccines and FREE physical exams.

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    Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic

    formerly Pet Shots Affordable Clinic

    Our Beaches & West Side locations are full-service companion animal hospitals. Our Mobile Wellness Clinic offers vaccines and FREE physical exams.

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    Editors Column

    Id lIke to welcome you to the very first issue of Beach Unleash! There is a lot of hubbub and this is quite exciting, I guess. Im not really sure what an editor-in-chief does? Is that bad? I usually just kind of lie around and occasionally dig a hole. Sometimes I lick my leg. That gets pretty tiring, so then I take a nice nap in the sun. I guess maybe Ill learn as we go? Im pretty positive I heard editors-in-chiefs get wet food EVERY day and are allowEd to eat the cats food, too, so this sounds like a job I can do.

    living in Jacksonville is pretty awesome, right? did you know not every dog lives in Jax, and even fewer live at the beach! Its true! we are lucky. There are so many great places our people can take us here. So get out! Unleash your furryself on Jacksonville! (But do keep your leash on where youre supposed to or else youll end up in the clink, and youre waaaay too pretty for that.)

    Smell ya at the beach,

    GEoRGE Editor-in-Chief

    we would love to have you be part of Beach Unleash!Advertising: [email protected] & Press Releases: [email protected] kids Stuff: [email protected] for love Fosters: [email protected]

    It goes without saying (we hope) that all Beach Unleash content is property of woof Creative, Inc. If your dogs photo appears here and you would like a professional digital copy, that is our gift to you! Just email us at [email protected]

    for kids only:Dear kids, welcome to the first Beach Unleash magazine!!!!! Im lola, editor of the totally awesome amazing childrens section, Pup Play, where there are lots of fun things to do, see, and inspire you to help dogs and cats alike. we will be featuring kids who do awesome things for animalsso get out there and do something awesome for animals! (There are LOTS of things you can domy mom and I foster dogs & kittens.) also, you can send me a drawing of your pet or the pet you want ([email protected]). Make sure to be on the look out for all 13 crabs that are hiding throughout this magazinefind them all before they pinch the Beach Unleash dog! I hope you enjoy the first issue. There are many more to come! Thanks for reading.

    Yours in Woof- i -tude,Lola, Pup Play Editor

    Thank you.Extra belly rubs to Melissa Heyboer, Thrse Pederson, Elizabeth Peter, Danny Niblock, Amy Pierce, Nicole Brose, Nicole Harris, Corynn Myers, and Nick Loukes for their generous contributions. We are so grateful for the support of our first advertisers and family & friends who said,

    Go for it!

  • Sand&Salt

  • My dear Clothespin Nose,Everyone knows it is because dogs do not groom themselves as well as we fastidious cats. although, I must admit some do smell much worse than others, and there are a

    multitude of reasons this occurs. Skin conditions such as seborrhea or skin mites can cause this. But the most common culprits are food and dirt. If you are bathing Bootykins (do not bathe

    him too frequently; about once a month is good) and brushing him daily to remove dirt and loose dander, consider the quality of food you are providing. The adage, you are what you eat, doesnt just apply to humans.

    Many dog food brands contain corn, which is not digestible and can cause odor, a poor coat, gas, and bad breath. Feeding a homemade diet is optimal. Mix a concoction of a high quality protein, potato, brown rice, blueberries, yogurt, carrots, zucchini and eggs (40% protein, 30% vegetables, 25% starch, 5% fruit). Your veterinarian can provide recipes best for your dog. Mixing meals for him may not always be possible, and, at these times, purchase the highest quality food you can afford that has:

    1. a protein (not meal, digest, or byproducts) as its first ingredient;

    2. does not contain corn, wheat, or soy;3. Is preserved with vitamin E or other natural

    methods (not chemicals); and 4. Is supplemented with fatty acids/fish oils.

    Please note that some dogs can be allergic to specific proteins or must have a diet that is low in copper, so research breed-related nutritional needs for Bootykins.

    If none of this improves the air pollution around your dog, please check with your vet, or, perhaps, replace him with a handsome feline.

    mrs. WooFinGtonAsk

    { She knows everything. }

    Dear Mrs. Wo


    Can you plea

    se tell me w

    hy our dog,

    Bootykins, s

    mells so retc

    hed? We bath


    him all the t

    ime and it do

    esnt seem to

    help! - Cl

    othespin On

    My Nose


    Beach, FL

    Meow!Mrs. W.If you have a question for Mrs. Woofington, please email [email protected]

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  • 8 | Question: What dog will laugh at any joke? >>>>









    a v d i n n e r t i m e l kv b o g h o u s f u y h b vq w o x b a r k e b u d d ye e y w u l o r t y r g b rd p l i w y v t r f c a s bt a g r f o j n h o l d m ob g b o n e w a s x c o b wu o i y p l m n g r v p d lp r a s o y y h b r t t e dd o g h o u s e k i s s e sd w i n j h g t r d s e c fs h y t r o k p a w s g t oi g b p u p p y o p n u y ot f d e r w o o f w s i m w

    Ayden, Age 9ArtemisSeaside Community Charter School

    Grayson, Age 5Artemis

    Seaside Community Charter School

    Submit your drawing!

    Best on unlined, white paper [email protected]

    My Drawing in subject line

    My pet is awesome

  • h m m m . . . .

    What are they


    Taylor, Age 5ChicaSeaside Community Charter School

    GREAT kids

    Alden (10) & leland (8) Sheils committed one day a week and a percentage of their summer savings to a cause they are passionate about, helping animals. Aylas Acres is a no-kill, 45-acre animal sanctuary. The sanctuary receives no government funding. They rely solely on donations and funds generated through the aylas acres thrift shop located in Saint augustine. The boys worked at the thrift shop for nine weeks, socializing and caring for foster animals, vacuuming, pricing merchandise, and keeping a tidy shop. alden and leland enjoyed their work and felt a huge sense of accomplishment for helping others. at the end of summer, the boys donated close to $100 they had saved!For more info, please visit you know some great kids? Let us know about them! Email [email protected]

    Sofia, Age 9CocoJ. Allen Axon

    Answer: A Chi-ha-ha! | 9

    There are 13 crabs hidden throughout this issue! Can you collect them all and save the Beach Unleash dog from being pinched?(Nuh-uh! This one doesnt count!)

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    your dog?

    < makers, 6 1/2, rescued as a pupCompanionship. His friendship, more than that.~bruce (right, with friends andy & burt)

    < Rocky, 1 The first thing he does when I wake up is come lick my face and snuggle in close. Its the best way to wake up. ~jackie

    < chewy, 2 1/2, Clay Cnty animal Control Rescue

    Aidan: He likes the same things as me! Playing ball and hide-and-seek. He pulls me on my skateboard and he likes to dig & run, just like me.

    lisa: He is very loving and tolerant.

    < lucy, 10ishJax animal Care &

    Control rescue

    chris: Shes the lowest maintenance dog Ive ever had

    erin: She goes everywhere with me.

    Shes my best buddy!

    > Zoe, 1 I like to snuggle

    with her and play outside with her. I

    like when she goes on my lap. Shes a lapdog. Really, shes just sweet.


    < cowboy, 3tracy: The way he makes me feel. He makes me feel lucky.

    cam: That happy look he gets on his face no matter what adversity happens to him. Like when he sees a bird he wants to chase. The world stops with his happy face.

    What is your

    most favorite thing about

    Peaches, 4We love how outgoing she is. Very social!~thomas, chassie & kaleb


  • your dog?

  • 12 | Meowwww...Im movin to Jacksonville.

    No K


    Hey, Jacksonville! Ya, you. did you know that we are one of the most humane cities in these beautiful United states of America? I was pleasantly surprised myself. (Should we hug? No? Its awkward since we dont know each other? Yah. Youre right. *high five*.) we certainly couldnt always claim that title. In 2002, more than 23,000 dogs and cats were euthanized here. Let me say that number again, more slowly, for emphasis... MORE THAN 23,000. That had been the annual average. Those gut-punching numbers have changed drastically thanks to amazing community efforts stemming from Jacksonvilles three main animal welfare powerhouses - First coast No more Homeless Pets (FcNmHP), the Jacksonville Humane (JHS) Society, and Jacksonville Animal care & Protective Services (AcPS) (supported by Friends of Jacksonville Animals (FOJA) ).

    This coalition is now one of the strongest and most effective in the nation. The leaders from each organization speak at national conferences and meet monthly to coordinate their efforts to save lives. attendees of these large animal welfare conferences hear the success story of Jacksonvilles transition from worst to best time and time again. Can I get a woof?

    It wouldnt be possible for the coalition to be successful without the support of our amazing animal-loving community. donations, adoption, fostering, volunteering, and event attendance are fundamental to being a truly humane city. Individuals who give, give, giveall in the name of wanting to save livesare key. Veterinarians working for reduced rates, people networking animals on social media, kids reading to shelter animals, rescues working together to pull off huge eventsthere is literally something everyone can do (and so many already are doing) to stop needless killing.

    Today we can proudly say that Jacksonville is one the safest places in the nationif you are a cat or dog (if you are a person...well, thats a different story). during the majority of 2014, euthanasia rates have been reduced to an impressive 10% or less of all animals entering Jacksonville shelters. This means that most of the animals that entered the citys shelters made it out alive and wagging their tails (or doing the cat stretch, as the case may be)! Cheers to that! Wet food all around! Moreover, the number of animals entering the shelters in the first place has been cut by more than half and Jacksonville achieved no-kill status for the


    Michelle Viets, FCNMHP volunteer, cuddles two of the most adorable kittens

    on planet earth.

    JACKsonVillE:Leading the Country in Humane Efforts

    elizabeth peter

  • Taggert is one of the 894 animals that went to new homes from the MEGA adoption event

    Oct. 10-12, 2014

    first three quarters of this year! (More next issue on what it means to achieve no kill status.)

    So what does all of this mean for the future? How can we continue this compassionate trend? our support of the three organizations, First Coast No More Homeless Pets, the Jacksonville Humane Society, and Jacksonville animal Care and Protective Services, is crucial to Jacksonvilles continuing success. Thanks to these organizations, Jacksonville now shares our best practices to cities nationwide, saving more and more of our furry friends lives (and our tax dollars, which need not be spent on euthanizing pets). By continuing to work together, we can proudly keep the right to call ourselves the largest community in the U.S. to achieve no-kill status. Get to know the animal welfare players (see side bars) and contact them if youd like to help they would all love your support.

    well done, Jacksonville! Wag on!

    First Coast No More Homeless Pets { FCNMHP }

    Largest spay/neuter clinic in the country

    Free and low-cost sterilization

    Feral Freedom, a citywide trap-neuter-return program for catsthe first of its kind

    Free services targeting areas in most need

    Neuter Commuter vehicles operate to provide transportation from Clay & Nassau Counties for spay/neuter services & help other agencies in transporting animals

    High quality & low cost medical care

    Holds the countrys largest adoption events, resulting in 800-1,100 adoptions in one weekend (!)

    Pet retention services such as Pet Food Bank, providing dog & cat food for low income families & Pets for Lifean outreach program providing tools and services needed to become responsible caregivers

    >>> Chris Padmore, team member of FCNMHP and Pets For Life program, holds a pup. Pets for Life helps people in very poor neighborhoods

    become responsible pet caregivers.

    GEt to KnoW fcnmhp

  • Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services { ACPS } Provides animal control by fair enforcement and

    community education Enhances the quality of life in neighborhoods by

    offering quality pets for adoption at a reasonable cost jaxhumane jaxanimalcare FoJAjax

    GEt to KnoW

    Friends of Jacksonville Animals { FOJA } Supports ACPS by raising funds for:

    Heartworm treatments Specialty surgeries Special diets

    GEt to KnoW

    GEt to KnoW

    The Jacksonville Humane Society { JHS } Finds homes for more than 5,000

    animals each year Provides care, comfort & compassion

    to animals in need The second oldest non-profit

    serving Jacksonville Offers Pet Safety Net Program

    helping keep pets in their homes & out of shelters

    Thrift storeALL proceeds to to JHS Pawsitive Reading programChildren

    ages 8-13 read to the shelter animals

  • go?Howl-A-Ween Pooch Parade | oct. 29, 6pSliders Seafood Grille Neptune BchDogs & dog people - check out the spookiest dog bash on 1st street. WOW the crowd with your crazy costumes, WIN $50 gift card to Sliders.For every DUKES BROWN ALE sold in Oct., some of the proceeds will go towards FCNMHP.

    ACPs First saturday Event| nov. 1, 10a-6p2020 Forest St JacksonvilleCelebrate with the animals & volunteers!$20 adoption fee includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, license &

    shampooch dog Wash | nov. 1, 10a-2p Jax Community Pet Center (formerly Pet shots) 335 11th Ave N. Jax BchCome have your dog washed by a wonderful all- volunteer organization who pulls dogs & cats from death row and finds them good homes. 100% proceeds go to Rescue Junkie for animal welfare

    Downtown Art Walk Pet Walk| nov. 5, 5-8p The Jacksonville LandingJoin us for Pet Walk during Art Walk featuring Yappy Hour Dogsgiving at the Landing!

    Yappy Hour | nov. 20, 5-7pSalty Paws Atlantic BchJoin us for wine, treats, doggie play time, specials! (904) 372-9433

    Pints for Paws | nov. 22, 6-10pBold City Brewery JacksonvilleLocal craft beer, raffle, silent auction!Benefits Friends of Clay County

    DogFest Walk N Roll | nov. 22, 10a Riverside Arts Market Join us at the scenic Riverwalk Arts Market for a community dog walk Benefits Canine Companions for

    where should weSALtyPAWS

    HEALtHy PEt MARkEt

    Owners Elena & David Bird, Atlantic Beach Residents

    what motivated you to open SaltyPaws? a few years ago, I noticed a lot of articles about pet food recalls and nutrition. I dove passionately in. after seeing the difference of feeding my fur-babies a more biologically appropriate diet, years of research and planning, and the desire to promote great products produced in the USa; the birth and dream of creating SaltyPaws was a labor of love.

    why did you choose that location? we live here in atlantic Beach, and wanted to provide our beach community a fun space with fantastic, natural, healthy options for our neighborhood fur-friends.

    what is the best thing about your day?The joy of the pups as they sniff around the store in excitement. They seem to know this is great place for them!

    what is your favorite item in the store? Thats a hard choice; Ive hand selected every product, so there are many items Im really in love with for various reasons. one of my new favorites are the lucky dog Kool Frozen Treats made locally. They are a yummy, healthy frozen yogurt goody, made with locally-sourced ingredients. This makes them a triple win in my book.

    tell us about your shop dog! Carli is our little furry, love bug! Shes currently six months old and full of so much excitement and Carli kisses. Every morning she plasters herself to our houses front door. She doesnt want a day to go by without going to SaltyPaws so she can greet everyone.

    what is your hope for SaltyPaws? I hope to help empower pet guardians to feed their pets naturally, allowing them both to enjoy all the benefits of healthier and happier living.

    SaltyPaws 677 Atlantic Blvd Atlantic Beach(904) 372-9433

    Good Business

  • 16

    nothing to do With dogs

    it seems these days that everyone is effected by some new malady; add, Edd, STd. Granted, some are worse than others. (I have a friend who swears hes addicted to HdTV. Sad, yet clearly awesome.) I personally used to worry about leaving my coffee pot on, and was told I was oCd. In truth, I was just way too cheap to buy a coffee maker that shuts itself off.

    So, most of my life, Ive just been this simple, perfect guywhich I certainly didnt appreciate as a kid. I was so jealous of classmates who had elementary school crosses to bear; glasses, super cool allergies, strange splotchy birth marks, bad breath. what I wouldnt have given to be miserable and stand out in some way! My friend Joey Kleiner was double jointed in his elbow and, also, due to a nasal problem, could whistle I Love Rock and Roll through his nose. what?! For PETES SaKE! doesnt get any cooler.

    Me? I had nothing. I was perfectly plain. Boring. Couldnt I at least have had buck teeth?

    Flash forward 30 years. I finally get my wish! Hallelujah...? But what do I get? MPB, baby. MPB. one dark rainy day, I had to look in the mirror and admit Male Patterned Baldness was winning a turf war against my

    previously glorious full head of hair. I couldnt believe it was happening to me. I loved my hair, and I thought my hair loved me. other than my two-year mullet phase, which we do not talk about, I took excellent care of my hair. This new affliction was traumatic. I finally got to be miserable so that I could stand out like everyone elsebut turns out being miserable didnt make me as happy as I thought it would.

    wearing a beanie, I trudged through four of the five stages of grief and loss: denial, anger, depression, and finally, acceptance. after fully accepting the fate of my hair and being a man of action (and adventure, ladies), I decided it was all or nothing. It was time to let go of the few brave soldiers still clinging to hope. I shaved my head. Bald. Take that, MPB!

    after the initial shock, my family and friends called a special meeting. Some flew in from Indiana (and...several Skyped from the west side, no judgementsbut these are the people that also generally give me crappy birthday gifts). Eventually, they unanimously agreedbabys bottom bald

    was a GREaT look for me. It made my eyes really pop, you know?

    Not everyone has the strength to defeat MPB.

    I felt like Bruce willis without all of the talent and money. and life was good again. I had escaped unscathed from the world of

    cryptic three-letter disorders.

    attack-ronymnsDanny Niblock

  • Shopping local is IN for Fall 2014 | 17


    Phantom Follicle Syndrome. I had been bald and proud for a year, but I swear I could still feel little wisps of hair. I felt the comforting touch of bangs resting on my forehead. Reflexively, Id swipe at them with my hand or shake my head. In a moment of stress, I would run my fingers through what used to be there. on a hot Florida day, I could feel silky hairs sticking to my sweaty brow. This sounds like a campfire horror story for middle-aged men, but every once in a while I can still feel the ghost of my mullet from 1992, brushing the sweet spot between my shoulder blades.

    There is no known cure or fancy cream for PFS. Im sure other follically-challenged folk know exactly what I

    mean when I say it is both a delight and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

    on a side note, since I started shaving my head seven years ago, I have purchased two coffee makers that shut themselves off and an Hd 3d TV so now I can finally wear some glasses.

    Danny Niblock is a comedian, TriviaGuy, craft beer drinker, and dog foster failure. You can see him at the Comedy Zone Nov. 28 & 29, for trivia at Engine 15 Brewing Company, 7 p.m. Tuesdays or around town skateboarding with his dog, Koda.



    o: P







  • findloveAkita rescue society of


    Coastal Golden retriever rescue coastalgrr.orgfirst Coast no More Homeless Pets (fCnMHP)

    friends of Collies and

    friends of Jacksonville Animals (foJA)

    G.r.E.A.T. rescue of nE

    Happy Tails Animal rescue(904) 708-0927Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective services (ACPs)coj.netJacksonville Area Greyhound society(904) 923-6629

    Jacksonville Humane society (JHs) (904) 725-8766

    k-9 services German shepherd rescuek-9services.netThe old dog House senior dog rescuetheolddoghouse.orgPet rescue northpetrescuenorth.comPit sisters [email protected]

    Homemade frozen treats for you pup in less than 20 minutes!

    INgRedIeNtS:1/2 cup peanut butter24 oz plain yogurt3.5-4 oz baby food(use sweet potato, blueberry, banana, etc.)

    Add all of the ingredients in a large bowl and use a hand mixer creating a smooth consistency and blending all of the flavors.

    Once blended, pour mixture into small paper cups. You can insert a treat like a rawhide stick or crunchy

    bone before you freeze treats as an option. Place treats in freezer and allow to solidify. Once frozen, simply give to your pup and you are

    the most amazing human ever!

    Best Dog awarD


  • It takes a village... to make a good village | 19

    When lT david Vasquez, stationed at NaS JaX, heard he was being deployed for the third time in two years, one of the first things he worried about was who would take care of his dog, Sasha. with two naval bases and more than 25,000 military personnel in Jacksonville, a lot of our good men and women are in the same, uhh...boat. Many loved pets can end up in shelters because there is no one to watch after them. Its heartbreaking for all involved.

    david didnt want to lose Sasha. In his research, he stumbled on a program called dogs on deployment.

    dogs on deployment is a national non-profit organization that provides a central network for military members in need of temporary pet care during a military commitment. when service members sign-up on, they are given access to volunteers across the country willing to board their pets. Volunteers are also able to search for and contact a potential match. david found very few volunteer fosters in the area. luckily, a Jax Beach resident named Connie reached out to david after hearing

    about the program on the Queen

    latifa Show.

    Connie is an avid dog lover and has several of

    her own dogs. She volunteered for dogs on deployment because she wanted to help an animal avoid going to a shelter needlessly which is precisely why dogs on deployment was foundedto strive for a day when no pet has to be surrendered to a shelter because of service commitments.

    Sasha was reunited with david after spending five months with Connie. I dont know what I wouldve done without her help. There are just no words to thank her enough for her kindness, david says.

    Happy to be back together, david and Sasha continue to keep in touch with Connie, and Sasha even has playdates with her dogs. were family, says Connie.

    for those who serve Us

    Being there

    dogs on deployment also promotes life-long pet ownership in the military community by advocating for owner rights, providing

    educational resources, granting emergency financial assistance, and connecting with

    community organizations.

    Anyone interested in helping dogs on deployment and the military community is invited to visit

    Volunteers can sign-up to become a potential volunteer boarder. Service members in need of assistance can also visit the site and sign-up as a pet owner. the website is full of information

    and a great resource for all pet owners.

  • Local Artist & Etsy ShopMarketplace

    Furniture Upscalers

    Distressing AntiquingStenciling Repurposing

    [email protected]


    maple kitchenknives

    [email protected]

    LuLus Collars, etc. Team Holiday

    Custom Anything! Collars, Harnesses, Leashes,

    Tutus & Harness Vests 904-219-3892Shop locally at Green Dog Spa Bark Avenue Puppy Palace

    Locally Handmade Skatelery

    Are you a local artist? Get in here! [email protected]

  • Do something kind | 21


    Even More Good Things

    Professional Cleaning services Quality cleaning service in Jacksonville for over 10 years. as an avid animal lover, owner Gealean knows just what it takes to clean up after four-legged friends and their family. mention Beach Unleash and receive a 10% discount! call today for a free quote. 904-625-0111

    Terrys Beaches lawn CareMost affordable lawn Care at the Beaches! one time clean-ups, or monthly service!call for prices - (904) 305-8328 Were dog friendly!

    JoBsExperienced dog HandlerHappy Hound dog Resorts is seeking experienced dog handlers to assist with indoor daycare at our 15,000 sq ft facility located at 4603 Shirley ave. Please call Brian 904-800-8800

    when you make a Helping Paws donation, your name (or your pets name) will be displayed on a Helping Paw paw print at St. Francis animal Hospital to show your caring donation for pets in need of medical care.

    St. Francis Animal HospitalA Not-for-profit Animal Hospital

    lucky came to St. Francis animal Hospital after he was attacked by a dog running loose in his neighborhood. Sadly, luckys chihuahua brother Scrappy was killed by the dog and lucky was seriously injured.

    The attacking dog grabbed and shook lucky, causing an abdominal wall hernia (his stomach and spleen were protruding through the abdominal wall) that required emergency surgery to save his life.

    luckys family was not only dealing with grief from the loss of Scrappy, but they were faced with medical costs for lucky that they couldnt afford. Thanks to donors like you, lucky was able to get the surgery he needed to save his life. lucky is now back at home recovering and his

    family is so grateful to have their sweet baby home. luckys other brother, Cujo, is also happy to have his buddy back!

    Luckys Story

    Beaches Pet sitting services let me walk your dog while you work. Certified Veterinary Technician. See a list of services and costs at 904-521-5555

  • 22 | Thinking about being adopted makes me feel like dancing!

    8-9 mo. Boxer-Hound mix

    Such a sweetie! Skipper is shy at first but once he feels comfortable he will take as much attention as you are willing to give. Plays great with other dogs. Has puppy energy, but after some good playtime, he is ready for a

    snooze. Currently fostered at Pooches Playhouse.

    contact Pooches Playhouse - 904.247.6624 if youd like to meet your Skipper!

    5 yr Shar Pei MixWeighing in at close to 60 pounds, Ellie is a powerful

    but incredibly sweet lady. Can be calm and cuddly but also enjoys play time. A bit shy and needs

    time to warm up and trust, but with patience and understanding she can be a great companion for humans of all ages and their other furry friends.

    email ellies foster mom katie [email protected]

    Senior Border Collie mixFonze is very calm & so so sweet! He loves kids, people, dogs & cats.

    Currently in foster care.

    email Summer - [email protected] if youd like to party with Fonze!

    Skipper Fonze!

    Ellie9 mo. , 37 lb Pocket Pitty

    This sweet pup was rescued from Putnam so malnourished she couldnt walk. She has been in loving foster care and is now ready to be spoiled

    and loved the way she deserves! Stella is good with other dogs and kids!

    email [email protected] youd like to meet sweet Stella!


  • Did you know you can find any breed through rescue? | 23

    1.5 yr, 47 lb Mix BreedHigh energy love! Likes dogs & children but

    plays rough, so no small children, little dogs or cats. Affectionate, loves to cuddle & be next

    to you. Possibly a good agility dog - she is fast, agile and can jump high. A more experienced

    dog owner would be preferred. email foster mom deborah - [email protected]

    A super sweet girl who sadly has been doing the shelter circuit since 2013, due to NO fault of her own. Human misfortunes have resulted in her being at Clay County, ACPS 2x, & JHS - 2x. A bummer for such a loving girl. Tegan is ready to retire from the shelter tour and find a

    loving forever home. Could it be yours?904.725.8766, option 2

    Drew-B-Doo-B-Doo LIVES for LOVE. He is a VERY happy dog. He will gently jump up on you to give you a hug. Dont even think about adopting Drew unless you like kisses and giving lots of attention! He is just a big love - will try and get in your lap.

    Drew would love another dog to play with. Good with kids & cats too!

    Famous for his smile and whole body foster mom Amy - [email protected]

    Looking for a lap warmer? Bonnie is your girl! All she wants to do is love you. Bonnie came to JHS with a fractured pelvis. She is better now, but because of her

    past injuries, she needs medication and to follow a special diet. She

    doesnt let that hold her back though - the perfect love bug for your family.

    JHS - 904.725.8766, option 2

    Teagan Jules


    3 yo, 64 lb Mix BreedShy with new people, housetrained, good with other dogs but NO cats. Walks well on leash.

    Jules loves the dog park! She is an affectionate, sweet girl but does have a slight independent

    streak. Loves being outside sniffing and exploring and thinks chase me is an awesome game.

    email foster mom deborah - [email protected]

    The perfect cat for any home! She is friendly, loves to be petted, and would love to sit in your lap and watch TV. She was an excellent mama and even

    acted as a surrogate for a kitten that had been abandoned. Now she

    wants a TLC with a great home.

    JHS - 904.725.8766, option 2




  • $100 DentalBloodwork & Extractions Extra

    Beaches and Westside Locations!Valid with coupon until November 30, 2014

    Jacksonville Community Pet Clinic

    formerly Pet Shots Affordable Clinic

    BEACHES(904) 694-0541

    335 11th Avenue N JB

    WEST SIDE(904) 337-0076

    5425 Verna Blvd Jax

    Theres one spot left for your coupon riiiight here

    [email protected]